February 20, 2008

A Good Ride

I had to move the picture of my no belly down. If you pick up the March issue of Parents magazine, in The Best Family Cars of 2008 you'll see some nice owner feedback by me about my great value of a family car. (I drive in style.)


  1. you go girl! you are well connected, how DO you find time to be so involved helping all of us out and yet raise your babies??

  2. You didn't mention that the Rondo handled the mountain passes with summits over 11,000 ft with ease. Many cars purchased at sea level can't do that without having the carburetor adjusted to get more oxygen. There's a lot less oxygen at altitude. We were impressed with your car.

  3. Good for you!
    I for one love my Odyssey but your car does look much cooler.
    Valpo, eh? I was wondering.
    I grew up in LP.

  4. nice job with getting your voice out there!!! I really hope you are feeling better soon....and start showing that belly off!!!!

  5. yay, it's out! I need some NWIParent's btw. And since I'm too lazy to comment twice I'm loving the no belly pic. We'll be waiting patiently for it to grow, grow, grow.

  6. I saw that! I read your name and told my husband, "Look, honey! I read her!" He wasn't nearly as excited as me.
    Congrats, Steph!

  7. You're everywhere, aren't you? LOL! Maybe I can see your belly in person in early April! I'll be coming to town for a couple days. :-)


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