May 18, 2008


I've been tagged by Ali Blogger to list ten weird or random facts or habits about myself. I've done quite a few of these before, so I'm just going to list random things that pertain to my life in the past week.

1. This is my one thousandth post. 1000.

2. We have a name for our baby girl, but we won't share it until we introduce her to the world. I'll tell you that it won't be Gretchen Noelle or Megan Helene. Those were previous girl names we had chosen when pregnant with Noah & Gray. When pregnant with Carter we didn't have a girl name at all.

3. I like to change my hair. A lot. Long or short, red, brown, blonde. Yesterday I was at the salon for several hours trying to put a purple streak in my now darker hair. It wouldn't take. So I ended up with something kinda blondish pinkish caramel. We plan on trying again. I'd like the streak to be the color of my toenails.

4. Thanks to Twitter I got a tweet last night from Amy that My Chicken And Cheese was giving away girl stuff. Now I have girl stuff coming my way!

5. Inquiring minds want to know that the dress is made by Halabaloo.

6. I'm really really starting to look forward to BlogHer. I'll be big and pregnant, but I'll be there!

7. I dreamed the other night that I gave birth in a river while standing on a rock. She nursed immediately. She also had lots of hair in pigtails and a mouth full of teeth. It was kinda freaky.

8. I've been doing a prenatal workout and have found that yoga is a really subtle way to get your butt kicked. It's trickery, I tell you!

9. One of my posts from the Chicago Moms Blog was syndicated last week and was in the Miami Herald, The News & Observer, Bellevillle News Democrat, Centre Daily Times, Charlotte Observer, and The Island Packet.

10. Yesterday I spent several minutes searching for my favorite earrings. I knew hubby had seen me take them off the night before, so I called him to find out if he knew where they went. He was out to breakfast with the boys, getting ready to go hiking in the woods. They heard him talking about the earrings and each pulled one from their pockets. They thought they could use them for fishing in the river...

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  1. Yay for syndication! Congratulations!

    I can't wait to see your pinkish streak. :)

  2. Syndicated! WOW!
    I think I might be going to BlogHer. Maybe. I hope.

  3. way to go on you syndication and 1000 posts.

    Look at all our adventures girly!

  4. Look at you :) Congrats!
    Too fun, mines up now ;)

  5. Did it! That is the fastest I have responded to a tag EVER!

  6. Steph, didn't have a chance to read that post on CMB but I love it. Fabulous.

  7. awwwww, they took your earrings to use a fishing lures?!!! that is so stinking CUTE!! i am sure they will love that story when they are grown :)

  8. Wow...1000 posts! That's fantastic! I love the hair thing. I don't have the guts to do it. The one time I went out there red (I loved it), everyone was so negative. I'll do it again though!

  9. I've had a baby teeth dream too - SCARY!


  10. Awesome news about the blog post! Awesome news about the 1000th post! I love the purple toes and all the other fun facts :)

  11. What a fun post! Happy 1000th! Wow. Great job on the article sindication. You are a great writer :)

  12. Love the purple toes! Congrats on syndication! That's awesome!

    I hope the purple streak comes out better on the second try!

  13. I'm glad you found your earrings in time.

  14. I have random fact I'd like to know. What was your favorite Graco product? And if you could have something brand new from Graco for your precious little girl, what would it be? Let me know! :)
    (oh and I'll see you at BlogHer too!)

  15. I love to hear random facts about my bloggin' much fun!

    Can't wait to "meet you" at BlogHer! Yay!!!


  16. I love the earring story. Thank goodness you thought to call Jeff or you might have had some "fishy" earrings. I wonder if those earrings would have caught a lot of fish. That's a story to put in their baby books so you can tell it to your grandchildren.

  17. Wow...Ms. Popularity! Great article...I just read it from the Charlotte Observer. Congrats!

  18. what a fun birth dream! :) And congrats on the syndication!!

  19. Hurray for being syndicated!

  20. Congrats on your syndicated post... that's so AWESOME!!

  21. That's so funny about your earrings!

    Cool beans on the syndication! You rock!

    1000 posts?? Gosh girl- that's A LOT!!

  22. Congrats on your 1,000 post AND your syndication. You go, girlie!!


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