June 6, 2008

Pomp And Circumstance

Do you keep old photos that might represent not-so-good times?

And, help a preggy Mama out. What to wear?


  1. My heart would sink too when I came across those pictures.

    Recently I was going through pictures of when Jackson was born and came across ones of him in the NICU, tiny and all jaundiced and covered in tubes IV's and wires.....and now hes a huge 22lb baby!

    It is good to have those photos from the past though, because we know how far we've come! :-)

    As for the clothes I sat the purple dress...I'm no help on the shoes though, I like them all!

  2. I like the plum dress. The shoes from Old Navy look like the more expensive ones. I can't really tell the difference.

  3. You are such a good writer! And Noah's story is such a good example of God's grace. I am encouraged every time I hear it. I truly hope you are able to be a glimmer of hope for lots of moms and dads at this function.

    BTW, I like the blue for you. And go for the more expensive shoes (sorry, hubby!). Those will get worn more than once!!! (And you deserve it!)

  4. Oh yes! Keep them. Those are important photos for you and for him! He needs to know how far he has come and how he is blessed. All of our struggles come to us for a reason and sometimes pictures will help us remember.
    Hang on to them! :)

  5. Sounds like an emotional evening. I'm sure it will be uplifting to be around so many stories. I would go with the Plum. I have the Blue.... the Plum would be much more dressy.
    - Audrey

  6. That dress is GORGEOUS!! I like the blue one better, I think. :) And I liked the Old Navy and Oriana shoes the best. :)

  7. I think the blue dress would look great on you, and I like the Oriana slides the best.

    Reading about Noah's rough time made me tear up. I can't imagine how hard all that was. It is so wonderful that he is better.

  8. You write with such heart and I just love how honest and brilliant you are! Thanks for sharing. I love the blue dress and think it would look fab on you.. i love the metallic shoe idea but think the old navy ones would be so uncomfortable.. payless online had some gorgeous metallic shoes.. either way you will rock the house.

  9. Wow...tough question, but I would say for sure keep the pictures of the hard times (just read Noah's story for the first time. Amazing.) I just think that the good, the bad and the ugly is what shapes us...and our kids.

    On a much smaller scale, we just had a bad accident a few months ago involving my 6 year old and his finger and a "near amputation" as the specialist called it. Some people may think its weird and twisted, but once he was safe and in the ER (and on a Morphine drip!), we took a few pictures just of him, not the finger. It a) helped to keep us from completely freaking out and b) makes us see how far he has come.

    And maybe in many years, we will all see how the immediate things have changed the big picture. Keep them...even if you don't look at them. My two cents. ;)

  10. I do. It helps me process. And grieve. Even when there's a happy ending.

    I like the purple dress. And all the shoes.

    I read Noah's story. Thank you for sharing it. And especially how God worked in your lives. And how you LET Him work.

  11. I love love love the plum colored dress and the B.R. sandals....but all the options were great...You will look smokin' hot in anything, though, I think! you're beautiful, Steph :-) I'm so happy that Noah is doing so well now, I remember reading his story a while back :-)


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