April 22, 2008


It's earth day! And I hope everyone is thinking about at least one way you can be kind to our earth today, and continue it for tomorrow. I still take my own bags to the grocery store- and even the mall, but have unfortunately gotten out of the habit of using our fun & funky cloth napkins on an everyday basis. So, we've started that up again!

I will be posting over here later today about some green questions I asked while I was at Disney.

I also plan to be away from this computer and outside today. Maybe give another try at the park and definitely will be doing some weeding around my lilacs and dogwood bush!

Sign up for quick & hip daily green tips at Ideal Bite. Enter Arianne's Earth Day giveaway. See what Mama Speaks has to say about living simply. And get green! And get outside!


  1. Cloth napkins....what an idea...never even thought about it.

    My kids use napkins like crazy.

    Thanks for reminding us how simple it is to go green!

  2. Yay earth day! Hope your park attempt goes well. We're going to brave it as well.

    My green post is up too.

  3. Do you ever have problems at the mall? I've been to stores & they get all funny. Some have even made me take there bag, saying it was a security risk. So annoying!

  4. Those string bags are so cute and they look like they expand to carry a bunch of stuff. I have ugly ones that I got from the grocery store. Maybe when they rip I'll get the string ones.

    Oh, and cloth napkins?! Everyday? You're like a green Martha. Very ispiring.

  5. I take my own bags to the store too, but I would need an awful lot of cloth napkins! We are very messy in this house. It is a beautiful day! Have fun at the park. It's also national turn-off-the-tv week. Less energy used, does that count?

  6. happy earth day! glad to see you had a nice time at the park. :)

    hope you'll check out my earth-mother's day giveaway fulls of lots of eco-friendly schwag for moms. :)


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