March 31, 2008

For Kicks

Mark yesterday down in history as the first official day I felt baby number four kick inside my belly! Kicks I love. Hiccups are another story.

March 30, 2008

From The Tongue To The Lips

It seems to be my yearly thing to post the following, so I'm just doing my duty, mostly as a reminder for myself.

Dear Lord,

Thou knowest better than I myself that I am growing older and will someday be old. Keep me from the fatal habit of thinking I must say something on every subject and on every occasion. Release me from craving to straighten out everybody's affairs. Make me thoughtful but not moody, helpful but not bossy. With my vast store of wisdom it seems a pity not to use it all, but Thou knowest, Lord, that I must have a few friends at the end.

-Ruth Bell Graham

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March 28, 2008

These Mamas Will Rock You Out

We had another Mom's night last night but this time it was at Ashlee's awesome pad complete with delicious food and Rock Band on xBox.

It was snowing and thundering & lightning outside while we were bringing down the house with our mad music skillz. You probably won't ever want me on drums or guitar in your band, but I still had too much fun all the while. Jen is seen here tolerating my crazy guitar moves while Jaymi looks on in wonderment.

Also there but not pictured (which maybe I should take a cue from them next time) are: Robin, Arianne, Jen, & Ashlee.

I can do pretty well on vocals (100% on My Sharona!) so I'll be your lead singa if you like.

Also, if you want to stop on by, I have a new post up at Close To Home (bear with it- WordPress has been acting up all day.)

It's A Winner

I tried on the dress this morning and it's so soft & comfy I decided to just keep it on, if anything to spite the SNOW outside. It's spring in my mind.

And when Carter saw me he said, "My, you look so pretty!"

March 27, 2008

Lovely People On This Here Internet

The blogging world has been nothing but friendly to me and I hope to meet you all...

Today I received the nicest wrapped package from Old Navy with this dress and this note:

Here's a summer dress for that sweet baby bump you're soon to have! Congrats on your joy. Nell

How sweet is she?! If you could only feel this dress- it is soooo soft and those colors are so me. And oh how she must know me to send me a dress!! Perfect for my Disney trip!

Nell and I have never met in person, but I have a feeling we'll make it happen someday!

Things On This Here Internet

The other night our microwave stopped working and then I saw this message come through from Freecycle (I was ready to pounce on it until I got to the second sentence.)

We have a black and chrome Emerson microwave that works great, and is
only 2 years old... but has an unusual problem.
It was previously used in an apartment in Chicago that unfortunately
had a roach problem. Once the exterminators took care of the situation,
they were happy. But it was found that under the face plate of the
microwave (where you punch in the numbers), bugs had crawled in, and died.
I know this is gross, and we were just going to pitch it, but the
microwave works great!
Maybe someone can figure out how to get the face plate off, and empty
the dead carcasses?? If you want to try, it's all yours. Otherwise, its
going out to the garbage.

I'll pass. And, ew.

I'm still figuring this Twitter thing out. Here's a sampling of what I have posted on Twitter for real:

"I am realizing, day 2 of Twitter, that oh my gosh you miss a lot when you go to bed at 9 pm."

"just found a hairy carrot on the stairs. niiice."

"chocolate skittles...really? not so sure."

"Right now I am the best Mom ever, according to Noah, because I am really good at putting Lego arms back on."

So there you have it, my exciting up-to-dates. Follow me here.

March 26, 2008

Spring Breakin' My Back

I'm tired.

Spring break is definitely no break for me. Here you get the real deal- no makeup, no smoke & mirrors. No belly shot needed- you can see the 3 months of pregnancy in my eyes.

Raw beauty, people.

I know some might be curious about this gorgeous carrier, but you'll just have to stay tuned to Mama Speaks to see just what it is... I'll give you a hint that it can be found by browsing the Shop Babywearing section in my sidebar.

(Win it now here!)

Join in the spring break babywearing photo tag at Peppermint's Baby Sling blog.

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March 25, 2008

Mommybar... not that kind of bar

Here's something else bloggy & techy for you. The inventors of the new Mommybar, a toolbar download that keeps Moms connected and in-the-know, emailed to let me know they've listed my blog in their Mom Blogs links.

Check it out when you get the chance- it's super-easy to get started and hooked up to the best Mom blogs, shopping, coupons, & more!

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All About The Babywearing

The International Babywearing Conference will celebrate it's 2nd year this summer in Chicago!

Join us June 25-28 at DePaul University in Chicago. (I plan to be there!)

Now is the time to register! Conference tickets are $99 (and dorm rooms $95 a night) until April 1. Prices after April 1 are $125 per ticket; $120 a night per dorm room.

Bonus!! You can always get 50% off the ticket (not including room and board) by volunteering for 5 hours over the course of the conference.

And, if you just sign up for the mailing list before April 1 you can win a free T-shirt!

I think the workshops I'm looking forward to most at the conference would definitely be the "Wrapping I and II" sessions, "Intro to Cloth Diapers", and of course "Babywearing In Style!" And "Babywearing On A Budget" sounds like something I'd love to share with all of you, too!

This event is full of amazing babywearing information- for beginners to the professional baby carrier designer! If you're going to be there, please let me know so we can meet up!

Grab a banner and spread the word!

Join the Babywearing Bloggers blogroll here.

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March 24, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Thanks to the birthday girl Arianne for introducing my blog to her Twittering friend Guy Kawasaki, one of the creators of the new

And no- I don't Twitter yet. I don't know that you really would find what I'm doing at any given moment all that exciting. I hesitate to post some of the things I even write here on my blog because- yawn- really? You really want to know?

I only imagine that my Twitter box (is that even what you call it? A Twitter box?) would look something like: Gotta go wipe a bum! or (you'd see this one a lot) Stephanie wishes she were sleeping. or Score! Gift bags on clearance at Target! You know, something like that.

But I might be missing out. If I had been on Twitter earlier I would have known before everyone else that Ashlee had been nesting over at a new fabulous blog!

Anyway, back to this thing. If you don't already check it out all the time but love to read blogs and such, then get over there (right after you read this post and comment and then Twitter your friends about it of course). Three fantastic friends have sorted collections of sites by topic and then they display the latest five stories from each one all on one page. So, like, the Moms section, for example, is my favorite. That's where you'll find me. And Arianne's blog To Think Is To Create will be in a new category of bloggers called "Life" -blogs that aren't just about one thing.

And wouldn't you know... while composing this message and linking to Twitter... I joined.

March 23, 2008

Not The Easter Picture I'd Planned

It's not that we think dyeing eggs or candy-filled Easter baskets are wrong. It just isn't a tradition we've really done with our boys. Maybe we will next year or someday if the mood strikes us. But today they don't know any different, and I saved money and sanity- no Easter grass to haunt me for the next two months. Or eternity.

So, we didn't dress up for Easter after all. No church for us today as we're all getting over coughs and colds. But big plans for next Sunday. We'll be dressed to the nines.

It's spring break and I'm looking forward to doing (drum roll, please) ... nothing. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

I Spoke With Him This Morning

March 22, 2008

Some Things

My new shoes

I drink it iced, just once in a while A favorite photo

March 21, 2008

Could It Be Updated?

Moms Night Out last night?

And two important birthdays?

Oh my!

Updated... Oh my is right! You all are just looking to read into too much here! If you're confused by the picture and what I said above, just c
lick on the link highlighted in green up there and it should hopefully make sense!

Also, Arianne has made the big move to a grand new blog. Please update your links and check out the all new To Think Is To Create!

Babywearing Tip Of The Week: Your Stories

My friend Jess at Tangential Thoughts recently wrote a great post on her babywearing experiences.

She writes:
I love to babywear because it is very practical, frees up the parents' hands and allows them to go about their daily life while giving the baby a safe place to cuddle, nurse or nap. With Ella I used my pouch slings and my Mei Tai the most. This time around I am planning on wrapping more just because it is the most comfortable way that I've tried to carry a baby, especially once they are heavier and with a wrap you can wear the baby in countless ways- on your back, your hip, on your front. And then there are variations on all the ways you can wrap the baby in those positions.

Funny enough, yesterday the kids and I met Bob at the Cracker Barrel for dinner because he had class and that would be his only time to quickly see the kids. I wore Gabriel in my Hotsling and I had at least five people come up to me asking me what he was in. My waitress was excited to see one in person since she had just seen an E! special about hot trends with celebrities and baby carriers were on the countdown. I had no idea that I was fashion forward for once!

Read more here to learn about the many carriers Jess owns and what she'd like to wear her baby in next!

Join the Babywearing Bloggers blogroll.

March 20, 2008

I Had It First

I am increasingly becoming anxious to hear of any more celebrity Mamas having their babies before me. I cringe before hearing the new babies' names, praying that they haven't chosen a name I was considering.

Because I think we actually might have some good candidates for a boy and girl. And if someone steals it or announces they named their baby the very name that I think is the identity of the life inside me right now... I'd be so bummed. Um, that's an understatement.

The likelihood of getting both the first and middle names we have picked out is rare, but in Hollywood, I might not be surprised. And then you have all the Mommy Bloggers... and their bump watch. And what if they pick my name?

So of course I'm not telling here.
Or anywhere. Or anyone. Not until this little one makes his or her appearance. At least that's my plan for now. I'll explain why later.

Here's my Pinks & Blues Blogger Bump Watch photo (thought I'd have a little fun with it)... 14 weeks today!

Mommy Blogger Stephanie from Adventures In Babywearing is caught out for a stroll with 2-year-old son Grayson today- her baby bump making a little bit of an appearance already- she is due sometime this September. She and husband Jeff have three boys and aren't sure the sex of the baby yet. They are keeping mum on the name. Her stroller is the new Phil & Ted's Vibe from Tots On The Go, a prized possession thanks to Pinks & Blues and mod*mom. Stephanie is wearing Gap Maternity V-neck T and Old Navy Maternity low-rise stretch roll-up pants

See more of my belly shots here.

March 19, 2008

And Then My Buttons Burst

Noah had his first school choir concert the other night and a note had come home that the children should dress nice.

On the morning of the concert, I reminded Noah that he'd need to wear something nice that night and, since he is quite the casual little boy, (not like you can tell, with his hair and all) I was prepared for him to protest.

To my big surprise, he said he wanted to wear a suit.

A suit?! You don't have a suit. I don't think any of the other kids will be in a suit.

But I want to wear a suit! And I want to wear it to church, too.

I had just been telling friends that this would be our first un-dressy Easter since our new church is so casual.

And now Noah wants to wear a suit.

So, off to
school Noah went and off to find a suit I went.

And I was beaming when I found the perfect one in his size.

And I guess we'll be dressing up for Easter this year after all.

March 18, 2008

March 17, 2008

Things I'd Like To See Sneak Into My Suitcase

Ah, thanks to Design Mom, I've discovered Polyvore. And so here's some things that very well could be seen on my growing pregnant body and some things that I'll just have to keep on dreaming about...

I'll warn you now that you might want to set a limit for yourself if you want to create your own-
it can be addicting!

Calling All Babywearing Bloggers!

As I've been trying to make my way around blogs, thanks to the big party thrown by 5 Minutes For Mom, I was noticing so many blogging babywearers!

I thought it would be fun to have a blogroll just for us. So, Drea whipped up the cutest button in no time and we started a Babywearing Bloggers blogroll!

If you'd like to add your blog to the blogroll, just go here for the code and then be sure to email me or leave me a comment somewhere to let me know!

March 15, 2008

I've Been To The Land, Not The World

To clear mousey things up, I have been to Disneyland in California, one day in 2006. It was magical. I haven't been to Disney World. Not even to Florida.

I am seriously going to make an effort to not write every other post about my upcoming trip. It's just all I think about right now and I don't know what to do.

I wish I could start packing now. What can I even take on the plane? Will I have to use the hotel shampoo (and I bet it's a good kind) and should I just buy a toothbrush when I get there?

I want to set my alarm right now, one month in advance, so that I don't miss my bus to the airport.

I think I might know a couple more people that could be going and this makes me even more excited.

I find myself praying about how this opportunity can be used to glorify God. This makes me appreciate having a month still to prepare.

I never would have imagined going to Disney World without the kids, but since the only time I've been to a Disney place was with a 3 month old baby and hubby took the boys on all the rides, and we were only there one day, I am really looking forward to not pushing a stroller, not having to bypass all the princesses- only acknowledging Buzz Lightyear or pirates- and not having to order anything to do with a kids meal.

And maybe this time I'll get Mickey ears for myself. I'll even get my name embroidered. Yeah.

March 14, 2008

Apparently I've Been Missing Out

I crave cool fruity things. Tonight my tummy wasn't liking food, so I decided maybe a Tangerine Juice Blend from Starbucks would feel nice. I was sad to see they didn't make them
anymore, but the barista suggested a frozen strawberry lemonade. Well, lemonade is like my favorite thing right now. This would be good. They couldn't believe I'd never heard of it before. Believe me I would have been ordering this all along.

And I am thankful I didn't miss out on the Freecycle post for a "tin of old buttons"- um, this tin is 38
inches round and full of buttons! I am most excited about the ladybugs and toggle buttons. Can't wait to work them into my knitting.

And thanks to Arianne, I can't stop putting my face in the hole... it's too fun, I tell you! Don't miss out!


March 13, 2008

I'm Looking Forward To The Bus Ride Alone.

I've never been to Disney World.

I've never even been to Florida.

But next month, because someone at Disney cares about what I think as a "Mommy Blogger", I will be making my first trip down there.

A by-myself, no-kids, 3-day get away.

Oh, and it's completely on them. The fine, fine, fine folks at Disney!

I'll get to meet my blogging buddy Musings Of A Housewife finally for the first time. She asked if they could put us in the same room. And they said No!


What ever will we do with ourselves?

I am excited about the plane ride. I am excited about staying at the Walt Disney World Beach Club Resort. I am giddy about taking the short bus trip alone to the airport!!!

I am worried I won't want to come home.

Photo is of Gray, age 6 months, April 2006. : )

Little Perspective

When Gray wants you to give him a high five, he raises his hand and says "high five minutes!"

You think he hears "in 5 minutes" a bit too much around here?

I went to a concert last night. I ended up feeling a little, let's say, old. I wrote about it over at Chicago Moms.

March 12, 2008

Heart Beat

We heard the heartbeat for the first time yesterday. I am just about 13 weeks along and the little life inside me, a little bigger than a lime, has a heartbeat. It was so nice to hear.

If you are the kind that likes to know, it was 165.

I wasn't even going to take a pic of the belly since I really thought it still hadn't even slightly popped out, but when I took this just now, I was surprised to see there is something there!

March 10, 2008

I Only Kid

Of course you know I'm joking when I get a bit real over at Close To Home today. And I also have a feeling some of you might be able to relate... (I hope?)

March 9, 2008

I Want My Hour Back

Daylight savings came early this year! Although I don't feel like I got to save anything except a little bit more baggage under my eyes. Why must the hour be taken away when we are SLEEPING? How about during the day, oh please I'd love to have a shorter day! But night, oh, I need all the hours of sleep I can get right now.

I am not totally sure how it works- which of you had to lose an hour last night or where the cut off in the US is or anything, and I am sure a quick google search would clear that right up, but I am too tired to even do that. Maybe if I had an extra minute of those 60 lost.

But, take heart! This now means we'll have an extra hour of daylight. I do know that much. And we'll have the feeling that spring is coming sooner, so that can't be all that bad (except for the fact that it is was snowing like a blizzard here last night.) That just doesn't scream spring to me, no matter how many hours you take away. But please- don't take any more. I'll make do for now. Carry on.

March 7, 2008

Confession Time

I've made a bit of an announcement over here today.

March 6, 2008

Party Party

It's party time again over at 5 Minutes For Mom! Last year's was a huge success and I can only imagine that the Ultimate Blog Party of '08 will be bigger and better.

The party is officially UP!

So, come on in!

I'm Stephanie, and I write about my Adventures In Babywearing among many other things. I don't wear my youngest at all anymore (unless you count the fact that he is constantly climbing on me), but I am carrying around a little bean in my belly (see the little floating baby to the right) due this September. I am 12 weeks along now and still have no belly to show off!

I have three boys- Noah, Carter, & Grayson- and we're still not sure if we're going to find out early or be surprised with this one!

Oh, and baby names! We have no names picked out. Be a doll and leave your suggestions in the comments!

There's a giveaway going on at my blog here until next Monday March 17, too!

I am a freelance writer for NWIparent Magazine and also write the blog Close To Home for the NWIparent website.

I love to knit and so of course have a knitting blog, too. Oh, and if you are on Ravelry, look me up! I'm BabywearKnittery. I review products now and then at the totally awesome Mama Speaks (be sure to bookmark it as we always talk about the latest of everything and have something to win almost every day!) And I am also a contributor at the Chicago Moms Blog. (And I am making a confession there today about my birth plans.)

Yeah, I know. I must like to blog.

I am trying to think of a fun party game to play, but am not that creative at the moment. So, if you have any odd or fun questions for me, ask away and I'll try to answer them all during this party week!

Enjoy the parties! And don't forget to leave your baby name suggestions!

Back to Adventures In Babywearing.

I'd love to win any of the fabulous prizes at 5 Minutes For Mom's party! Here's my top 5 faves:

-The Bead Dangle Photo Tile Necklace from Elemental Memories
-Gray would be in love with the Black and White Rocking Horse from A Rocking Horse To Love!
-$50 Gift Certificate to Magical Wonders
-12x12 Custom Wall Canvas from JuJu Beane Boutique
-Moby Wrap from Christine at From Dates To Diapers...and beyond!

Nice Kitty

This Mama Cat is speaking her fierce meow over here today.

March 5, 2008

Dog Catcher Apples

I went to the grocery store yesterday! I'm really branching out. I even took Gray, which was even more brave of me as normally I will only go to the store when hubby is home to stay with the kids.

But, I was feeling up for it and off we went.
While I was bagging some apples (Pink Lady apples to be exact) Gray noticed the Red Delicious apples bagged in a net nearby.

Mommy why apples caught in dog catcher's net?

A lady next to us looked up and laughed.

I explained to him that sometimes apples come in bags and sometimes you can put them in your own. It seemed to satisfy. And I think I want to take him to the store with me all the time now.

March 4, 2008

Babywearing Tip Of The Week: Easy Wrapping!

I just had to let you know about a new carrier that takes the fear out of anyone afraid of wraps. See my review here at Mama Speaks!

See more Babywearing Tips of the Week here.

March 3, 2008

I Left The House

I finally left the house this past weekend.

For weeks now- maybe 5 or more- I've been so very sick as you know. Not able to leave my comfy bed, hot bath, & pjs. Then Thursday morning, the day I officially started my 11th week of pregnancy, the sun was shining and the sickness had lifted. I was feeling almost like myself again. And it was good.

I was able to get out for a bit by myself on Saturday and spent over an hour at Target- checking out all the things I've missed since I've been holed up in my house. And yesterday we all went to church as a family, which means I showered, put on makeup, and wore these shoes finally for the first time since I got them for my birthday back in early January!

On the way to church I asked my hubby if gas prices have been this high for long now and he said oh yeah. And he remarked that I have been sequestered for a while now. It was so good to be up and moving about again.

Today the sun is not out. It's very rainy. But I still feel like I'm over it. I'm so much better than I had been before. And this is very good.