June 11, 2008

Blue Like Hair

(I decided I liked this picture better... of course taken in the car visor mirror. But you can see a little on my left side and the bit peeking through on my right.)

I'm it again, tagged by Sky.

What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago?

Actually 10 years ago today I was in Paris, France. That's me, on a boat, on the Seine. I hadn't yet met my husband (would just a few months after coming home). We'd meet, fall in love, and be married, honeymooning in Paris the very next year.

5 Things On My To-Do List Today:

Chop some celery
Work on my birth plan

Top Secret Father's Day Mission
Probably finish the book I can't put down (see below)
Write a couple posts for Mama Speaks

Snacks I Enjoy:

Celery. Lots of celery. Also the organic raspberries I got on sale the other day were absolutely deeeee-vine. Could live off celery and raspberries, methinks.

Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire:

Use my wealth in a way that would continue to help people over time and buy a home big enough to fit all our children and their families when they get older, so that everyone would have their own room when they come to stay with us for holidays (like in the Family Stone.) And I'd like it to have a big front porch with a swing.

Places I Have Lived:

Northwest Indiana and Chicago, Illinois

I tag the following, if they want to play along...

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And so Jen asked me to play along with this book meme last week- I just started my summer reading list and would LOVE for you to leave your book suggestions in the comments.

Pick up the nearest book.

A Wild Ride Up The Cupboards (I can't put it down.)

Open to page 123 and
find the fifth sentence. Post the next three sentences.

"He can't sleep because his brain is more active than most people's."

"It would appear..." The doctor stopped, looking perplexed. I felt sorry for him and wished someone would bring him his coffee.

Tag five people.

The Miss Elaine-ous Life
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And as if you need one more thing to click on, clicky von clicky on over to Fussypants and vote for my caption now, won't you?


  1. Love it! So pretty.

    It still cracks me up that we had the exact same hair color and cut 10 yrs ago. :)

  2. Cute! I have gray in my hair, not so cute!

  3. I love the blue hair! Also, if you like historical fiction, I really loved "The Other Boylen Girl" by Philipia Gregory. She has a whole bunch of historical fictions from that time period, 14th-17th centuries. I also love books by Clive Cussler-his are like Indiana Jones mets Jocque Cousteau with some real ocean facts thrown in.

  4. Busy mama! Love the ba-looo!

  5. Blue hair??? I hope that was ten years ago.

  6. The hair is gorgeous and fun. Love it.

  7. Ah...blue hair becomes you. :)

  8. You are so chic! The most daring I ever got was a reddish color. I am well into my summer of reading which keeps me sane. Just picked up a book at the library yesterday. I've been waiting for this one for a couple months. Can't wait to read it, but chores await.

  9. LOVE the hair!!! I so want a red or purle streak in mine.

  10. I voted for your caption, not because you asked, but because I thought it was the best one!

  11. It'll match your new dress! Looks pretty, fun and unique, just like you, Steph. You wear it o so well.


  12. Love the hair. I'll have to post my pink hair this week.

    You've been to Paris twice? Lucky duck.

  13. I do like the blue.

    and your cut 10 years ago too!

  14. p.s.
    i cut celery last night and thought of you.

  15. You and your celery...too funny!! I wish I was so healthy when I was preggo. The blue hair is not as bad as I thought. It looks funky and fun!!

  16. This was a fun one! Don't you just love Paris? I seriously wouldn't mind living there. Just beautiful.
    You look great is both the blue hair and the short blond hair! :)

    Thanks for the tag! I think I might actually do this one. ;)

  17. Loving the blue hair! You look awesome, as always!!

    PS- I second the Phillipa Gregory books!! They are awesome!

  18. omg, i love love love your new blue hair. :) you always look fab.

  19. Can I just say that you are like the coolest Mommy ever? That hair Rocks!!

    Two times to Paris? Well, guess I should color my hair green with envy! ; )

    Thanks for the tag (off to find a book...)

  20. Yay! Fun hair. Does it wash out? I voted for you.

  21. awesome! I want to do that but purple :)

  22. Love it -- I wish I was a little more daring!


  23. ok, did I tell you I love it?

    I have light brown/blond hair...what can I do a litte funky....any suggestions?

  24. Blue hair...if I had just heard it, I probably would have thought Ewwwww....(thinking punk rock kind of blue here!). But I see it...and on you....FANTASTIC!!! I think you could pull of just about anything! Very Cool.

  25. I love that top photo of you. Your eyes are so beautiful. Will you keep the blue streaks for BlogHer?

  26. Ah Paris...
    It's great to meet you!
    Nice hair!

  27. First off... I have to say, I LOVE your hair. The blue really brings out the color in your eyes too.

    How lucky of you to go to Paris two years in a row too hehe.

    Thanks for the tag :), I'll do this tomorrow!!

  28. Pretty hair!

    Celery & raspberries? What happened to chocolate? I'm worried about you.

  29. I can't believe how often you change your hair. You should have been a hair stylist! My aunt is one and I never know what type of hair she is going to show up with. Blue hair...very funky!

  30. I have been to so many place but never Paris.

    Hope my hubby reads this comment!

  31. You have blue streaks? Girl your nutty :) It looks cute though...I love learning more about people...and wow in Paris that's soo cool! :)

  32. i like the blue streaks. very cool.

    celery, huh? i never acquired a taste for it. you said you had to chop it up... is that the way you eat it? instead of stalks? just wondering.

    you'll have to read my last post. i just finished a book that i'm highly recommending.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Love love love your hair! I'm just itching to let the old me out again with some wild color. Or maybe get my nose pierced. Agh! Are these just crazy pregnancy side-effects? If so, don't care.

  35. Oh I just love celery too. Lately, I've been bad and smothering it in peanuts. A new phase I guess.

    Mmmm Paris. So romantic.

  36. Your hair is too cute! And my word your eyes are gorgeous!!!

  37. I LOVE the hair!!!

    I'll try to get around to the meme...

  38. I LOVE the blue hair. I'm thinking of getting some funky color put in mine.

  39. Oh me likey blue. But your eyes are even better!

    (thanks for UBR linkage, great shots!)


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