June 30, 2008

Either You're In Or You're Out

FYI- I am Irritable Mom today.

After waiting too long in a too long line at McDonald's this morning they proceeded to be out of everything I order. How can they not have bagels or hashbrowns or biscuits? The only thing out of my children's mouths come sung to the tune of a whine. And so far every person that I've responded to in email is not getting my email today. Surprise surprise even Twitter isn't working. Or maybe it is now. But it won't be later. Sheesh I have the grumpies.

The kids play outside with water guns. They come inside for a snack. They go back outside to ride bikes. Then imagine a revolving door as they come in and out and in and out for one thing or another. I'm just not into it today, and find myself a much stubbier, rounder version of Heidi Klum warning either you in or you out. I even do it in the German accent. And I have the bangs. And shoes.

But other than that I am Irritable Mom. Please don't mess with me. It won't be pretty.

June 29, 2008

Running From The Paparazzi

Here's me, imitating the act of running from the paparazzi not realizing that the paparazzo was actually going to take a picture of me pretending to pose for the picture.

And Arianne obviously did not play along and just laughed.

No wonder- who runs like that?


At least I had on cute shoes.

June 28, 2008

Letting Go...

Friends, I am giving it up.

It is so hard.

But, the past couple days, every time I eat my precious celery, it makes me feel weird and kind of warm in my face and numb in my head and, um, this is not good. I have found conflicting info about high celery consumption online and really am too exhausted from this wean to look any further. Common sense says that when something starts to make you feel bad after eating it, you should not eat it.


There are like 4 stalks in my fridge. Primo organic goodness that I am craaaaaaaaaving. I want it and need it now. I have been eating about 1-2 stalks (there's one stalk per bag) a day. And now, I must have none.

The Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich I just ate was nice, but lacks the crunch.

Send your thoughts my way.

Thank you.

June 27, 2008

While Mommy's Away...

I am home now and Mommy's tired. I might take the day off tomorry and leave you to be entertained by a few of the fun emails sent to me by hubby while I was away.

Smells Like Burning: I just changed an angry diaper. Gray was nice, but the diaper was wielding some fury.

and then later...

All Is Quiet: Just put the boys to bed after we chased fireflies in the yard in our pajamas.

and then in the morning...

RE: All Is Quiet: Ok- all of the boys were up at 5:30. Gray has brought me two boxes of cereal so far and yells "Noah's bus!" every time any kind of noisy car goes by. I think I finally understand what you mean when you say "I hope I get a nap today." I'm glad you're having so much fun. I hope this email only made you smile. It isn't intended to make you feel guilty. It is intended to make you laugh and remember why you deserve a little vacation. I love you so much babe. We need you in our lives more than you'll ever know.

It's so good to be home.

Bijou Belly

in Chicago at Jen's

with her laser pug Bijou

her paws are on top of my belly

and yes, I know, my belly is huge

belly 28 weeks

more baby bump pics

June 26, 2008


I'm headed to the Babywearing Conference in Chicago this morning, so here's some more answers to your questions to keep you busy while I'm gone...

Jen asks: My question is what are some fun summer things you're doing this summer or have planned with the kids and hubby?

This is a good question. And it makes me think I should be planning better for our summer activities! As a family we usually stay close to home, and enjoy evenings at the beach, a day at Millennium Park in Chicago, and hiking at a nearby forest. I think there's a day at the lake up in Michigan planned as well as lots of time spent in our own backyard with the kiddie pool. And taking walks to nearby restaurants and to get ice cream!

One thing I am personally looking forward to is the Northwest Indiana Bloggy Meetup and my trip to Blogher. Less than a month away! (And don't forget I'm giving $250 away here!)

Steph asked: After reading your "boo" post, I'm wondering, have you found a nursing bra you like?

Honestly, I've always been a fan of the simple and inexpensive Motherhood Maternity underwire nursing bra (with a little "push up") but I also consulted Arianne about this- for the more well-endowed (as she put it)- and she prefers Bravado.

Michelle wants to know: Do you ever buy an outfit to match your shoes?

Um, why yes. I have done this. Maybe even possibly last night at the mall. One to match both my shoes and blue hair. Isn't that the way it usually works? : )

Erin says:
I'm a relatively new reader, so I was wondering, besides shoes, is there anything else that you just love to buy or can't get enough of?

If it involves shopping, I probably can't get enough of it. I even love grocery shopping- that's how much I love shopping. But, for sure I can't seem to get enough of slings (you can never have too many!) and purses... hubby and I go out to fancy things quite often and I have this thing where I have to have the perfect handbag for each occasion. I have a gazillion and one tiny handbags because of this. Oh, and also pretty stationery and notecards and papery things like that. Especially if it has birds on them. Can't get enough!

June 25, 2008

Not So Scary

I'm talking about- what else?- shoes, as I am guest posting at Musings of a Housewife today. Head on over to read about The Scary Things Under The Bed... if you dare.

Jaymi asked:
I would like to know out of ALL your 10,000 pair of shoes, which pair is your absolute fave??? I would like pictures!!

Oh, but how could I possibly ever choose? I will say that every pair has special meaning to me- that top black pair was my first Lori's Shoes purchase many many many moons ago. And I love any chance I have to wear those cream colored Franco Sartos... they just make me feel classy.

Did you have more questions? Because I'll be handing out more answers tomorrow while I'm away at the Babywearing Conference in Chicago. So, be sure to ask any last minute babywearing questions soon- and of course- anything else you'd like to know?

Speaking of babywearing, today is the last day to enter Peppermint's June Babywearing Photo Contest. Link up your Daddy babywearing photos here! This is one of my favorites.

And now I have a question for you. Have you joined Newbaby.com yet? If you join now, you will be entered to win their huge 30 Day Giveaway prize package! I'm still wanting to do some sort of vlogging over there but need ideas! What do you want to see me talk about, or do??

June 24, 2008

Belly Tree Of Life

Belly, 27 weeks. Painted by Ashlee & Arianne. Photos by Arianne.

I'm also getting artsy over here today, too.

June 23, 2008

Adventures In Surprises

I am still replaying the entire weekend over & over in my head. As exhausted as I was, it was so hard falling asleep last night. And I definitely fell asleep with a huge wide-open grin.

What started off as an awesome local Mama Speaks getaway to the spa and then slumber party back at Ashlee's turned into this huge event, of which I had absolutely NO CLUE, when we got back from breakfast yesterday morning. (I am so thankful I brought a cute dress and earrings to wear.)

We walk back into Ashlee's house (and past many cars parked on the street- I even said someone parked in your driveway... rude!) and soon I see faces of friends from all over- from here and there and the blogosphere. I was so confused.

And then I started to cry and ran upstairs.

I came right back down. (I saw presents! And cookies!) But I was so
in shock. I think I still am.

First of all, I can read people very well. I think this is one of my gifts. Now I am thinking I am so way off. I had no idea. I even spent the day and night with Ashlee & Arianne... the masterminds responsible for this amazing surprise baby shower. And they never gave it away. Ever. I just thought all their quirkiness was normal. I did learn that they were near heart failure from being so nervous and hoping it all worked out.

Well, girls. You worked it out. Big time.

Regardless of the beautiful girlie gifts and blessings I received yesterday (and the lemon bars), I had one of those defining moments in life. A moment where I realized that for the first time ever, I am surrounded by the best friends possible. People that love and encourage me and would pretty much do anything for me. And I know some weren't able to make it and I know if they could, they would have been there, too. It's just a feeling so hard to explain- knowing you have such contentment with these people that only want to see you happy, build you up, and show you love. Unselfishly. I didn't want the day to ever end.

I've seriously hit the friend lottery.

I keep thinking about everyone that showed up to surprise me- those that had long drives and those that skipped church just for me. Friends that sent cookies and more in my honor. And the gifts- oh my goodness- so much thought put into those gifts by my
sweet, generous friends. My baby girl is going to have the best wardrobe and toys and bath bubbles and I promise to plaster this blog with her sweet pictures in every outfit. And of course I got a one-of-a-kind Nest sling from Ashlee that is just me. Everyone deserves to have friends that just "get you."

I promise to send a proper thank you, but right now I wanted to thank you all here, from the very deep corners bursting in my heart.

Back row: MJ- one of the sweetest people ever (no wonder- she is the sugarmama!), Jen- my best friend since birth- practically- and she brought presents from Paris! Deb (Arianne & Carrington's Mama)- but I also think she's part my Mama, too. Carrington- one of the most stunning and beautiful people I know inside and out. Sarah- my due date mate (let's see who has their baby first and then I think they are going to be betrothed). This girl just makes me smile. And gives really good gifts. And I'm so glad to have her in my life.

Middle row: Arianne- what can I say? There are no words. She is the best. Watch out Bloghers... here we come. We are a force to be reckoned with. Robin- we go way back and she is the real deal. And she makes the best beer bread and spinach dip. Ever. Me- just happy and thrilled to be among this group of amaze-za-zing women. How did I get here? Doesn't matter. I'm never leaving. My Mom (in law)- God used her for the mold when he had mother in laws in mind. She loves me like her own daughter. Trust me. It's the best. My Mom aka Mimi- she appreciates my friends almost as much as I do. It blesses her, I know, to see me in such a circle. And she knows me. One of her gifts was a pedicure... thank you thank you thank you, Mom!

Front row: Crooked Eyebrow- photographer and beautiful friend- you want this girl on your side. Sheryl & Aisling- even seeing Sheryl's van in the driveway with Florida plates didn't give the surprise away (again- I was clueless!). I am so glad this Mama is back here in my end of the world. Ashlee & Xavier- another one that I don't have the right words for, they just wouldn't be perfect enough. She has super powers and doesn't know it and someday when she does realize it, she'd never admit it. This is very true. Jaymi & Jonathan- um, hello supermodel. She's crafty and sweet and has the best laugh. You just want to see her smile.

Lori came, too, but didn't make it into the group shot. We'll have to stick her head in there somewhere! She and I go way back as Moms of all boys and we still laugh that I'll be shining some pink light into her world soon- we still can't believe it! I was so touched to see her there.

Maria & Natalie from BSM Media even sent a gift - Maria has already generously blessed me in so many other ways, I think I'll start calling her my fairy blog friender.

You can see photos from the whole day here (most all of them with my mouth hanging open), thanks to Crooked Eyebrow.

June 22, 2008

I Play My Music In The Sun

1. The Boxer- Simon & Garfunkel

2. Tear In Your Hand- Tori Amos

3. California- Joni Mitchell

4. The Joker- Steve Miller Band

5. Bandits- Midlake

6. Five String Serenade- Mazzy Star

7. Free Falling- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

8. New Shoes- Paolo Nutini

9. Two Step- Dave Matthews Band

10. Somewhere Over The Rainbow- Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

these songs just remind me of summer in one way or another...

my summertime top ten- play along here at Mama's Nest.

June 21, 2008

You Asked

Today I am off to the spa and I am pretty sure spinach pizza and this movie (which I love) is in our future. As well as maybe some belly painting or something? We're wild and crazy like that.

Anyway- here's your questions and here's some answers.

Haley asked: When did your boys start crawling?

Noah was a little past 8 months old when he started crawling- and it was this weird crab-like leg crawl- not your normal baby crawl. But then again he never did anything normal. Carter was about 7 months and did everything early- including being born almost 10 lbs and getting teeth at 2 months old. Gah! Gray was, well, a blogged baby- so I have it right here! 7 months old.

Arianne said: What I want to know is...do you snore?

Just so you know, this is totally a loaded question because we are roomies at Blogher next month (which by the way I am giving away $250 for Blogher here).

And yes, Arianne. I snore. : )

DesignHER Momma commented: I would like to hear about how you time manage your boys, home, having fun and still having a rockin' blog that you maintain so well.

Oh, I have no idea- to be honest! I think the major thing that helps is the older two boys being in school during the day (except this summer- I do have one in summer school) and my "rockin' blog" is a result of getting up really early most days, thanks to this pregnancy, and doing my writing then. It used to be that I'd stay up way too late at night to keep up with the blogging world but now I crash around 9:45 PM (usually earlier) - not kidding. And getting to go out and have fun is all in thanks to an awesome hubby that insists that I go out and have my "me" time which often involves dinner with my girls.

And the house, well, it's lived in. But tidy, and we have clean clothes. And only occasionally does hubby have to dry off with a hooded ducky towel.

Naomi asks:
What shoes are you going to wear?!

Well, do you mean today? Since I am going to the spa and just hanging out, I'll be wearing my Born flip flops. Comfort is key. But if you're meaning to Blogher? Um, let's just say I may be taking an extra suitcase just for shoes. No matter if they charge extra. But, if you want to be technical, my Marc Fisher pink Osteria slingback wedges and Enzo Hypnotics will definitely be making an appearance.

How did you go about weaning your boys...?

Well, with my first two, I planned to breastfeed for the first year and they were both done nursing around 13 months. I nursed Gray with no timeline (although I did desire to nurse at least the first two years) and he is officially weaned now- since the past month or so. (He's 2 1/2). Early in this pregnancy I did stop nursing him because I was so sick and weak, but then we started up again. But now, it's been maybe more than a month since he last had "boo". After a while it was just less & less frequent and tapered off from there naturally. I feel it was a gentle and comfortable wean for both of us- just how I wanted. And I can not wait to nurse this next baby!

I'm saving the babywearing questions for next week when I am at the conference. Keep the questions coming if you'd like!


June 20, 2008

You Just Need To Know

I am attending and blogging the Babywearing Conference next week and was just wondering what burning babywearing questions you might have, and what you'd just love to know about babywearing.

And I guess if you have any non-related babywearing questions, I'd be happy to answer those, too. So, ask away. It will give me something to post about while I'm away at a spa day retreat and movie night slumber party with my local Mama Speaks girlies this weekend... don't be jealous- I'm sure a massage and foot treatments and food and girl talk can't be that much fun, right? : )

Be sure to follow me here on Twitter if you want to monitor that fun. And also- I am giving away $250 for Blogher, if you're going. Enter here! It's probably going to be pretty easy to win these smackers.

So anyway, what do you need to know? Leave your q's in the comments here.

June 19, 2008


I'm 27 weeks along today. The waddle has started. And my belly has conveniently become a nice little shelf perfect for propping books and checking my iPhone. I find myself listening to my body more and more, resting a lot, putting my feet up, and sleeping as much as possible. I'm making a baby in there! It's magical. I forget that I've done this three times before. Because it really does feel like the very first time.

June 18, 2008

Near Life

Recently our pastor spoke about near death experiences and how often we have such experiences- more often than not- and we just don't know it. And if we have ever had one that has remained etched in our memory, we're probably still talking about it.

But what about the near life experiences? How often and how close to that are we everyday? How often are we too afraid or too careful or too intimidated that we won't allow ourselves to live life to its absolute fullest?

And as a Mother, I have this huge responsibility to direct not only how I live, but just which way each of my children will live- or not "live."

To keep them safe and far away from the edge, from the unknown, and thus maybe missing miracles and blessings and life-shaping experiences. Or instead taking that very thing that is holding us back,
that thing we just can't seem to "get over" and using it as a launch pad, a push from the nest into that place that really may not be so dark and scary after all. It might just be life. A life very much worth living.

June 17, 2008

Getting Noticed

So yesterday at the library someone recognized me from my blog. (Hi, Kari!) And I am now thinking I must take a shower and apply proper makeup before leaving the house from now on.

You may not want to get your tired self in a pony tail out & about running errands noticed, but if you want a new way for blog exposure and more readership, I recommend you check out Adoptic. You can see the widget in my sidebar to the right- it promotes little snippets of the blog posts you choose to feature on many blogs all across the blogosphere- for free. Signing up is still by invitation only, so if you are interested, please email michele@adoptic.com. Once you've joined, it's so simple to choose which posts you want to feature, and be sure to update daily as you write new posts and also as new blogs are added to the communities. You can choose on which blogs you would like your snippets featured and so forth. And let me know, too! I've really enjoyed being part of the Adoptic family so far!

Alright, we're off to the park soon, so I guess I better make myself presentable...

June 16, 2008

The Spoons Are Winning

I had to take him for new shorts yesterday. He's growing. Taller and taller up my side. Offering to help me put away the dishes, giving random hugs and i love yous.

We weren't guaranteed that he'd grow at all. That he'd even be walking or talking. This little boy that is now a big boy and has a light and life that just pours out of him onto everyone he meets.

At the AEOF event the other night I prepared myself to be strong and listened to parents that I knew, the ones that are still in the midst of the storm, their child not better. I'm so often told we should be so proud of ourselves. You were so strong. You were so brave. You got through it. I don't know how you got through it. I opened the event program a few pages in to see the photo of Noah in his helmet, hand raised high in the air. And I couldn't stop the tears from stinging my eyes. I am not the strong one. I am not the reason for his miracle.

The Lion King has been the movie of choice lately at our house. I caught my breath the other day as Mufasa tells his son, I'm only brave when I have to be... being brave doesn't mean you go around looking for trouble.

And later he says even kings get scared.

I was scared. Somedays I still fight that fear. That this isn't over. And here everyone thinks I'm the brave one. That because I made it through the storm and had faith unwavering that I must still be so strong. I was only brave when I had to be.

I dry off the last dish. Noah has put away almost all of the silverware and declares that the spoons are winning. His smile flashes a spirit that is alive and peaceful and well. I am so thankful. We're winning, too.

June 15, 2008

You Were Made For Father's Day

When you were younger you told everyone that you wanted to be a Dad when you grew up.

Well, look how blessed you are today.

Three boys who take just after you.

And a Daddy's girl on the way.

Happy Father's Day, honey!

Photography by The Amazing Ashlee Allen.

June 14, 2008

Fifty! Say It Like Sally O'Malley.

I got the nudge from her who got it from her.

Fifty Things I Like About Myself

1. We'll get the physical out of the way- I like that I have green eyes and that they are big and expressive
2. I have a winning personality
3. I think I am just as important as any one else in this whole world- no matter their "status"

4. I have no problem telling a "celeb" to "scootch a little" so that I can reach the paper towels in the bathroom
5. And I have no problem then later asking to take a photo with her
6. I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe, even if it's not the popular thing
7. I believe what I believe with a purpose and with reason
8. I don't believe in things just because others do
9. I don't do things because someone else expects it of me
10. I do most everything because it's what I expect of myself
11. I can relate to others even if they are completely opposite of me
12. I can see the child in most everyone
13. I can also see right through most everyone
14. I can easily let things go
15. and the things I can't let go I usually do something about
16. I love that I love to write
17. I love that I can get lost in a book
18. I love that I can get lost just looking out the window
19. or looking into my child's eyes
20. or at their faces while they sleep
21. I think anything is possible
22. I think many people are misunderstood
23. I think it is perfectly ok for others to disagree with me and do things differently
24. I think it would be quite boring if we were all the same
25. I am optimistic
26. I am not easily disappointed
27. I know my way around the city
28. I feel at home in the mountains
29. I know what good music is
30. I don't tolerate bad music
31. I question man-made rules, but still offer respect
32. I have seen God work in my life in supernatural ways
33. I am a Daddy's girl
34. I like the same music as him, and I love that
35. the hippie in me comes from him
36. and I love that I know that
37. I like to see others happy
38. I get that from my Mom
39. and my stellar shopping skillz
40. I have more shoes than I can count and I don't feel guilty
41. I wear bracelets and earrings and lipstick and paint my toenails
42. yet I still feel simple in a good way
43. I am very grateful for so many people in my life
44. And for so many blessings
45. And for so many opportunities I've been given
46. I only laugh when I want to, not because people want me to
And I usually laugh at many things others don't think is funny, probably inappropriate
48. I think there could be white unicorns still out there somewhere
49. and that inanimate objects have feelings and animals may talk when we're not around
50. And that's ok. Because I just get it.

And I love that.

Pictured: Steph T. (my friend & mom of child with epilepsy), Hunter Tylo, & Me last night in Chicago.

June 13, 2008

Mama's Night Out With A Side Of Celery

Mediterranean dining on the lawn, beautiful friends, and even a plate of celery. It was a wonderful evening. I just might be blessed with the best circle of friends evah...

Pictured: Jen, Jaymi & Jonathan, Ashlee, Sarah, Sheryl & Aisling
Jen, Arianne, & Me

June 12, 2008


26 weeks

Another photo shoot where I let my camera do all the work- these photos not edited.

Tee available at Urban Baby Runway.

June 11, 2008

Blue Like Hair

(I decided I liked this picture better... of course taken in the car visor mirror. But you can see a little on my left side and the bit peeking through on my right.)

I'm it again, tagged by Sky.

What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago?

Actually 10 years ago today I was in Paris, France. That's me, on a boat, on the Seine. I hadn't yet met my husband (would just a few months after coming home). We'd meet, fall in love, and be married, honeymooning in Paris the very next year.

5 Things On My To-Do List Today:

Chop some celery
Work on my birth plan

Top Secret Father's Day Mission
Probably finish the book I can't put down (see below)
Write a couple posts for Mama Speaks

Snacks I Enjoy:

Celery. Lots of celery. Also the organic raspberries I got on sale the other day were absolutely deeeee-vine. Could live off celery and raspberries, methinks.

Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire:

Use my wealth in a way that would continue to help people over time and buy a home big enough to fit all our children and their families when they get older, so that everyone would have their own room when they come to stay with us for holidays (like in the Family Stone.) And I'd like it to have a big front porch with a swing.

Places I Have Lived:

Northwest Indiana and Chicago, Illinois

I tag the following, if they want to play along...

Lemons To Lemonade
Seeking Sanity
One Mom's World
Dandelion Dayz

And so Jen asked me to play along with this book meme last week- I just started my summer reading list and would LOVE for you to leave your book suggestions in the comments.

Pick up the nearest book.

A Wild Ride Up The Cupboards (I can't put it down.)

Open to page 123 and
find the fifth sentence. Post the next three sentences.

"He can't sleep because his brain is more active than most people's."

"It would appear..." The doctor stopped, looking perplexed. I felt sorry for him and wished someone would bring him his coffee.

Tag five people.

The Miss Elaine-ous Life
Guinevere's Thoughts On Nothing In Particular
This Military Mama
Love Well
Just Another Mommy Blog

And as if you need one more thing to click on, clicky von clicky on over to Fussypants and vote for my caption now, won't you?

June 10, 2008

A Side Of Shoe

Last night on my way to the grocery store alone I was driving along a stretch of highway that seemed to reach far into the night sky with purple clouds. The music in my car was good and I just had that desire to keep on driving and driving, never looking back. Nothing in particular had me upset or exhausted necessarily from the life I would be leaving behind. It was just an impulse, an urge much like the reason I can never sit by the emergency exit on an airplane. Just not so sure I wouldn't open that door, you know, just to see.

I would of course never do it. But there is a part of me that runs away with my imagination to far off places. Where I'm free and have no one expecting anything from me. And the bigger part of me that loves my family so much it sometimes hurts and how could I ever think about driving and driving, never looking back?

I see a shoe on the side of the road and wonder just how someone managed to lose one shoe. Where is the other? Maybe the result of a quick get away, or just thrown from a moving vehicle. I wonder how someone could just be walking along and their shoe- laces and all- just comes off and they keep on going. It didn't belong, but it so belonged. They must not have looked back.

I do not feel guilty for my thoughts last night. I just drive and get my groceries and head home, opposite the purple sky, away from the road that was calling me.

June 8, 2008

Miracles Do Happen Even At Target

It was a hot summer day. Nothing out of the ordinary in any way. Realizing that my days are soon to be spent only outside with the kids, I wanted to be sure that they all had the right size bikes and ride-on toys. I needed to add at least one Big Wheel to make sure everyone was happy and there would be no more complaining.

I decided to save time and gas- bypassing Freecycle and yard sales and went straight to Target.

I can remember calling to hubby asking if he needed anything while I was there. It was odd that he said nothing. He always needs something from Target. But off I went, happy to be going to somewhere on my own, to find a Big Wheel.

As I was getting out of my car, I ran over the list in my head of what I needed. Surprisingly, all I needed was the Big Wheel. Nothing else. No soap. No greeting cards. No snacks. So, I'd go straight to the toys and be out in a flash!

I walk in. And head straight to the umbrella display at the front of the store. Ooh I need a new umbrella. But they were ugly patterns and $12.99! The last one I got was cute and only $4.99 at Marshalls. So, I think no- I'm going straight to the Big Wheels. I get a little further through the store until I see the floppy sun hats on sale. I need a large brimmed sun hat. But these might be too small. I move on. To the maternity clothes. Ick. Not loving. And I remember- again- I'm supposed to go Straight.To.The.Big.Wheels.

Almost there. I make it and find one left on the shelf. It's a nice price, too. I put it in my cart and find myself- for the first time ever- not knowing where to go next. It just doesn't feel right... do I just go straight to the checkout? What, no passing the domestics department and seeing what dishes are on sale? No glancing at the clearance items on the end caps?

It feels so strange, but I do it. I go directly to the checkout. I briefly glance at the gum. And the magazines. And take my one item to the cashier. It turns out it's even on sale!

The rush doesn't hit me until I am finally handed the receipt. I didn't think it was possible.

I bought only one thing at Target.

Aw, Shucks!

Someone nominated me for An Island Life's 2008 Bloggy Hoss Elections as Best Personality! How this just makes my morning!

If you'd like to check out the other categories and nominations, and maybe vote if you'd like... you can do that here! You have until Thursday to make your selections!

June 7, 2008

The Beachy Beachy Beach

We sing this song when we're getting ready to go to the beach. Let's go to the beach, the beachy beachy beach. Yesterday Mimi & I promised the boys an evening trip to the dunes, but the weather was turning very windy with dark skies. It just didn't look like beach weather. We tried to barter dinner at a restaurant and then ice cream or something else instead, but they had only the beach on their minds.

I really felt like it couldn't possibly work out and would even be dangerous if a storm came, but I packed all their extra clothes and towels and buckets anyway. I decided we could at least go and turn around if it was too cold and windy. The closer we got to the water, the brighter the skies and shinier the sun. It turns out where we live 20 minutes away wasn't beach weather, but the weather at the beach was perfect.

I didn't want to put down my camera so I wouldn't miss anything, but then I had to put down my camera so I wouldn't miss anything. I think everyone else stayed home like we almost did, because we had the place to ourselves except for a man flying a really cool kite and the occasional couple walking along the shore.

The sunset was amazing. The glee in my boys' faces and voices was something I hope I remember forever. I'm so glad we didn't miss this moment. Sometimes you just never know how anything is going to turn out until you get there.

June 6, 2008

Pomp And Circumstance

Do you keep old photos that might represent not-so-good times?

And, help a preggy Mama out. What to wear?

June 5, 2008

Shadow Of The Belly

25 weeks

June 4, 2008

And Even Though

Ok, so not everything yesterday was bad. Those moments of constant needing and wiping did have me jonesing for shoe shopping and maybe never coming back, but then I got a call from my hair stylist that she has some new funky colors in and wants to try them out on me for free. And about 5 minutes after that I found out my first day conference pass to BlogHer was paid for. And then about 10 minutes after that the other two days were covered.

And so today even though the kids got up earlier than they would have on a school day, maybe I've been a bit more laid back. And maybe I let them play in the rain with the good umbrellas and showed my motherly-delight at all the worms they found. And maybe they had popsicles at ten in the morning when I said they had to wait until after lunch (and maybe I even let them have another popsicle after lunch.)

And when hubby called to let me know that the oil change guy found a MOUSE NEST behind my glove compartment in the carbon filter thingy or whatever you call it IN MY CAR, I laughed. And made sure there wasn't also a dead mouse hanging out in there, too. Or a live one. And I didn't freak out that I've been driving around a pet I never knew I had. And am really glad it didn't decide to surprise me one day on my way to Starbucks or shoe shopping or something important like that.

And now, even though hubby's off to a baseball game (in the mouse car) shmoozing clients until late tonight, I have my feet propped up with the laptop, am watching the boys be boys in the backyard, and am thinking I can so do this. Even though I don't always know what this is.

I'll definitely blog about it more later, but I'd like to thank HP (be sure to check out the latest I've done with them here), Google (remember my day at the Google offices way-back-when?), Mom Talk Radio, Newbaby.com (I'm still trying to think up something clever to vlog (video blog) over there- so if you have ideas, let me know!), & Adoptic (also see my right sidebar) for their role in helping me get to BlogHer. Which will not only be good for my bloggy social life but also bloggy business, and also for my mommy sanity being able to have some final me-time before the baby comes. I'll be big and pregnant, but I'll be there!


Yesterday was one of those days.

One of those days where I was the bandaid dispenser, juicebox poker, boo boo kisser, you-know-where wiper,
stop-climbing-that yeller, "don't put your brother in that box/cabinet/laundry basket/fill-in-the-blank", put yer shoes away for the eleventy millionth time nagger...

School's out for summer. HELP ME NOW.

June 2, 2008

Flawless Need Not Apply

I've always rooted for the underdog. Felt a connection with the broken or chipped and imperfect. Found the most beauty in that which has the most flaws. The creases on someone's face tell stories she doesn't have to speak. The tears falling from her eyes or the tears she won't let you see. A scar, whether it be physical or on the heart, can be everything that a person truly is, or shaped the very person they've become. Awkwardness and vulnerability is honest and revealing, and simply breathtaking in my eyes.

I have been so blessed to be surrounded with the most lovely and finest of friends of all shapes and colors and sizes. The ones that click instantly and feel like sisters from the very first moment. The ones you wonder where they've been all your life. The ones that are there to batten down your hatches when the winds come. The ones that you have out of survival, ones you may have never connected with but you go through a moment in time together that forever seals your hearts. The friends that have been with you throughout life and all the changes and downs and ups and ups and downs and just weave in and out right along with you. And the ones you've yet to meet but will forever change your life.

My friends- they have quirks. They struggle to get into their Spanx and don't always know the right words to say. They mess up. They bring you celery. They do so many things right.
They are not perfect. And oh my goodness I love them more for that.

June 1, 2008

The Circle Of Life

Yesterday was a lot to take in. I started the morning off with stopping by to support a dear friend at the funeral of someone very close to her, someone very young, only 32 years old.

Soon after, we had to head to a wedding of my childhood friend's sister. One who I remember when she was born! And now she is starting a whole new journey in life as a married woman. I saw her parents give away their last daughter. They whispered to me, pointing to the little girl in my belly, that 22 years comes faster than we know.

This life, the cycle, there is no stopping it.
A baby is kicking and growing inside me right now! I wish, for the sake of beautiful words, that I could write how blessed and in complete awe I am that I have this life inside me. Have you really taken a moment to realize what an absolute miracle that is? Or what an absolute miracle today alone is? This day, this very moment we too often forget to notice.

Where it ends for one, it begins for another.
I want each day I live to have purpose, as it very well could be my last. Or if not, if I have many many days ahead, I want all of those days to have reason. I want you to be able to see the love of our Creator from my heart and from my actions. I hope you can see the miracle that is my own life. I want my children living out the life God designed for them. There are decisions and choices and hearts involved and affected. Other lives. That will go on living or take their last breath today.

What I feel is unearthly. It's not a heaviness, and it doesn't hurt my heart. It's not scary, but maybe a little exciting. It's unknown. I can't explain it. It's life. And it's real.