April 24, 2008

They Don't Need Dusting

For the plane ride home I bought Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point (which I love.) It inspired me to display my collection of bloggers (hey, some people collect Tchotchkes, and I like to collect bloggers.) I've listed all the bloggers that I've met- at least those that I can bring to memory right now. Warning: pregnancy brain on overload equals room for error.

See the list here. And then I thought it would be interesting... the whole six degrees of separation thing- how many you might know that I know, too.


  1. I didn't see Jo-Lynne. I know her. IRL that is... :D

  2. Ah! Thank you! Poor Jo-Lynne! I thought I'd transferred her over from my main blogroll...


  3. bloggy meets are fun!

    I think we are all long over due for one again.

  4. That is quite a collection you've got there! Mine isn't nearly as long, but got bigger with Camp Baby of course. :) Can't wait until we can add each other to our lists!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  5. I know 8 from what you listed, of course they're mostly our tribe. I think outside of that I've only met 1 other?? Is that right?

  6. Good book!! If you want another inspirational book... you should read Donny Duetch's new book out here. So good!


  7. I know 2 on your list. Capri By the Lake and To Think Is to Create. Love them both madly!

  8. Let's see....

    I've known Berger Buzz since high school.

    Your mom, of course!

    Plus the several I've met thru blogger gatherings.

    A few are from the old church we used to attend and I love that we are all still connected.

    The Whole Family has an in-law I know well (Beth F.).

    I sure hope I didn't forget anyone!


  9. Wow, I know 15. Is it crazy that some of them I was like "oh I know her" and then realized I've actually never met that person? :)

  10. Wow. You know a lot of bloggers!
    I've met Cooper and Emily from Been There, but that is the only one in common we have! =)

  11. I like The Tipping Point too. Such a thoughtful commentary on why things happen.

  12. I just checked out the list! How fun that you've met all of those amazing women IRL!

    Okay, Arizona bloggers...where are you? I so want to plan a bloggy meet-up.

  13. We are planning a trip back to the midwest this summer. My brother and his wife are having their first child!!! Perhaps, when we are there I can look you up ad get on that list. Hmmm...

    Your list is so much longer than mine. You are such a good blogger.

  14. I know a few people (like 2) who blog, but none of them "run" in these circles. I would so love a bloggy meet up!

    Anyone wanna come to the beach?

  15. Hmm, I've never met a single blogger. :( I feel so alone. Brrr, it's cold out here, open the door. :) I hope to eventually meet some of ya'll on that list. However, I do speak with quite a few on a weekly basis.

  16. Wow .. it is amazing really at how something like blogging can enrich your life so much. You have an amazing list Steph and I am sure that it will only grow longer as you branch out in your endeavours.

    Let me know if you are ever in Western Canada :)

  17. Wow, that's a huge list of bloggers! And I've always wanted to read that book..


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