May 24, 2008

Adventures In Babywearing While Pregnant

Yes, she's still doing it.

While it's rare for me to wear Gray anymore, I still find the occasional occasion that merits it necessary. Out shopping downtown the other day, even an itty bitty stroller wouldn't work in & out of the small shops I had to go to. And I wasn't even going to consider just letting Gray walk and hold his hand. Too many things to touch and see and, uh, he'd have to let me hold his hand. So I dug through my pile of slings and carriers for my mei tai (figured I better do a back carry) and we were on our way. I'd say that within 35 seconds of getting him on my back, he was asleep. The magic of babywearing. I can't explain it, but it is mine and Gray's "thing" and I love it.

And while I was digging through my carriers I thought I better get around to writing about all my slings, so how about this Tuesday, if you'd like to play along, we'll post pictures of all our slings or our favorite ones and I'll have a linky up so you can link here, too. I get lots of emails about which carrier is best for a baby, a big baby, a toddler, and so forth. I have my favorites, but I'd love to hear your suggestions as well. So take some babywearing pics and spread the love! In the photo above I am 5 months pregnant even though at that angle it doesn't really look like much belly is there. But trust me. It's there.


  1. awe what a sweet photo. is that the freehand mt?
    i rarely wear taite now but he comes running when a sling comes out. its special to us 2.

    i would take of my stash but half of my carriers are on loan.

    I loaned out my ergo to a pastors wife this week .. she needed it for a wedding she was going to be photographing at... and had to have her 10 mo old some places... better on the back than in a stroller :-) especially while handling a camera!

    my bundleboo is on loan
    my patapum is on loan
    my moby is on loan
    my solarveil sling
    my slingcarrier sling
    and i think thats it.

    oh! and my babyhawk.

    but ill get that back soon as well as the solarveil.

    its so nice to have the extra carriers to bless someone else with :-)

    I still have my kozy mt, kim kreation sling, browden handcrafted sling, signature bundleboo, sleepywrap, mobyd, home made scandi mei tai, home made napscak mei tai, and bbo mei tai.
    i guess i got a few to photograph.. i may! if i get time :-) love the pic of u and gray!!

  2. Ooh, I'm looking forward to this post! I'd like to wear my next little darlin' (whenever that might be!) and I'd soak up any advice on carriers that I can get!

  3. So sweet! Don't you love that they still let us wear them? And um, you look totally hot in that picture! ;)

  4. So sweet! My little guy never sleeps while being carried. In the past couple days, I have seen three babywearing mamas out and about in our area. Two pouchs and a beautiful mei tai. Brent said, "it's trendy." I said "that's good!"

  5. What a strong woman you are! I remember being pregnant with Mark and having a backpack on while touring Alcatraz. Oh my....HARD!


  6. Since my lil guys are so close in age, I was still wearing my older one in a Maya ring sling until 6-7 months preggo with the baby.

    I need a mei tai. Badly. I saw a mom with one in Target yesterday and was reminded that I'd planned to order one. I think this post is another sign...

  7. I loved wearing Ethan in the pouch while I was pregnant. It was so easy to put him in and carry him around that way rather than picking him up and putting him down over and over again!

  8. awww, babywearing IS magic! it works for us everytime. i can take my sleeping one year old from his carseat and put him on my back in a soft structured carrier or mei tai and he will just sleep right through it :)

    i would love to flash my carrier stash! how fun!

  9. YAY for babywearing while Prego!! :)

    I loaned out my Maya and Hotsling and my BBO is on it's way (hubby killed my 1st one and had to replace it).

    I just have:
    an ERGO
    and a BabyHawk

  10. Cute picture. :) How do you wear your mei tai without it around your belly?

  11. Really looking forward to Tuesday - thanks!

  12. I can't wait to read your top sling "picks"...especially since you're an expert on babywearing. :)

  13. Oh, good, I really need a good back carrier for my 15 month old and I have been trying to figure out which kind to get. Mine is just not cutting it!

  14. If there is to be a second time around for me I'm so getting a sling. I didn't get one the first time around and I wasn't a fan of the baby bjorn. =P

  15. Cute pic. I've always been a baby bjorn/ ergo girl. But I love learning new ways to carry a baby!

  16. Yep, I've got a great photo of my Bubbalu in a cool sling..sign me up!

  17. I am so in on this one! I'll have a post up on my site, and I just happen to be doing a review on a much loved carrier over at Simple!

    I've had so many new moms ask me recently some of the same questions, so I think this little post with all the linkies will be just great!

    Good idea Step! See you here on Tuesday!

  18. That is a great idea! Unfortunately I hated my stupid, cheap sling I bought from Target. But I'd love to see what works for others. :)

  19. I would so love to see everyone's carriers and share mine...though, if everyone is like the first commenter I feel woefully inadequate. I have two ring slings, a mei tai I made myself, and a pouch I made myself. I'd LOVE more but they're expensive! :)

    And I wish my little one would sleep in her mei tai...I don't know what it is but she'll get right to the edge of sleep but not actually fall asleep. Maybe the next one...

    (p.s. when i am pregnant next, can i totally steal your idea of the big brother shirt? except it'd be sister for us...)

  20. I depended on my Ergo for the trans-Atlantic flight - 33 weeks pregnant with an 19 mo old. I had to haul luggage and her on my back, and let me tell you, she was a great counter-pressure to my ever-expanding belly.

    (But I'm not complaining to have our newest little one out and about...)

  21. Those sunglasses look great on you!



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