June 26, 2008


I'm headed to the Babywearing Conference in Chicago this morning, so here's some more answers to your questions to keep you busy while I'm gone...

Jen asks: My question is what are some fun summer things you're doing this summer or have planned with the kids and hubby?

This is a good question. And it makes me think I should be planning better for our summer activities! As a family we usually stay close to home, and enjoy evenings at the beach, a day at Millennium Park in Chicago, and hiking at a nearby forest. I think there's a day at the lake up in Michigan planned as well as lots of time spent in our own backyard with the kiddie pool. And taking walks to nearby restaurants and to get ice cream!

One thing I am personally looking forward to is the Northwest Indiana Bloggy Meetup and my trip to Blogher. Less than a month away! (And don't forget I'm giving $250 away here!)

Steph asked: After reading your "boo" post, I'm wondering, have you found a nursing bra you like?

Honestly, I've always been a fan of the simple and inexpensive Motherhood Maternity underwire nursing bra (with a little "push up") but I also consulted Arianne about this- for the more well-endowed (as she put it)- and she prefers Bravado.

Michelle wants to know: Do you ever buy an outfit to match your shoes?

Um, why yes. I have done this. Maybe even possibly last night at the mall. One to match both my shoes and blue hair. Isn't that the way it usually works? : )

Erin says:
I'm a relatively new reader, so I was wondering, besides shoes, is there anything else that you just love to buy or can't get enough of?

If it involves shopping, I probably can't get enough of it. I even love grocery shopping- that's how much I love shopping. But, for sure I can't seem to get enough of slings (you can never have too many!) and purses... hubby and I go out to fancy things quite often and I have this thing where I have to have the perfect handbag for each occasion. I have a gazillion and one tiny handbags because of this. Oh, and also pretty stationery and notecards and papery things like that. Especially if it has birds on them. Can't get enough!


  1. Very good. I enjoyed your answers...I hope you have a safe trip today and enjoy the time away.

  2. Thanks for the nursing bra tip! That reminds me, I need to buy some...

  3. Have fun at the conference and tell us what it was like!

  4. Have fun, Mama!

    You know, something I just thought of... what do you do about those leaky boobies? ;)

    I wear pads in my bra but they bother me sooo bad. Do you have any secret tips to keeping from leaking through your clothing but not wearing pads that annoy?

    ugh - creams and pads...I hate that part of nursing!

  5. Have fun at the conference! I'm a huge purse addict, too. The Coach outlet store is like a siren's call to me...I can't pass it without buying something, which is a bit dangerous, but I can justify it because they're at outlet prices!

  6. I love my slings and wraps too... Every time I buy one I think, okay, this is going to be the LAST ONE. And then I get another one two weeks later. At least I use them though, and whenever we have another baby I won't have to buy nearly as many! Although if I ever have a boy, I don't know if I'll be able to use the pink and lavender carriers. That's a question I get a lot at work.

    Do you think it's okay to wear a baby boy in a girly-colored carrier because you (the mother) are a girl and like the color? Or should moms of boys only use boyish-colored slings?

  7. Have fun! I really wanted to go last summer, and now I am feeling a bit sad to miss this event. Right here in Chicago!

    I'd love to drool over all the beautiful carriers out there!

  8. Arianne is definitely right - It's all about Bravado for us ...slightly more voluptuous gals:)

  9. Bravado bras ARE nice and comfy right post-partum, but they're not really great support - although I wore tham a LOT of the time, because they're comfortable and REALLY EASY when you're sleep-deprived.
    You need to take me shopping some time! I need some of your shoe-matching expertise.

  10. where at in Michigan do you travel...I only ask because I am from the south eastern part of Michigan..pretty close to the Ohio/Michigan border :)

  11. Enjoy your day away! I am very excited about the upcoming NWI bloggy get together. It'll be my first.

  12. I'm not so much about shoes, but I adore bags-- just a few minutes ago I was thinking I need to start the hunt for a perfect "teacher-bag" for my elementary school internship this fall! I'll be teaching 5th grade and I need a good teacher-bag. Diaper bags won't do anymore!

  13. Have fun at the Babywearing Conference. For your reader who questioned nursing bras, I just bought a Bravado. It is so comfy I put it on as soon as I got home! No other bra I have tried comes close and although I'm chesty for me I don't exactly have mammouth mammaries! I'll be blogging about how much I love this bra in the next few days!

  14. Ahhh... shopping!! My fave past time too!
    I knew I had a problem when I was ordering clothes online on the 19th (while in the hospital) for clothes to be delivered by the 21st... when I would be home! My hubby thought that was a NUTS!
    - Audrey

  15. Shopping...What girl can resist it? I too am a shopping fanatic. Grocery shopping is also on my list of things that make me happy! There's just something about it.
    Enjoy the conference, and bring back some babywearing wisdom!

  16. It's fun to go shoe shopping with you because you don't look at the price tag until absolutely necessary! :) Can't wait to do it again...

  17. Have fun at the conference! Maybe you'll even get in some shopping while you're there!

  18. Thanks Steph and Arianne for the Bravado hook up, I have ordered a tank and a bra and am looking forward to their arrival. I even found a 20% off coupon code! :) I have heard lilypadz are good for preventing leaking but I never tried them. I agree pads are a real bummer, I leaked for almost 6 months and then finally seemed to regulate enough that I only had to wear them at night. If anyone has tried Lilypadz, can you give me some feedback?

    Thanks again!


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