April 15, 2008

Bloggers Falling Over Dead

Thanks to Will Blog For Shoes for the link to this article. I wrote a bit about it- check it out over at the Chicago Moms Blog.


  1. I'm so happy for you getting the iPhone, I'm still dreaming :)
    Thanks for the comment in my blog, you are such an amazing friend. But when life gives you lemons, what else a girl is gotta do than make lemonade, right?

    Sooo.. I started a lemonade meme - consider yourself tagged http://skimbaco.blogspot.com/2008/04/lemonade-meme.html

  2. The Iphones are way to cool! Unfortunately not in my network. Thanks for the chuckle your post at Chicago mom's brought.

  3. I just upgraded to a Razr... out of necessity. My old phone (only the 2nd I've had in 9 years) was dying.

    I didn't even get the whole internet/network package... I just don't want to be that connected.

    Now HH... he got the Blackjack 2 & I have to tell you it's pretty snazzy. It's no iPhone, though! :-)

  4. Uhoh, you've gone to the dark side.

    I'm still using my crappy plain ol' flip phone with a squeaky hinge. My brother gave me a Chocolate he had lying around and someday I'll get to the Verizon store to get it switched over. LOL

    I'm not sure I'm brave enough for a smart phone- don't want a phone that's brainier than me. :p

  5. So are you addicted to texting yet? I totally thought I wouldn't want to do it, but it is actually a great way to send a message to my husband at work without really bugging him or interrupting a meeting, so now I do it all the time for anyone I know working office jobs.

  6. Oh, interesting. i really didn't know that blogging was so stressful! Scary.


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