April 1, 2008

Call Me Miss Posty

I've got a new post up at the Chicago Moms Blog, "I Can't Turn Down The Volume"

I've got a new post up at Close To Home, "It's A Matter Of Fact

And I've got a new post up at And She Knits, "One Big Ball"


  1. I'm in awe of how much time and energy you have to blog while preggers and being the Mommy of 3 boys. Hats off to you little lady.

    :-) Nell

  2. I bow to you, oh Queen of Posting!


  3. I have days like that, where everything seems SO loud. When that happens at school in the morning with my 15 PreK students, I'm done for the day. I think that's all I say sometimes, "Use walking feet, please." "Turn your volume down to your inside voice" (said with a hand signal- turning a knob on your head!)
    My family is not much better. Last night Phil, and all 3 girls, got in a tickling/sparring/running fight. What's that, well he chases them around the house, they pretend to fight each other, and then up rolling on the floor tickling each other. Sounds like afun family moment? Not so much. They do this while squealing that high pitched scream.
    I guess it's not just preschoolers, and boys who have noise issues.

  4. You're a busy lady, Miss Posty! :)

  5. you must be amazingly efficient, focused + self disciplined to do all this post + go to conferences + take care of all your children + be pregnant + all the things you do.

    i'm swamped with just 1 child.
    we spent the afternoon at a park + then the library, then making dinner + now it's bath time


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