May 5, 2008

When The Shoe High Ends

The fashion show was great. This whole weekend was really great. But it was one of those emotion-filled ones, too (in a good way) where, like Saturday night when there was much sharing of thoughts, opening of hearts, eating of cheeseburgers, and crying- more crying than I'm used to- it took me to place that ripped off a bandaid that I kinda forgot was there. And it still feels a little tender. Does that make sense?

I'm continuing to learn so much about myself as Mom, friend, wife, person. It can get bigger than me sometimes and I don't know where to put all this information! I write about it here and am afraid I come across as someone that knows what she talks about. But I think if you know me by now you know that just writing here is what helps me build the strength and character to just get by.

At least until the next new shoes.

Here's Carter & me at the fashion show. And my 20 1/2 week baby belly. This Friday is a big day.


  1. Beautiful picture. I'm glad you had a great time at the fashion show.

    I have felt a bit like that lately, like I am learning about myself. I think in my case it is because I am becoming a different person, or a different version of myself as I get older.

  2. 20.5 weeks already? wow! the big day is near! i love the picture!

  3. 20.5 weeks already? wow! the big day is near! i love the picture!

  4. I can't wait to hear your news -- whether I win or not! =)

    And you look beautiful with Carter-man next to you.

    Hope that bandaid sting dissappears.....


  5. You are as beautiful as ever. I wanna grow up just like you! :-)

    Your writing is wonderful and it always come with a lot of emotion and thought placed into it and those that truly know you in person (which I have the pleasure of) and have read you for awhile now will know that it is coming from your heart. So don't let anyone stop you. So go write with passion and relieve yourself of it.

    Now I'm heading to that link and bracing myself...

  6. you are such a beautiful pregnant lady.
    such a sweet photo of you 2.

    im really wrestling with myself lately about having a 3rd baby.. im scared ill be overwelmed.. but I know we wont be given anything we cant handle through Christ.. im just content with two but in a way wanting the 3rd as well. weird feeling...

  7. You look great! I can't believe your pregnancy is half over already!!!

    Glad you were able to get out with the girls!

  8. Your ability to continue to learn is what makes you a wonderful Mom, friend, wife and person. Sometimes the bandaid needs to be pulled off to remind you of your weaknesses and your strengths.

    I just love that I was with you when you ate a cheeseburger.

  9. What a great post, and a great photo. :) So sweet.

  10. I can't believe your half done! Wow it's going fast. Well, at least on this end it is.

  11. exciting! I can't wait to hear what you're having. Isn't it crazy how fast it goes? I'm starting to dread it ending :(

  12. funny that I came to read you today, I am feeling a little lost in myself lately. It is a constant learning environment over here in my madness.

    I am glad you had a good weekend and you look great!

  13. blogging is a great way to discover things about ourselves... both through the actual writing and the interaction with others... :D

    Can't wait to see if you're finally going to get a little pink in that household!

  14. Ahh, you look so pretty. I can't believe you are already half done with the pregnancy.

  15. You look so beautiful there! That weekend sounds WONDERFUL.

  16. Gorgeous picture. Sometimes a good cry helps us see the positive in our lives.

  17. oh you look amazing.

    I think the "bandaid" has to be removed every once in awhile. It may be tender, but it will heal better...

    It's great that you are learning things about you as a person. Inner personal growth is a wonderful thing.
    Embrace it.


  18. Great picture! I love Carter's expression - and your hair looks fabulous!

  19. Well? Were you wearing your Spanx?

  20. Cute dress! Now that is is getting warmer and I am 25+ weeks, dresses are all I want to wear.... cooler and nothing to bind me up in the middle. I need to invest in some good sundresses for the summer.
    Can't wait to hear on the 9th!
    Blogging can be so therapeutic... just getting it all out and having a venue. You come across simply as a sincere momma willing to share the good and bad with her friends.

  21. What a beautiful post and a beautiful picture. And that analogy is perfect, I understand it well.

  22. you may not know it all, but at least you have great hair!! seriously...I love you hair. I've always wanted bangs but I have crazy curly hair and bangs make me look like I've stepped back into the eighties.
    I could show you.
    I cut bangs two weeks ago to try to be trendy.
    It's not cute.
    It's not

  23. Erm call me crazy and all, but I think that you do know a heck of a lot of what you blog about because after all ... you are a Mommy to three and soon to be four. I would say that qualifies you in the knowledge department.

    Crying is a good thing for your body too. It can be cleansing, uplifting and bonding. Sounds like you had a great time overall!!

    And wow, 20 1/2 weeks already? Time certainly flies doesn't it? You look fabulous and are truly glowing.

  24. You look adorable, sugar!!

  25. You two have on your fake smiles in this pic, so funny! Love his little hand...

    Did you get to take home any clothes?

  26. I've been crying alot more than usual lately too. I think it is cleansing. A release.
    I love the pic! You look gorgeous! And already more than half way there! WOW!

  27. You look absolutely fabulous. Sorry you had a rough week leading up to the fashion show, but you would not know it with how gorgeous you are.

    Great belly shot too!

  28. You are so beautiful honey, oh and Carter looks adoooorable.

  29. You really are beautiful. You have a glow about you, and I don't just mean during pregnancy, something radiates from inside of you big time.

  30. You look awesome! And how wonderful that you guys were there for each other. We could all use a good cry with girlfriends every once in a while.


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