March 6, 2008

Nice Kitty

This Mama Cat is speaking her fierce meow over here today.


  1. Very good! And you'll laugh....I thought you were blogging about CHRISTIAN winning Project Runway. HA! So fierce!


    PS Good grief, did I spoil the surprise to anyone??????

  2. Hi, just stopping by to say hi! :)
    I'm inviting you to list your blog on the free mom blog directory, enter in fab mom and baby contests! Over at Hip Mama's Place. you! :)

  3. My Wog had another seizure back in January. It was just another one brought one brought on by a fever spike, fortunately. I was so surprised to have my pediatrician tell me that when he first started practicing, 30 years ago, once a child had his second seizure, they automatically put him/her on anti-seizure medication. Can you imagine how many perfectly healthy children were unnecessarily put on that stuff??

    We still have a long way to go, but that showed me just how far things have come.

  4. I just read in the paper this morning that a federal agency found that vaccinations had affected an underlying physical condition that resulted in autistic symptoms and awarded the family damages.


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