May 30, 2008

Blooming Belly

Today we meet with the pediatrician to discuss what we want- or rather don't want- to happen after baby is born. Even though we've chosen to have a hospital birth, I still want to keep it as close to a homebirth-like experience, even after she arrives. It does seem quite early to meet while I'm only 5 months along, but knowing we are in agreement about the procedure of it all will help me with my birth plan and when I am envisioning just what it will all be like. When I think about her birth and the moments after, I have such sweet thoughts.

I am 24 weeks and 1 day along. My lilacs and baby are blooming! And apparently so is my belly button...

May 29, 2008

She Takes Pictures Of Herself At Grocery Stores

I'm not vain or anything. But you can see here.

Like You Don't Already Know Everything

Jen, the EcoChic Urban Organizer is asking me to share more random things.

1. I like this photo I took the other day. Typical me without makeup and typical Gray not sitting still.

I'm back to being a vegetarian this week. Not vegan. I like cheese sometimes. You can see why here.

3. You know how we said we weren't telling our baby's name? Well, we decided to share it with family and friends since we know that we know that we know that it's her name. So if you fall into that category you might be hearing it before the rest of the world (when she's born.)

4. This pregnancy is different than my other three. So maybe it's a girl thing. I'm itchy all over all the time. I cry all the time. And I have gotten a couple or seven (who's counting?) stretch marks on my belly- I've never had this before. Ah!

5. Fried Okra is exploiting Hugh and talking about sandwiches today (lunch actually) and besides a good veggie with lots of peppers, my other favorite is a grilled peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich. Mmmmmmmmm.

6. Even though this is my fourth pregnancy and even though I've said before how the hiccups in utero were annoying, I absolutely treasure every kick and movement and push this baby makes. This pregnancy has been like the first time all over again for me.

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May 28, 2008


Someday, when I have heaps of regret for not taking enough pictures or videos of my children, I hope that I will remember how I'm feeling today.

I'm willing the big brown eyes, toothy smiles, and the little bird voices to be tattooed on my soul, in my being forever. I breathe these moments like air, treasuring them so much that I don't even want to share them with anyone else. These are my moments.

I've learned that my heart doesn't discriminate the memories. It is shaped by the amazing moments in life just as much as the sorrowful. It plays tricks on me, turning the good times bittersweet when I realize they can't last just one minute longer. And the hurtful times bring joy when the weeping finally ends.

Just yesterday I had to look up Noah's story to see how long he has been seizure-free. There was a time that I was consumed with the hours, days, weeks from his last seizure. I never could have imagined years later I'd be sitting here trying to figure out how long it's been. I haven't forgotten one moment of that hardship and I don't need pictures to take me back there. I am a different person because of it, but I am not still stuck there. I could never allow that to define me. I've taken pieces of it and unlike trinkets or souvenirs, I've not set it on a shelf to reflect on once in a while. To wallow in self pity. It's no longer something I feel I can use as my crutch. Because I walk better without it.

What we went through, what we continue to go through, is very much real. Is very much life. And I've allowed it to nurture the person I've become, or really, am becoming.

The edge I stand on is never the same day to day. Where yesterday I felt like I was about to fall, and what was below seemed scary and unknown, today I see the excitement for the jump. For what lies unexpectedly ahead. With or without pictures.

May 27, 2008

The Sling Stash

It's time to share your stash or favorite carriers! An awesome benefit to having several different kinds of slings is that I've really found what works best for me and it's also nice to loan them out to friends...

Pictured below is what I currently have on hand here at home:

top: one of the first Nest slings ever, my first sling- a ring sling from KimzKreations, Peanut Shell pouch, Sprout Pouch.

middle: Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Stretch Wrap, Sleepy Wrap, MetroMamma Wrap, Baby Bisou carrier

front: Podonbutai & Free Hand Baby mei tai.

One sling I must have for baby is a mesh water ring sling. I have given both of mine away and must get one for the new baby! I used it almost daily in the shower when Gray was a baby!

If you are to own only one sling, I always say you need a ring sling. It's such a great carrier for newborn to toddler. Perfect for quick trips and nursing. I'm really excited to try out my wraps for the new baby. I've always thought they were more for the smaller baby stages, and it will be fun to become a pro at wrapping. Pouches- you either love them or hate them! I started out not a huge fan of the pouch but when I found the right fit- it makes all the difference! Mine are both not adjustable, but if you can swing it, I've been a fan of Rockin' Baby's adjustable pouch! Another carrier that quickly became my favorite is my mei tai. I love traditional carriers. My Free Hand is a traditional mei tai and the Baby Bisou has the appearance of a traditional carrier but has buckles- great for anyone that might not like all the straps and tying. I still use my mei tai and it probably gets as much use as the ring sling with my babies. I have found it to be the perfect way to have them nurse and nap when we're pretty much anywhere! It is also my favorite for a good back carry. The Podonbutai is a three-in-one carrier that my friend Jenn created at All Natural Mommies (she's since sold her store) but this carrier is innovative and comfy! I prefer to use it like a podaegi, but you can also wear it as a mei tai or onbuhimo.

So, what don't I have? I still wouldn't mind to try a silk sling maybe from Sakura Bloom, Oopa or one of the expensive but glorious P-slings. And it might be neat to have another podaegi.

Where to get them? The Internet is a wonderful place to shop for carriers! But some local boutiques sell slings and it's great if you can try them out before you buy. Or check out a Mom's group or La Leche League near you and hopefully you'll find some attachment-minded parents to share their sling collection with you. If you are tight on cash but really want to get a new carrier, I got my Free Hand Baby mei tai through a Mama Swap online- and you should also check out the For Sale Or Trade forum on for any and every type of baby carrier!

Now show me yours! I'd love to see your sling stash or favorite carriers. If you post about this, please link your post only (not your main blog page) in the Linky below. And be sure to link back here so others can share as well!

Also check out the Babywearing Bloggers Blogroll if you haven't already!

May 26, 2008

Lounging Poolside

Who needs a fancy pool when we've got the nice tiny plastic kind? Later I'm filling this puppy up with some foot soaky salts. That's what I'm talking about. Living the high life. Purple toenails and all.

beach belly

Baby Belly 23 weeks

May 25, 2008

My Cankles Are Barking

So it seems there's just been too many goings on for me lately. I'm kinda exhausted and after my neighbor exclaimed that my ankles looked really swollen yesterday and I was all- no, they're just fat cankles- I thought well maybe I should sit down for a bit and take a rest. But that's not so easy for a mom of three with one on the way. And even though I had totally planned on clearing off my plate a bit it seems I've only added more to it.

Yesterday I was on the go every moment it seems or I was trying to get things done around the house or I was trying to referee my three kids and whoever else's kids were in my garage or I was making a mad rush to the grocery store for celery (must. have. celery. I'm even eating it right now at seven in the morning.)

No wonder when I finally run off by myself to another commitment in the evening, I lock my keys in my car at the gas station. Kick me while I'm down- I dropped $4.19 a gallon and find out, oh yeah, you can't leave, too.

So, I call hubby to come unlock me and laugh at the mess I am, only to see that another blogger who happens to be in town also happens to be there at the gas station to witness the mess that I am. So of course we took a picture. Yay for blogger gas station meetups!

And so my cankles are glaring at me, reminding me. I need to just sit down already.

May 24, 2008

Adventures In Babywearing While Pregnant

Yes, she's still doing it.

While it's rare for me to wear Gray anymore, I still find the occasional occasion that merits it necessary. Out shopping downtown the other day, even an itty bitty stroller wouldn't work in & out of the small shops I had to go to. And I wasn't even going to consider just letting Gray walk and hold his hand. Too many things to touch and see and, uh, he'd have to let me hold his hand. So I dug through my pile of slings and carriers for my mei tai (figured I better do a back carry) and we were on our way. I'd say that within 35 seconds of getting him on my back, he was asleep. The magic of babywearing. I can't explain it, but it is mine and Gray's "thing" and I love it.

And while I was digging through my carriers I thought I better get around to writing about all my slings, so how about this Tuesday, if you'd like to play along, we'll post pictures of all our slings or our favorite ones and I'll have a linky up so you can link here, too. I get lots of emails about which carrier is best for a baby, a big baby, a toddler, and so forth. I have my favorites, but I'd love to hear your suggestions as well. So take some babywearing pics and spread the love! In the photo above I am 5 months pregnant even though at that angle it doesn't really look like much belly is there. But trust me. It's there.

May 23, 2008

To Vlog Or Not To Vlog

At the Mommy Monologues session the other day (which, by the way I do plan on writing about in more detail soon), video blogging was brought up. If that is where the future of blogging ends up going, will I go there, too? That's tough for me, because most of my blogging is done pre-shower, pre-makeup, and uh, I'm not very presentable. And does anyone like how they sound on video? Is she plugging her nose on purpose? No, that's just the way she talks! Ew. And then no one would watch me again. Or maybe it would be this huge phenomenon like a train wreck and who wants that? Oh, maybe you do.

So, I'm thinking about experimenting with it a little more here & there. So for a little taste of the real life at my house, you can watch this little clip I uploaded to of what just-before-bedtime looks (and sounds) like at my house. Then maybe you'll understand why I look and sound the way I do when you finally see me in action someday.

May 22, 2008

The Pink And The Purple, It Is Invading

Today the hugest package arrived on my doorstep and inside was pink, pink, and more pink clothes for my little baby! All sent by the generosity of a blogger and Twitterer that I don't even know. But she's awesome and that I think you should know. Thank you, My Chicken And Cheese!

So, for those of you that know me and are wondering just how I'm handling the pink and the purple and the bows and such... I think I'll be ok. I'm still not so sure about bows- much to my Mother's dismay I had them remove the large bow from the back of my wedding gown- but I can deal with the pink. And when it's my little girl inside that pink, I know I'm going to love it even more. But bows, um, let me think on that.

Follow me on Twitter here.

May 21, 2008


I'm excited as all get out (I don't know what all get out is but I'm still that much excited) to attend BlogHer this year in San Francisco. I'm hoping for a completely sponsored trip meaning I don't have to pay a thing for my flight, hotel, and conference fees. So far I have about a third of it covered. Yesterday I joked with Jory & Sue from BlogHer that I could rent my belly. Paint it with a logo? Wear a shirt advertising across my huge expanse? Rub-on tattoo?

Target would be fitting, but do they- the place most of us call our second home or Calgon-esque escape- really need to market themselves to a bunch of women bloggers? Here's photographic examples of the belly. By July it will be two months larger than it is now. So we've got a lot of space to work with here. Ideas, anyone?

May 20, 2008

I'm Mommy Monologued Out

Oh gosh. Today I think I talked more than I have in the past few weeks combined. Ask me about blogging and I'll talk your ear off. Ask me about how to market to a Mom and oh yeah I'll tell you what I think. And I also love to hear what other bloggers have to say about that, too.

So, it was a good morning to be sitting on a panel of respected Mom Bloggers such as Arianne of To Think Is To Create, Ashlee of Mama's Nest & Mama Speaks, Jaymi of The Flip Flop Mamma, Amy of Mums The Wurd & Ladybug and Her Blogging Mama, Julie of Mothergoosemouse and Parent Bloggers Network, Jory of BlogHer and Pause, Emily of The Motherhood, and Kim of Traveling Mom. All in huge thanks to Maria Bailey.

I promise to share more about what we discussed. I'm just so wiped from all the matte latte and shopping (new shoes) and handkerchief ravioli and chocolate and talking and walking and getting my heel caught in the sidewalk not just once (huge grate) but twice (sidewalk crack.) Both times required assistance pulling out said heel. This was a big factor in the new shoe purchase. Yeah. Mmm hmm. That's my excuse.

They're Probably Really Tiny Christian Louboutins

Last night was a fabulous meal at Marche with Maria, Sara, Amy, Emily, & some other non-blogging new friends Holly, Lauren, & Bridget. This morning I am off to the big blogger Mommy Monologues panel bright and early. Thanks to my awesome friendforever Jen, I had a great place to stay. I'll be taking her to lunch today! I love the city life!

Here's a bit of the text messaging going on between hubby & I while I've been away:

he: Noah just asked if the baby was naked in your belly or if she had clothes on.
me: Ha! I'm sure she's at least wearing really cute shoes, if she's MY daughter!

May 19, 2008

The Kid In Me

Every night before bed the boys want to hear stories about when I was a little girl. It fascinates them that once I was little like them, and that little version of me is much more interesting than the big me. Carter specifically appreciates these tales the most and will even ask other adults if they have children, and if they tell them stories of when they were a little girl or boy.

I have the happiest memories of playing at McDonald's playgrounds (they used to be outdoors!) and walking to school through the woods by our house. Composing stories on my musty typewriter in my bedroom. Decorating my Barbie Dreamhouse and dancing to Wham! and Neil Diamond in front of my Mom's big dresser mirror.

I am still filled up every day with more happiness, this time of my own children's memories, often wondering just what they'll cherish as good times and someday whisper to their sons or daughters as they tuck them into bed.

There may be a silver hair or two, laugh lines and tired eyes on the outside, but there will always be a kid in me.

5 Minutes For Mom wants you to share about the Kid In You. Enter the photo contest here.

May 18, 2008


I've been tagged by Ali Blogger to list ten weird or random facts or habits about myself. I've done quite a few of these before, so I'm just going to list random things that pertain to my life in the past week.

1. This is my one thousandth post. 1000.

2. We have a name for our baby girl, but we won't share it until we introduce her to the world. I'll tell you that it won't be Gretchen Noelle or Megan Helene. Those were previous girl names we had chosen when pregnant with Noah & Gray. When pregnant with Carter we didn't have a girl name at all.

3. I like to change my hair. A lot. Long or short, red, brown, blonde. Yesterday I was at the salon for several hours trying to put a purple streak in my now darker hair. It wouldn't take. So I ended up with something kinda blondish pinkish caramel. We plan on trying again. I'd like the streak to be the color of my toenails.

4. Thanks to Twitter I got a tweet last night from Amy that My Chicken And Cheese was giving away girl stuff. Now I have girl stuff coming my way!

5. Inquiring minds want to know that the dress is made by Halabaloo.

6. I'm really really starting to look forward to BlogHer. I'll be big and pregnant, but I'll be there!

7. I dreamed the other night that I gave birth in a river while standing on a rock. She nursed immediately. She also had lots of hair in pigtails and a mouth full of teeth. It was kinda freaky.

8. I've been doing a prenatal workout and have found that yoga is a really subtle way to get your butt kicked. It's trickery, I tell you!

9. One of my posts from the Chicago Moms Blog was syndicated last week and was in the Miami Herald, The News & Observer, Bellevillle News Democrat, Centre Daily Times, Charlotte Observer, and The Island Packet.

10. Yesterday I spent several minutes searching for my favorite earrings. I knew hubby had seen me take them off the night before, so I called him to find out if he knew where they went. He was out to breakfast with the boys, getting ready to go hiking in the woods. They heard him talking about the earrings and each pulled one from their pockets. They thought they could use them for fishing in the river...

I tag:
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Seeryus Mama

May 17, 2008

Paint The Day Purple

As Moms sometimes we must ask ourselves not if our sassy shoes, new Gap long & lean maternity jeans, and purple toenails look good. The real question is- can they take on a sick toddler? And that answer today, my friends, is yes. Yes they can.

May 16, 2008

Notes From The Underbelly

May 15, 2008

This Is Not My Soliloquy

When I first started blogging, I didn't realize that there was really anyone else out there like me, and I never would have thought they'd read what I had to say. I was talking to myself and that was quite alright. Suddenly what I was doing had a title- Mommy Blogger- and I found out my little corner of the Internet was actually in a really really big neighborhood. A community actually. One that continues to grow and water itself and grow some more. And I love being a part of it. I love that I'm not talking to myself anymore (at least online...)

So I'm a Mommy Blogger and I write about Mommy stuff and life stuff and how much I love my kids and never want them to leave my side and then the next day how I can't wait to get away from them. All the blogs I read, the people that leave comments here, and my readers- you are all my entourage. I take you with me wherever I go. What a resource to have in any time of need. I can reach out and have an answer in an instant- right at my finger tips. Who needs Google anymore when you've got a Mommy Blogger on your side? We know people. We know lots of people. We're a strong army of knowledge and wit and emotion and power.

We don't have to hang out in real life to care about each other, cry on virtual shoulders, and lift each other up or make each other laugh. From the truly heartfelt and thoughtful gifts like dresses to the congratulatory flowers delivered to my doorstep yesterday from my blogging friend MJ. I feel the love. And it rocks. You rock.

So next week I get to have another little get away. A night out in the big windy city and an opportunity to share my voice as a Mommy Blogger. Maria Bailey from BSM, one of my favorite people, is bringing some companies and bloggers together to help set the record straight at something she's calling Mommy Monologues. How do we want our voice to be heard? How do we want to be approached about product reviews and as a brand?

And do you want to be approached at all? We're a target market. Maybe one of the biggest. Because when someone in my online entourage says something, I listen. And that has more power than any magazine or commercial you're going to fast forward during The Office tonight.

But what we have to say is worth something. To each other, we share freely. When companies want to cash in on this "something special" that we all have, we have to wise up. Kick off the Crocs and put on our lipstick and power heels and think this through. We remain in charge of where this is all going. Because without our everyday rants and raves and cries for help, without our openness and honesty and reality, there is no voice.

If you've chosen to rebel against marketing to Moms and ads and the commercialization of it all, stand your ground. I applaud the bloggers who know that route isn't for them and stick with it. But if you're like me and are open to what professional possibilities lie ahead, I invite you to come along for the ride. Maria has formed a new site called Mom Select for the Mom Bloggers that want to learn more about connecting with companies. This is a great place for you if you aren't sure where to start. And ask me anything- I am always glad to help. There isn't anything I won't share with you. I've gotten where I am today because of other bloggers, too. We're all in this together. It's not a competition. It's not a race to who gets the most comments or has the most touching or funniest post of the day. It's just about being you and being real. There is strength, there is purity, and there is community in that.

And so, if I'm being honest, when I said yesterday that we don't have cookies for breakfast or even lunch... well... if I said that this morning, I'd be lying.

May 14, 2008

This Kid

At an unexpected moment every day I am reminded that Gray won't be "the baby" for long. Although I still call all my boys my babies, he won't be the baby anymore. And he's been the baby for a while now.

Every day is getting better with this kid. We have had some rough times. Some drama. Ok, a lot of drama. From the moment he wakes in the morning to the moment he fights sleep at night. But each day is better. Each morning brings a bigger smile and less tears.

Maybe he's finally getting the hang of this being a two year old thing. It can't be easy, I suppose. What with being waited on hand and foot and loved every moment of the day... imagine! But it's a lot of life and living and being loved by so many people to take in around here. A lot of learning that the world doesn't necessarily spin and stop when he wants it to, and that cookies are not to be eaten for breakfast or even lunch for that matter. Only sometimes.

But look at this kid's smile. The fact that I'm seeing it more and more is a light in my day. I was concerned the scowl and brood was going to be his signature look. This baby is, gulp, turning into a boy.

A boy.

Goodbye to his tears and hello to mine.

May 13, 2008

Perfectly Content And Then Some

Last night was one of those rare occasions where the bedtime routine went just as I hope. With me and my three boys snuggled in Noah's bed telling stories and talking life in a seven-year-old, five-year-old, and two-year-old fashion.

I feel emotions with all of my senses, smelling little heads and caressing soft cheeks. I feel like life is complete, they are everything, my heart is full. So very full.

And I looked at that bed of us piled together, realizing in just a few months there will be a newborn baby. A little girl watching on, wide-eyed at these big brothers, this family of comics, wrestlers, and storytellers. This family that is already so fulfilled, how blessed we are to have a new life join the party. It's more than we could have ever wanted. And then some.

May 12, 2008

oh so pretty

I do feel pretty. And fresh. And free. Thanks in full to Be Design. Isn't it just lovely?

I just think it's me.

And that's just what I needed.

So take a look around and I'll do a little twirl or two for you.

Beth of I Should Be Folding Laundry fame is the heart and soul and life behind this fantastic new look of mine, created by her blog design company Be Design. Just one year ago this month we met in real life, but it feels like I've known her forever, and I feel like I will know her forever.

Be Design is currently offering a grand opening special where you can receive a full blog makeover for 50% off through this Thursday, May 15th. Just send them an email and they will add you to the queue! And you so want to get added to their queue. Make your blog you!

She's Gone Skirty

I know. I've gone crazy with the girliness. But I just found out, okay? And it's something I'm just going to milk for a while. Deal. I'm having a girl and it's fabulous. It's not like I'm gonna go paint everything pink or anything, but if I wanted to, I would. Cause I'm having a girl.

And my friend Gabrielle has some girly news of her own. Her popular site sk*rt has a new name (one I really really love and I will maybe give you the hint that it includes one or more letters of our baby girl's name) and is now called kirtsy. You need to update all your links and badges and check that place out. It's the it place to be. Why the name change? You can find that out here.


And so there. Girls rule. I might even have something new going on here with my own girly twirly self in the next few days. So stay tuned. This is the place to be, too. It's girls gone wild.

Girl Power

I'm already giving off that girly scent. My niece Abigail was all snuggled up to me yesterday at dinner and couldn't get enough of her new friend in my belly.

May 11, 2008

The Mother Of All Mother's Days

Stephanie is having a girl. I will have a daughter.

I think I'm still in shock, to be honest. I never thought of myself as a Mom to a girl. It makes me think about the daughter I wasn't to my own Mom. Maybe I'm making up for it now, I don't know, because I try to show my appreciation and make up for all the angsty-ness my Mom had to go through with me for much too long. This Mother's Day, this Sunday, as I celebrate knowing I have a little girl forming inside me, this post is for my Mom.

There are so many times I wanted to say thank you but my teenage pride got in the way. I remember so clearly the late nights of you driving me to play practice, long trips of me making you suffer through my moody Sarah McLachlan, REM, and Nirvana mix tapes. The long drives of me sitting in silence, brooding. Not knowing what was happening in my life and I only wonder what you must have felt, not knowing what was happening with this daughter of yours. This daughter that I know you wanted to dress in nice outfits and I only wanted to wear ratty thrift shop clothes. This little girl that scowled and rolled eyes until you were probably sure they'd fall out of her head.

I felt every bit of love you had for me. But I'm afraid you could never feel mine. It was there. Beneath the makeup and the closed bedroom door and the candles burning in my room. I really did want to hug you. To crawl in bed with you. And to wish away my uncertainties and life that was just so hard at thirteen, fifteen, any-teen. If only I had known then what I know now.

If only you had known then what I'm saying now.

I am so glad we are where we are. I am so relieved to be on this side of life. This side of the red hair dye and this side of my self image.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I'm going to have a daughter!

P.S. Even though I dressed like a bum, you have to admit I always had great shoes...

May 10, 2008

And So It Begins

I bought her first dress.

May 9, 2008

And Deep Down I Knew

This morning during the brief moments I gathered my thoughts in the shower, I was reminded of the pregnancies with my boys. With each one, hubby and I knew what their name would be if they were a boy, but we never had a good feeling about a girl name. With this pregnancy, the only name we feel is right, is truly the name of this baby, is a girl's name.

So I wondered if that was an indication. So many parts of me felt like I was carrying a daughter, the first daughter for our family of sons, but was that just a secret desire? Was it something I was longing for?

When the ultrasound technician was showing us our baby for the first time on the screen today, I was mesmerized by the beating heart. The little arms moving, legs bent, ribs showing. I was in awe at this life inside me, living and moving around and safe. When she asked if we'd like to know if it was a boy or girl, we said yes please. But until that moment I kinda forgot to look for that "part."
I was lost in the miracle.

I keep playing it over and over in my mind. Her pointing the little computer arrow to my baby's underside and saying, "it's a little girl."

Smiles filled the room and I just looked at her and said "are you sure are you sure are you sure?" Because we've never been this way before. My baby was giving us quite the show and the tech said she is very sure.

And we are very excited. And walking on clouds. And smiling. A lot. We've never been this way before, and I'm liking the change of scenery already.

Stay Tuned...

Big reveal coming very soon...

21 weeks

May 8, 2008

Fill Me Up

I dreamed all night about my ultrasound. That I forgot to drink the water. That I went today and thought it was Friday and my ultrasound isn't until tomorrow. That I was in a pool of water being chased by a funny toad with teeth. What?

The big day is tomorrow. Well, one of the big days. The first day I'll see who has been kicking me a lot the past several weeks. And we just might find out if this is a he or she inside me.

When I had my first big ultrasound with Noah, I wanted to do everything right, so I was so upset when I couldn't get all that water down. I thought I'd be in trouble. I nervously told the ultrasound tech that I drank most of the water, but not all. She asked how much I thought I drank and I said- maybe 60 oz? Her eyes grew wide and and she said you only had to drink 32! I thought it was 64. Oops. No wonder.

So tomorrow- 32 ounces it is... and I start drinking that about an hour before- right? See, I still have to look this stuff up! And if you want to be in the know the very moment we find out boy or girl, I'll be tweeting from my phone at the doctor's office (after we call our family first, of course.)

May 7, 2008


Sweetness really does follow.

And if you follow me on Twitter, you know all I wanted last night was some fudge. I don't know why, especially since I'm not really a fudge fan, but I was last night. And was when I woke up. And I even thought about driving 20 minutes to the nearest place I know that makes fudge.

But then I got a nice surprise at my door thanks to the wonderful fairies at Disney... a box of chocolates, for me, for Mother's Day.

And do you see that square in the middle of the Mom Blogger wearing her Mickey ears? That's chocolate, too!

May 6, 2008

Sweetness Follows

May 5, 2008

In The Funnies

I still find it amusing that every Sunday when I open up our paper, you can usually find my mug at the bottom of the funnies, promoting my NWIparent Close To Home blog. (You can click on the image if you desire a closer look.)

Just thought I'd share so you can find it funny, too...

And I'm also waxing all motherly poetic over there tonight.

When The Shoe High Ends

The fashion show was great. This whole weekend was really great. But it was one of those emotion-filled ones, too (in a good way) where, like Saturday night when there was much sharing of thoughts, opening of hearts, eating of cheeseburgers, and crying- more crying than I'm used to- it took me to place that ripped off a bandaid that I kinda forgot was there. And it still feels a little tender. Does that make sense?

I'm continuing to learn so much about myself as Mom, friend, wife, person. It can get bigger than me sometimes and I don't know where to put all this information! I write about it here and am afraid I come across as someone that knows what she talks about. But I think if you know me by now you know that just writing here is what helps me build the strength and character to just get by.

At least until the next new shoes.

Here's Carter & me at the fashion show. And my 20 1/2 week baby belly. This Friday is a big day.

May 4, 2008

How To Eat Like A Model

Doesn't every supermodel eat cheeseburgers and fries with cheese and bacon bits and sour cream the night before a fashion show?

Photo by Crooked Eyebrow.

He'll Buy Me Flowers

Noah's already bringing notes home from school. And they talk about me! If I haven't said it lately, this Mom gig is pretty cool.

And no, I'm not ready to let Noah go to a friend's house without me.
Still. Even if it promises flowers. I'm working on it.

May 2, 2008

This Blog Has Seriously Been Lacking In Shoe Pictures

Options. A girl needs options.

Some of these will work it in the fashion show on Sunday. And being resourceful, only one pair here I actually bought today. (I admired a similar pair that Gabrielle aka Design Mom was stylin' while we were at Disney.) The rest I "shopped" from my own closet...

I've mentioned before about the Shoes nickname I had in middle school. My Dad still calls me Shoes.

There really isn't any other shopping occasion that I feel such a rush like when I shop for shoes. The world just seems more colorful. Smells smell better. Seriously I had an extra spring in my step. I was loving my hair today. It was a good-songs-on-the-radio-all-day day. A pregnant woman doesn't have a whole lot to work with when she's getting rounder by the minute, but thank goodness I can count on fashion for my feet.

I'm thinking I need to find a way to incorporate my shoe collection into the general decor of the house... might brighten things up a bit. Just looking at them makes me happy.

And wouldn't you know the topic of May's Write-Away Contest at Scribbit is "Shoes."

If I Can Make It Here, I Can Make It Anywhere

So, considering the night I had before last, you were probably wondering if she went off the deep end, right? Well, I got a little less than two hours of sleep after that post and woke up with determination. Something I can't say I've had a lot of lately.

I decided that I had several options as to how I'd approach the day, and I chose to put my game face on. I was going to tackle it at full force, no matter what the previous night's events would try to dictate.

Now, does this mean I made it out of my jammies? No. But I didn't make a Starbucks run either. I did do lots and lots of laundry and snuggled and took a fifteen minute nap that I say is better than nothing.

I opened the windows and breathed in the air. A storm was coming, I could just tell, but it wouldn't be here until night. I loved how the wind blew the grass and the clouds changed from white and fluffy to mysterious to fluffy again.

The kids played in the backyard for a long time. This was a wonderful "alone" time for me, I guess, even though I was watching them right through the screen door. They made up stories and things to do and never came in once the whole time to get a drink or a snack or a toy like usual.

I looked at my children and reminded myself that they were kinda my "work" and if I had to "go to a workplace" today I'd have showered, dressed, and made the best of my day no matter that I had no sleep and little legs and arms poking me in all directions. I felt that they- being the little lifes that I love more than my life itself- deserved better than what I would fake for some coworker at the end of the day. They deserved to have all of me and, although I didn't shower or dress up for them, I gave my all yesterday.

And I'm positive not sure that I've been giving my all on the other days.

So, my family is safe. I didn't have Starbucks or a real nap or a long hot bath or any real time to myself as hubby even worked late last night on top of that, too! But I am going shoe shopping today and I did make an appointment for a manicure tomorrow and I am so going out with the girls tomorrow night. And Sunday night, too. And I deserve it, thankyouverymuch.

Now, one good thing about blogging this is that I have a record of this exemplary behavior of mine. I am not so sure it's likely to be repeated.

May 1, 2008

Night Of Comedy Of Errors Of Not So Funny

It was a very long day yesterday and an even longer night. Technically it's still that long night as I've been up since 3 am. I just want some sleep. And some alone time. And not someone touching me or hanging off of me everysinglewakingandsleepingmoment.

Last night, I finally got Gray to sleep and was just about to dip my foot into a hot bath with silky salt scrub when Noah appears and asks if he can have a bath. His back or leg or toe itches and a bath would make it feel so much better. Normally I'd lasso the moon for this child, but not tonight. Tonight Mommy needs her bath or her brain might fall right out of her head and onto the floor. And quiet time is much overdue. And no more children out of their beds. I tell him go back to bed or talk to Daddy. Anything. Just get out.

I attempt to take my now interrupted soak and soon my tooth starts hurting. My tooth! Come on! I get out way sooner than planned and do a good flossing and brushing (now that did feel good) and try to just go to bed already.

Noah apparently has not gone back to bed or to talk to Daddy and is waiting for me when I get out. He tries to snuggle with me in bed (now I'm sandwiched between him and Gray) but when he tries to tell me to move over so he has more room, I give him the boot and tell him to sleep on the floor or go to his bed. Wouldn't you know he makes a big production and gets all his covers and pillows and just makes a bed on the floor. Fine. At least I can just stretch out now.

Until the feet in my back and coughing starts. Gray decides my baby belly would make a much better pillow. Cough. Or my hip. Cough. Or my belly. Or my hip. Cough. Is this for real? Yes. It is for real.

I can't believe hubby is sleeping through all this but am glad someone is. For when I lose it or am found comatose tomorrow, he'll be able to take care of the children.

I roll out of bed and decide my night only has a chance of getting better if I just leave our room altogether. I'm on the first step of the stairs when I hear a whimper from Carter's top bunk. My shoulders sag and I wait to hear if he's ok. I can't even be alone at three in the morning. More crying. So I go see what's the matter. He's afraid a grizzly bear is going to get him. There's no bears go back to sleep. Fortunately that seems to satisfy and I come downstairs. Where I am now. Eyes awake but body and mind very asleep.

My family's safety may depend on me getting a nap and/or Starbucks and/or a very long bath and/or long extended periods of silence by myself today.