April 4, 2008

On The Fence

The baby kicks are getting even stronger- there's a life moving around inside of me! It's so very real!

And I'm still on the fence about the whole ultrasound thing. Every single comment you've left has a very good argument. As usual, I love to ask questions and learn more. I'll keep you updated, of course, on whatever we decide to do!

Anyway, I'm talking about a whole other type of safety with a big giveaway at
Close To Home today.


  1. I never knew(or maybe never really thought about it)about the dangers of an ultrasound, but it does make sense. I always get ultrasounds. I am a control freak and love to plan/organize/schedule things. I have thought about letting the next (when and if)pregnancy be a surprise on the gender. I don't think I could do it though....especially if there was hope of a girl baby! Hee Hee! Aren't movements awesome?! Especially after feeling yucky for so long. Maybe that is God's way of letting us enjoy part of pregnancy... you might feel awful, yucky, whatever....but you get to feel life! Who knows?! Have a great day!

  2. I did a lot of research into ultra sounds after my dad talked to me about them (he mentioned that when mom was pregnant with me, their Dr. said it wasn't safe to get very many)

    So, we only had two with AJ. I am not too worried about this baby, simply because we had so many for medical reasons, like you know, and we did end up getting a 3D one done that finally showed the kidneys being OK (not blocked like they thought form the normal ultrasounds), though just on the large size.

    But, I would have to say with the little bit of research that has shown ties to epilepsy and autism,, it seems in everyone's interest to just keep to the min. on ultrasounds and have your baby's look be a surprise.

  3. You go girl... ! Either way will be exciting! I know (besides in "real" life and the blog world) about 26 pregnant mamas right now... due between now and October. As of right now, it's crazy... half know what they are having (or will find out) and the other half aren't going to find out! It's such an exciting baby boom time! You may not decide to you're on that table and they say "Oh! We can tell!" That was us with Alexander!
    - Audrey

  4. I had ultrasounds every two weeks with the twins. Considering my extreme complications it was worth the risk. (there was a very good chance that one if not both babies would not survive and there was a chance that I wouldn't either-long story)

    If you don't have to have them it's probably better not to.

  5. we had the ultrasound not to check for the sex.. because we didnt want to know.. but we checked in order to make sure if the baby would be ok at birth.. and if it would need medical treatment after birth. I think this is helpful in preparing for any medical issue (heart issues, etc) that can be fixed after birth if they know about it.. sometimes if you dont know these things ahead of time it can mean life or death. So i think an ultrasound at 20 weeks or whatever is very smart and can be very helpful...

    I think to get one far outweighs and risk. LIke you mentioned with noah and his kidneys. its awesome he didnt need help with that but i think its better to be prepared.
    Although im sure it was very scary for you knowing that.

    And what is wrong with being left handed ;-)

    Caleb uses both left and right. We do notice he favors the left more so than the right. Taite uses his right and rarely his left. We had an ultrasound with both boys.. but had 2 more ultrasounds with Caleb than Taite.. because I was considered high risk due to a miscarriage before him.

    Hope that helps some.. I do think the 3d ones are a bit much .. th eold style ones seem fine 2 me.

  6. Ignorance is bliss, sort a. I was so young when I had Josh and Zac. I had so many ultrasounds because of complications. I never even though twice about it....

  7. If you're apprehensive, that's reason enough not to do it.

  8. I would say too many ultrasounds is bad. I know my Chiropractor annoyingly gave me a lecture about even having one!! I was annoyed because franctly...I wanted to see the little fella, check the due date and to know the sex.

    I say....one or two is o.k. You have to do what you feel is best. If you want to see the little 'fella' floating around in there than go ahead!!!

    If you are satisfied with the first one...than I would not bother.

  9. hmmm...I've never really heard about the real danger. Since I have complicated pregnancies,numerous ultrasounds were done especially with my second boy. He turned out to be a healthy right handed baby, and a healthy boy now.

  10. Congratualations on the kicks..my babies where so quite until they arrived.(hehe) Had to do those kick counts...

  11. Oh...congrats on baby #4! I think it was nearly a year or so ago that I found your blog and it has been awhile since I've stopped by so I thought I would stop by and say hello again! Please stop by my blog and say your hellos as well and again congrats! =-)

  12. How sweet you're feeling the baby move.

    I didn't know what Kean was from an ultra sound, it came to me in a dream. I say, let it be a surprise.

  13. oohhh ... the movements of that little one within your belly. What a truly wonderful feeling. That in itself makes up for all fo the bad times in a pregnancy.

    My two cents on ultrasounds? Well, for me anyways, I think that we have come a long way medically and that ultrasounds can be a good thing for women and the health of their babies. I only had one in total for my son as I had had a healthy pregnancy, but I look back in retrospect and wish that a few more were routinely done as it would have shown that there were issues going on within. I have six in total with my daughter and while dreading the first few due to fears of previous miscarriages, I was also comforted and excited seeing that all was okay. As for discovering the sex, I think that if I were to have another one, that I would keep it a surprise although it would kill me to do so. My son was a surprise and we found out for my daughter.

    I say, do what is the most comfortable for you and your family. That is the great thing about life in this day and age - you have choices. I am truly excited for you Steph and look forward to reading more about this new adventure you are embarking on.


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