January 25, 2008

Babywearing Tip Of The Week: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

When I woke up this morning it was negative 7 degrees!!

How do you wear the baby when it is soooooooo cold out?

Well, a while back I did a review for the Secure2Me Baby Blanket over at Mama Speaks and we still use ours- whether it's while wearing Gray or even just in the car or stroller keeping babe cozy. (Tip- we always bring it in the house so that it doesn't stay in the cold car!)

You gotta dig the Peekaru Fleece Baby Carrier Cover. That will keep you warm!

And the most famous babywearing coat out there is Suse's Kinder Coat. If you do a little googling and are crafty enough, you can find ways to turn a regular coat into a babywearing coat!

Stay warm out there!


  1. Oh that fleece cover is cool! I haven't seen that one. I really could have used that in Chicago a couple weeks ago...I had to wrap my coat around the baby and it didn't go all the way. Very practical!

  2. I wondered if I was still at home or if someone moved me somewhere in the Arctic while I slept.

    I don't like cold and this is way past cold!

    Neat babywear.

  3. I would think babywearing would be perfect in sub zero weather. You and baby would keep each other warm.

  4. This past week we've had between minus 30 and 40 Celsius weather!
    But I was thinking the other day, how on earth would I squeeze the kid into a carrier with all our winter gear.
    Turning a coat into a carrier is a most fabulous idea!

  5. Love that! I have my own future babywearer on my blog a couple of posts ago! My daughter decided she wanted to wear her new stuffed animal and combined scarves to make a sling! Love it!

  6. hey stephanie, you are a knitter~ check it out!

    the (free!) pattern is linked in the post. ours kept us super cozy yesterday at a support midwives rally at our capital building :)

  7. The fleece looks warm for baby, but not so much for mom. I have found that a ring-sling is the easiest carrier to use with winter gear on since it is so adjustable. The MeiTai doesn't feel right and the Ergo doesn't feel as secure buckeled over my coat. I love our BabyLegs too for cold-weather babywearing! A ring-sling and BabyLegs, our winter-wearing favs!

  8. Hey Steph, Check out http://monkeypockets.blogspot.com/
    her covers are great! Oh yeah and congrats on your pregnancy! SO fun!

  9. We prefer the MaM babywearing cover. In red. Mmmred.

  10. Baby Noah and I kept warm and cozy in New York, just before Christmas, with our Moby Wrap. I still had one of my warm winter coats from when I was pregnant with Julia, and it fit around us both quite snug. I also wore a scarf and wrapped it around the back of Noah's neck, too. No matter what you wear the body heat exchange is wonderful!


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