March 27, 2008

Things On This Here Internet

The other night our microwave stopped working and then I saw this message come through from Freecycle (I was ready to pounce on it until I got to the second sentence.)

We have a black and chrome Emerson microwave that works great, and is
only 2 years old... but has an unusual problem.
It was previously used in an apartment in Chicago that unfortunately
had a roach problem. Once the exterminators took care of the situation,
they were happy. But it was found that under the face plate of the
microwave (where you punch in the numbers), bugs had crawled in, and died.
I know this is gross, and we were just going to pitch it, but the
microwave works great!
Maybe someone can figure out how to get the face plate off, and empty
the dead carcasses?? If you want to try, it's all yours. Otherwise, its
going out to the garbage.

I'll pass. And, ew.

I'm still figuring this Twitter thing out. Here's a sampling of what I have posted on Twitter for real:

"I am realizing, day 2 of Twitter, that oh my gosh you miss a lot when you go to bed at 9 pm."

"just found a hairy carrot on the stairs. niiice."

"chocolate skittles...really? not so sure."

"Right now I am the best Mom ever, according to Noah, because I am really good at putting Lego arms back on."

So there you have it, my exciting up-to-dates. Follow me here.


  1. Oh my word, no thanks to the removing of roach carcasses.

    What the heck is twitter? I've got to find some time to check this out.

  2. Ewwww... that is really gross, but I guess you never know someone might want it.

  3. Ok, you can stop sharing this gross stuff now!! ewwww!

  4. Haha, you had me laughing out loud about the bugs and the hair covered carrot! Hey, and don't underestimate the importance of putting lego arms back on....what fun days us moms have!:) :)

  5. Did she really have to add the word "carcasses?" That just put it at a whole new level.

    And yes, a LOT goes on after 9 PM on Twitter! I find myself going to sleep thinking, "OK, what am I missing?" Haha!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  6. Thank goodness the person disclosed the roach issue---could you imagine if they hadn't? Crunch, crunch, ewwwww....

  7. Twitter?

    Freecycle cracks me up, but gross, just throw the microwave out people!

  8. The things that people will put on Freecycle just KILL me.

  9. Ummm no!
    "Gose!" (That's what the Wog would say!

    I'm too boring for Twitter.

  10. Ew! I think bringing this microwave into my home would cause me nightmares!


  11. That is just wrong!

  12. ew, ew, EWWWWWWW. freecyclers bug me sometimes. (ha! no pun intended there.) ;)

  13. Oh that is just so disgusting!! I've still got the heebie-jeebies!!

  14. I'm all for less waste and reusing, but man, that is tooooo far...

  15. I am so glad I just finished my lunch before reading this....EWWWW...UKKKK....Glad you passed that up! Let's see, Jeff's birthday is coming up...would he want a microwave?

    That is just NASTEH!!!
    Our microwave started sparking one night, about 2 months ago. I screamed at Hubs while it was doing it (& I was dashing as far away as possibly, dragging Starlet). What did my hero do? Leaned down right in front of it to look in!!!!!!!!!! Uhhh... hello???
    But thankfully, God provides & our neighbors just happened to be getting rid of an almost new fancy schmancy one & they gave it to us!
    PS I'm AMAZED someone posted that on FC!!!

  17. That is HILARIOUS and gross!! I'm just not into the whole twitter thing. Or facebook. It's all just too much! I can barely keep up with blogs!

  18. I've seen a couple of crazy things on Freecycle, but none this bad - that's just disgusting! :p

  19. That is the most disgusting thing ever!! Surely someone was joking!

  20. Just an FYI I am now following you on twitter. I am a longtime reader of your blog and a fellow mommy blogger. You can follow me on twitter at

  21. Oh how funny/gross! lol And twitter is becoming more interesting now that I'm following Mommy bloggers :)


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