May 29, 2008

Like You Don't Already Know Everything

Jen, the EcoChic Urban Organizer is asking me to share more random things.

1. I like this photo I took the other day. Typical me without makeup and typical Gray not sitting still.

I'm back to being a vegetarian this week. Not vegan. I like cheese sometimes. You can see why here.

3. You know how we said we weren't telling our baby's name? Well, we decided to share it with family and friends since we know that we know that we know that it's her name. So if you fall into that category you might be hearing it before the rest of the world (when she's born.)

4. This pregnancy is different than my other three. So maybe it's a girl thing. I'm itchy all over all the time. I cry all the time. And I have gotten a couple or seven (who's counting?) stretch marks on my belly- I've never had this before. Ah!

5. Fried Okra is exploiting Hugh and talking about sandwiches today (lunch actually) and besides a good veggie with lots of peppers, my other favorite is a grilled peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich. Mmmmmmmmm.

6. Even though this is my fourth pregnancy and even though I've said before how the hiccups in utero were annoying, I absolutely treasure every kick and movement and push this baby makes. This pregnancy has been like the first time all over again for me.

And now I tag six that must do this and tag six, too:
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  1. I am kind of glad I am not the only pregnant lady who has been insanely itchy. I was nearly crying and screaming in the car last night it is so painful. I share your pain! Maybe it means I've having a girl?


  2. To the itchy moms:

    Some pregnancy itchiness is normal of course, but out of control itchiness can be of concern. You can read about it here:

    I'm not trying to be alarmist, but the last time I told someone about this, she actually had it, and thankfully she was induced and everyone was fine. I just couldn't pass by without mentioning it.


  3. thats interesting how you wouldnt get any stretch marks w/ the 1st 3.. then get it with the 4th. I got some with Caleb but I have a feeling had I had the size belly I had with Taite I would of never gotten any. I was really tiny with Taite. Not huge with Caleb but much bigger than w/ Taite (even tho there was only a pound difference in my weight gain)

    Ohhh well :-)
    I hope when I get pregnant w/ a girl all goes well.. I hear though you are much SICKER with a girl... hormones? I didnt have morning sickness with either of the boys

  4. I remember itching with Lance. I also had a hairy belly.

    So maybe it's not just with girls!

  5. Crossing my fingers I fall in that category. Can't wait to hear her name!

  6. OOOOH! Did you check out the peanut butter strawberry Monte Cristo? Sounds to be right up your alley! :)

  7. I know what you mean about pregnancies being different. I find being pregnant with a boy completely different from when I was pregnant with my girls, my stomach has popped out BIG time! I got stretch marks with my girls (so it might be a girl thing) I haven't gotten any yet... knock on wood!

  8. thanks for the tag....just got mine up! Happy Thursday and sorry about the stretch marks...unfortunately I can relate all too well. Got like a million of my own.

  9. I was WAY more emotional and moody when I was pregnant with my daughter. I've had friends say the same thing. It must be all that extra estrogen. :)

  10. I was way more emotional with my girls than my boy - thank goodness he was last or we may not have had more=) Sorry about the stretch marks - I too am in that club!

  11. It MUST be a girl thing. I'm crying all the time, too!

  12. Oh, I can't wait to learn the name, I know it will be awesome, and I just can't stinkin' wait to meet this baby already!

    I can't remember itching with Capri... but it was also my first and only pregnancy yet, so maybe I just didn't realize how itchy I was (or thought it was abnormal).

  13. I was really itchy with my second. I would be at work and someone would catch me just scratchin' away!

    Now I am goin' to see what sandwhich I will be havin' for lunch tomorrow.

  14. I do that vegetarian thing sometimes too. I'm just not much of a meat eater. Then someone puts a Chick-Fil-A sandwhich in my hand, and what's a girl to do? LOL

    When I was pregnant with Lilla I was very itchy due to something called Pups rash. But I also got a serious rash with it. That I could NOT stop itching. After I had the peanut all these doctors and nurses kept coming into the room just to look at me and say, "Wow, that's THE worst PUPS rash I've ever seen." Oh yeah, good times, and scars, from that one!

  15. Love it! I'm off to do mine and will post ASAP!!
    - AUdrey

  16. I was SO ITCHY in one of my pregnancies! I feel itchy just thinking about it. Yikes.
    We're thinking about trying a vegetarian week soon... we'll see!

  17. My girl pregnancy was way different too. It's so weird how the human body works.

  18. I tried going vegan once, but I missed the cheese too. And other things, as well. Hate to admit it, but sometimes I just enjoy a nice, juicy burger. The animal lover in me is so conflicted.

    I think Audrey is working on her list, but maybe I'll work a few of mine in there, too. :-) Thanks for the tag!


  19. Kudos for the veggies. Going vegan was very difficult for me. Cheese was my favorite food. I feel you on the cheese love.

  20. Ooh, you tagged me! :) Thanks!

  21. I got my stretch marks with my first baby who was also a girl. hmmm. Not a new one with my second. Probably had more to do with the weight I gained during the first one - 80 lbs nah, I like the girl theory better!


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