June 14, 2008

Fifty! Say It Like Sally O'Malley.

I got the nudge from her who got it from her.

Fifty Things I Like About Myself

1. We'll get the physical out of the way- I like that I have green eyes and that they are big and expressive
2. I have a winning personality
3. I think I am just as important as any one else in this whole world- no matter their "status"

4. I have no problem telling a "celeb" to "scootch a little" so that I can reach the paper towels in the bathroom
5. And I have no problem then later asking to take a photo with her
6. I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe, even if it's not the popular thing
7. I believe what I believe with a purpose and with reason
8. I don't believe in things just because others do
9. I don't do things because someone else expects it of me
10. I do most everything because it's what I expect of myself
11. I can relate to others even if they are completely opposite of me
12. I can see the child in most everyone
13. I can also see right through most everyone
14. I can easily let things go
15. and the things I can't let go I usually do something about
16. I love that I love to write
17. I love that I can get lost in a book
18. I love that I can get lost just looking out the window
19. or looking into my child's eyes
20. or at their faces while they sleep
21. I think anything is possible
22. I think many people are misunderstood
23. I think it is perfectly ok for others to disagree with me and do things differently
24. I think it would be quite boring if we were all the same
25. I am optimistic
26. I am not easily disappointed
27. I know my way around the city
28. I feel at home in the mountains
29. I know what good music is
30. I don't tolerate bad music
31. I question man-made rules, but still offer respect
32. I have seen God work in my life in supernatural ways
33. I am a Daddy's girl
34. I like the same music as him, and I love that
35. the hippie in me comes from him
36. and I love that I know that
37. I like to see others happy
38. I get that from my Mom
39. and my stellar shopping skillz
40. I have more shoes than I can count and I don't feel guilty
41. I wear bracelets and earrings and lipstick and paint my toenails
42. yet I still feel simple in a good way
43. I am very grateful for so many people in my life
44. And for so many blessings
45. And for so many opportunities I've been given
46. I only laugh when I want to, not because people want me to
And I usually laugh at many things others don't think is funny, probably inappropriate
48. I think there could be white unicorns still out there somewhere
49. and that inanimate objects have feelings and animals may talk when we're not around
50. And that's ok. Because I just get it.

And I love that.

Pictured: Steph T. (my friend & mom of child with epilepsy), Hunter Tylo, & Me last night in Chicago.


  1. Awesome Steph! I sat in a waiting room today saw Hunter on the cover of a magazine and thought of you and the cool pic you took last night.

  2. #47 is one of the many reason why I love you. :)

  3. Congrats on your winning personality!

  4. I love this list... makes me want to know you! or BE you! hehe!

  5. You look hot in that dress, mama!

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  7. I love that dress! Is that the one from Old Navy?

    Really great list...I'm impressed you came up with 50...many women don't like anything about themselves.

  8. great list! and i think very accurate- at least from what you portray on the blog! makes me want to know you in person!

  9. I'm so waiting for the day that I see a real fairy... You'll never convince me that they're not real.

    Nice list.

  10. You look fantastic in the dress Stephanie!! Also congrats on the personality award :)

  11. Wow, what a great list. Betcha had a blast making it!

  12. What a wonderful 50 things!

    and you looked fabulous last night!

  13. Truly spectacular list! I have been mulling the thought "I have to love myself first, before I can love others" or "Love thy neighbor as thyself" same thing, but this is a great example of self love, and it isn't as common among us women folk. . . great post

  14. Great list!

    BTW, I'm playing catch up... you're not showing up on my Bloglines, so I decided to come on over and see if you were just taking a break. I've missed a lot! :-)

  15. That's so crazy that you had to push, I mean nudge, Hunter Tylo out of the way!

    Love your list and I must say that you look so great in that blue dress!! Wow! : )

  16. You do have great eyes and I imagine that you have a winning personality. And you forgot to mention the part about you being an incredible writer...

  17. I love how confident and self-assured you are. That's a beautiful thing!

  18. These were great to read. I do love that dress on you.

  19. What a perfect list! You are such a neat person, and I feel so blessed to know you! And you look HAWT! in that dress. Wowzers!
    I was in Chicago last night too!

  20. You sound like a fun gal...I'm sure your friends are blessed! :)

  21. I finally got mine up! http://skimbaco.blogspot.com/2008/06/500th-post-and-50-things-about-me.html

  22. This is a great list! Very inspirational, I hope to be a mommy some day.

  23. what a great blog

    mine is


  24. Hey! I pretty much like your list! Well, it's 2 years later now, but here's mine:


    This was a great exercise, made me smile! :)


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