April 7, 2008


Babywearing has a lot to do with why I even started blogging (well, uh, it's the name of my blog.) But really- when I was expecting Gray a few years ago, I already knew I'd be an extended breastfeeder and co-sleeper, but I had never "worn" my babies. I had a sling before he was born and couldn't wait to wear him. I can not wait to wear this next baby, keeping him or her close to me.

Just a few weeks ago I
started the babywearing bloggers blogroll and already we have almost 70 bloggers signed up... that's a lot of babywearing! I love it!

Attachment Parenting International (API), a non-profit organization that promotes parenting practices that create strong, healthy emotional bonds between children and their parents, has several exciting changes they would like to announce, including:

-A newly redesigned web site and new logo at AttachmentParenting.org
-Attachment parenting worldwide forums

-Parent Education Program
- a comprehensive series of classes for every stage and age of child development from infancy through adulthood -A new book based on API's Eight Principles of Attachment Parenting by API co-founders Lysa Parker and Barbara Nicholson which is expected to be available this summer
-A series of podcasts, webinars, chats, and forums with API Advisory Board members and other supporters of AP. Future events are scheduled with Dr. Bob Sears, Dr. James McKenna, and Kathleen Kendall Tacket.

Check out the events page
for more information as these are just a few of many exciting things going on at API!

Join the Babywearing Bloggers blogroll here.

*This photo submitted in the May Babywearing Photo Contest at the Baby Sling Blog.
In honor of May being Mother’s Day month, they want to see your babywearing photos that show your special connection.


  1. LOVE this sweet pict of you and your cherub...adorable!! I have no babies "to wear" but just had to say what a great idea! Have a blessed day, Steph! :)

  2. I really feel that as a mother who had problems with post-partum depression, babywearing SAVED my relationship with my babies.
    Lovely, lovely picture.

  3. I didn't wrap much with Ella, I found it completely intimidating but I wrap all the time with Gabriel and I can't believe how much longer I can comfortably carry him! I am *dying* for a Gypsy Mama Baby Bali Stretch... darn budget.

    I hope you wrap a lot with baby number 4!

  4. I always wondered how often you have to wear your baby in order to be considered a baby wearer. I wore my third child all the time. It was the only way I could get things done. But, unfortunately, I didn't have this blogging community to inform me on all of the right slings there are, and the sling I had was rotten. I couldn't wear him anymore after he got to be around 16 pounds. I just kept getting headaches if I would wear him more than half an hour at a time. I wish I would have had your blog then. But if I have another baby (hopefully) then I will definitely look to you for advice. So you can add me to your blogroll of babywearing mommas if that counts. ;)

  5. OOh, so I've been checking out some of your blog now that I found you from Suburban Diva... I wrote an article and a quiz for babyzone.com on Attachment Parenting and before I did that, I knew nothing on AP--I sooo wish I knew about it when I had my babies--I think it's an AWESOME WAY to raise babies!

    Here are the links if you wanna check 'em out...



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