April 12, 2008

To The Mall

I'm so excited to get my new glasses today! Because of my time crunch- the fact that I can't see and we are attending a fancy Ball tonight and I have my trip in just 6 days... I am going to one of those 1-hour places in the mall.

I haven't been to the mall in ages- seriously ages, but it's going to work out having to do it this way because I need to stop in Motherhood for maternity tights! (Yes- I have to wear black tights tonight... it's supposed to snow here.) And I need to get a gift card at Sears for my brother's birthday. And I think I need to get a hot pretzel somewhere in between.

I've got a couple great giveaways going on over at Close To Home here & here this weekend, too!


  1. Enjoy your outing! Show us pics with the glasses!

  2. OOOO - a hot pretzel does sound yummy! My husband has to go pick up his glasses at the mall today. I wasn't going to go with him, but maybe I should!

  3. We were going to the mall last week for some gifts and made a detour to COSTCO instead. Love that place!

    And I'll see if the photo of you and your new glasses still resembles ANGELINA JOLIE like the previous photo does! =)


  4. I'm going to the mall today too *giggles* I'm in need of new glasses as well so I'm going to see if the place in the mall is having a "2 for" sale. Aunt Annie's *drool*

  5. Sometime I want to tag along with you on a mall trip. I've never been to one since living out here, and I need someone to show me the way. I'm scared, it's all so...ew. I do need new glasses and contacts though. Hmmmm.

  6. How come the mall trips seem to diminish during Mommyhood? I guess it's just hard to browse while keeping "the crew" entertained too!

    Aaah, now I'm in the mood for the mall too - but solo, of course!

  7. Ha!,I was craving those hot pretzels when I was pregnant. Can't be too good for you but, oh so yummy!


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