February 29, 2008

What Are You Into This Month?

This Month (a very long February despite having the fewest days- what's up with that?)...

The Thing I've Been Working On The Most: Getting better. This has to be one of the roughest months physically for me- ever. February 1st started with me in the hospital. I just entered my 11th week of pregnancy and things seem to be much much better. And look- February has now come to an end!

TV Show I Used To Love But Now Hate And Refuse To Ever Watch Again: Lost. Need I say more?

TV Show I Sometimes Hate But Really Like This Year: American Idol. Get me past the auditions and then I'll watch.

The CD I Can't Stop Listening To: Jack Johnson's Sleep Through The Static (so many thanks to my friend Jen that brought it by to cheer me up.) I love this song. And how can you not love everything Jack Johnson is about?

My Favorite Blog Entry This Month: Just Make Mine Designer, At A Really Fabulous Price

Blog I Am Always Visiting: My friend Arianne at To Think, Is To Create has a great post and photo every day.

What I'm Most Looking Forward To Next Month: Ah, March. I feel like March has so many possibilities. I am looking forward to entering my second trimester in just a couple weeks! I am looking forward to hearing birds outside my window. I am looking forward to opening my windows and letting in the early spring air. Walks. Sunlight. No more snow. March please come in like a lamb and go out like a lamb. : )

Feel free to share what you're into, too...


  1. I loooove Jack Johnson! And I have to admit, I love Lost too. But I totally understand the love-hate thing there!! Glad you're starting to feel better!!!

  2. I am so glad that you are doing better. Life is good, and babies are good! :) Take care of yourself and try and get plenty of rest!

  3. Ok, now my husband is hooked on Jack Johnson. I think I might do one of these today. I'm looking forward to you getting better, so I can see you!!

  4. Oh, I pray for a better month for you too!

    And I joined in and commented on American Idol. The show is becoming boring -- to me at least!


  5. gretchen from lifenutMarch 01, 2008 10:32 AM


    Lost is better than ever! This past week's had me weeping, literally. It was that good.

    Here's to March! Yay. So glad to kick February to the curb.

  6. I love Jack Johnson. Upside Down is my current favorite, but currently, I watch Curious George about ten times a day (when Cameron's here). LOL

    You're about to enter the best part of pregnancy, the middle trimester. I'm so glad you're finally feeling better.

    If it weren't for American Idol, I'm not sure our TV would ever get turned off because just about everything else on TV these days turns me off.

  7. I am surprised to read your "Lost" comment. I actually think this season may be the best season yet. Last night's episode was especially good...

  8. I am finding that Lost is getting interesting again. I think the writers may be familiar with quantum physics and incorporating some of it in the story line. The last episode was thought provoking. In Colorado March has indeed come in like a lamb - temp in the 70's and plenty of sunshine, but wait until tomorrow - snow possible. We tell ourselves "it is a privilege to live in Colorado" as well as "springtime in the Rockies is highly overrated" while we shovel snow since March & April are our snowiest months.

  9. Lost is actually all sorts of awesome again - but I totally understand not wanting to get sucked into that particular show!

  10. Lost is actually all sorts of awesome again - but I totally understand not wanting to get sucked into that particular show!

  11. Blog hopped and had to finally leave a message (seen you around and hear great things :)

    Congrats on the pregnancy (and getting to that wonderful second trimester!).

    Great site!

  12. I too think you would fall back in love with LOST if you were watching this season. Even though the questions are just as plentiful, the overall direction is a lot clearer (as opposed to the major Alias ridiculousness).

    But watching less TV is almost never a bad thing. :)

  13. i am glad to hear you are feeling better! the second trimester is always the best!

    i LOVE jack johnson too! i have seen him live a few times~ he is wonderful!!

  14. Aw, thanks. :) I pre-ordered the JJ cd, man is he good. So peaceful and makes you feel like floating.

  15. LOL! What happened on Lost!?? I haven't watched yet. (That was a rhetorical question, by the way. Don't you DARE tell me what happened!)

    Love these posts of yours. I'm doing Things I Love Right Now tomorrow.

  16. I decided to play along..

    I, too, and looking forward to spring. :) These Indiana winters seem to be getting longer and longer..


  17. I too love to hear the birds chirping....I heard them this morning actually.
    Glad to know you are feeling better.

  18. I'm still a fan of Lost, I can't help it. I really like Arianne's blog too.

  19. Cracks me up that everyone watches AI after the auditions. We watch only the auditions and then wait until the last two episodes to see who wins.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Thanks for the fun post! I hope you are feeling *much* better in March. I tried to watch "Lost" but they were stuck down in some hole for about 3 episodes straight and I couldn't take it anymore. I love American Idol, though - including the auditions. ;-)


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