January 15, 2008

I Just Had The Best Nap Ever

For the first time in a very long time Gray took a nap while Noah & Carter were at school. Because I had such success doing one thing at a time yesterday, I had the perfect opportunity to take a nap myself. Oh, and nap I did. For a long time. It was heavenly. Just had to share.

Something else I'd like to share and encourage you to click click click on over to a few places...

Amy from Crunchy Domestic Goddess is writing away over at BlogHer about how you can help Waterbirth International.

Tanya at the Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog is asking for very precious votes for a much deserving idea.

You can send a vote Beck's way (of Frog And Toad Are Still Friends fame) as she's nominated for Best Family Blog at the Canadian Blog Awards! Vote here!

And lastly, what kind of world do you want? I'll wait while you get some tissues... check out this video passed on to me by Ashlee.

Am I leaving anything out?


  1. I'm so glad you got a great nap. Those times are precious when mommy's are rested.

  2. I love anything to do with water birth. I had planned to ahve my daughter at a water birth center. Tell me how I can help!!

  3. Aw, Steph! Thanks so much!
    I had a terrific nap on the weekend - it's shocking how much better it can make you feel, eh?

  4. I could totally use a nap! I'm so jealous! My 2 yr old no longer takes naps and hubby is away on business for two weeks, so unless I drugup the 2 yr old there will be no napping for this tired mama.

  5. Ohhhh, I just looove a good nap
    :-) priceless, really!

  6. Yeah, that co-nap ;) yesterday was incredible.

    So sweet to post that video...thanks.

  7. You know I had to vote for Beck's blog -- my gluten free mommy blogging friend!!!


  8. Thanks so much for spreading the word about Waterbirth International!


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