March 7, 2008

Confession Time

I've made a bit of an announcement over here today.


  1. We weighed all of our options for a while too before coming up with a decision. Happy Birthing! ; )

  2. Love that post. I agree, I think the key is to be informed - to understand the choices and options. When becoming educated about one's own birth process becomes the norm I think things will really start to change for the better.

  3. Delurking...

    Cool post. :) It's nice to hear a "natural" mommy saying good things about a hospital birth. I agree with Beth above, that "they key is to be informed."

    I had a wonderful experience in the hospital. Of course, my father in law is an OB/GYN, so that may have helped!

    Thanks, though, for showing it doesn't have to be all one way or nothing. Perhaps we should try to have our births be as comfortable and meaningful as per our own wishes!

    Again, great post. :)

    Back to lurking...

  4. Ugh, I totally agree. I also know what you mean about some people in some circles being disappointed in your decision (YOUR decision) to birth where you think best, even if that means the hospital. I feel some guilt for weaning Clark at 14 months (this is day three) even though I know it's the best thing given my situation. Other people would think it was stupid to nurse past a year at all. Blah blah. You know how it goes. Fortunately my local friends are all super laid back and supportive about everything. :) I too discovered that it is actually cheaper for me to have a hospital birth with an OB than to use a midwife. I AM hiring a doula this time. Actually, a team of two doulas is coming over on Tuesday night to talk with us, and I'm really hoping we click.

  5. As long as you and your husband are happy and peaceful about your decision, that's all that really matters! :)

    I did want to say, though, that in Florida insurance companies are required to cover homebirths - even though they may say they don't, they must. I don't know if it's the same in your area, but it's worth looking into if you're still considering it.

    Hooray for babies! :)

  6. It is all about you and what is best fro you.

    Do you have a midwife or doula in the hospital??

    I had midwives with both of mine and I loved them dearly!

    I have been thinking about becoming a midwife or doula.

  7. Hospital birth can be just as empowering and special as home birth or birth center birth. I think it is more important for women to understand the physical process of labor and be able to make educated choices about what is best for them and their babies with the guidance of their medical practitioner. I only feel sad for the women who seem to embrace being helpless and ignorant and rely wholly on their doctor to manage them.

    I had two hospital deliveries augmented with pitocin (both babies were posterior presentation) and because I went through Bradley and learned so much I felt prepared and confident to make the choices I made for my labors.

    I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery!

  8. TOTALLY agree! I made sure I was SUPER informed about my situation with this last pregnancy. I wasn't at all researched with Bubbie and I paid greatly for it during the recovery. Not again! Congrats on coming to a decision and CAN'T wait to see this little babe in Sept! Your boys are too cute!

  9. Great post, Steph. I agree that the key is being informed and knowing what you do/don't want going into the birth (in whatever setting you choose); I'm in the process now of reading and developing my final birth plan. Whatever the choice is it has to be one that works for you, your family, and will get baby here safely and effectively. Best wishes in birth no matter what your final decision!

  10. I'm glad you got this post out in the open. :) I'm sure it's a load off.

    I can imagine the fear that different camps won't be supportive, but I have to wonder if that *actually* happens, or if it's just our fear that people won't accept our decisions? I'm interested to know if you've received any negative feedback.

    I think that just because people feel strongly about a certain way of doing things does not mean that they will be judgmental of those that don't do things that way. I'm sure it's happened, but hopefully you know what I mean.

  11. I commented over there ;) But I wanted to say again how happy I am for you and that I wish you the very best in the remainder of your pregnancy and beyond.

  12. I think it is a great decision! I had a midwife with my first, by coincidence. She was on call for my doctor. I LOVED it! It was in the hospital, but the care was wonderful!


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