February 28, 2008

ama, estos para ti

Hi. I'm over here today thanking someone very special.


  1. You are an amazing daughter. It brings me Great Joy to be able to help my family. Thank you for thanking me in this way. I do what most mother's in the same situation would do, I would hope to think. That post is almost as exciting as opening the Coach purse you gave me at Christmas. I had to put a little humor in this...I love you, my precious daughter, who is carrying my precious #5 grandchild, who I can't wait to hold and rock. Hugs and kisses...Mom

  2. What a sweet post. I feel the same way about my Mom. Ever since I've had kids, she has been there for me EVERY time I needed her, and even times when I insisted that I didn't need help. And you know what, she told me the same thing as your mom when I resisted: "I'm your mother; I want to do it. Don't you want to take care of your child?"

    Thank God for Moms!!!

    P.S. Hope you are ALL feeling better!

  3. All I can say is that you are so incredibly lucky. Your mom is awesome :-)

  4. You mom SOOOOO reminds me of my mom. Everytime I read what you write about her and what she writes about you I think of my own relationship with my ma. We are lucky ladies. All of us!!!! xo. Hope you are feeling better soon, love.


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