December 20, 2007

What Day Is It?

When I was little, my mom had wrapped our teachers' presents- little boxes of chocolate mints- and placed them under the tree. We came home one night to find that our dachshund Mindy had opened up all the boxes and eaten all the candy. No matter that chocolate is supposed to be bad for dogs- that dog lasted for almost 20 years.

The other morning I noticed Carter had a small bag of sugarplums. A couple weeks ago we had gone to a candy store downtown to get some sugarplums for the boys' teachers and then we always get a little bag for ourselves. The teachers' gifts were already wrapped by the store and placed under our tree. I was a bit surprised that we still had some sugarplums left over when I saw Carter with them, but didn't really think more about it.

Later that day I found Noah snooping under the tree amongst the wrapped candy boxes. My eyes got wide as I realized that maybe he had actually opened one of the boxes of sugarplums meant for his teacher. There was one box missing and he confessed (after he made sure he wouldn't be in trouble for telling the truth.)
I had a flashback to his other candy incident last year. He hid the contraband in Carter's bed. Already planting evidence.

I have all my Christmas shopping complete, but still need to wrap everything. I am kinda glad my laziness has paid off, so that we could have this heart to heart about not opening presents until you're supposed to. I joke about laziness. If only I could be lazy. That would be super.

I woke up today and had no idea what day it was. I really thought it was Friday and so Noah got a full practice spelling test from me before getting on the bus. Then I realized that his test is tomorrow. Well, he'll be all the more ready.

Oh, and I've got a new post up over at Close To Home.



  1. That's ok - reading this just made me remember that I completely forgot to go over Abby's spelling words with her this morning, and her test is today... Sigh.

    And I have not one present wrapped yet. Zero. I probably should get on that soon, huh! :)

  2. I woke up thinking it was Friday too, talk about disappointment, there is one more day left of the work week. ugh.

  3. My husband was feeling icky earlier this week, so I phoned and cancelled The Girl's evening piano lesson... only to learn TWO DAYS LATER that her piano lesson was the next day. Der!

  4. Yeah, this week has been going by really slowly for me, too! Oh, and I have not done one ounce of wrapping yet... I plan on doing it all today! Ahhh!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  5. Well, my kids are out for more tests for the year. As for your candy....I'm giggling.

  6. Oh this gave me a good giggle this morning. Kids will be kids. Gotta love it.......Have a happy holidays Steph.

  7. I'm right there with you on the wrapping.

  8. We had a dog that did the same thing, ate the chocolate under the tree all the time and lived forever.

    I work and can't keep the days straight. I ask your mom ten times a day what is today?

  9. Oh to be lazy, yes. That is why I can so relate to you not minding the kids being home, since it will mean sleeeeep.

    I can't believe he planted the evidence, too funny!

  10. Losing track of time seems to happen a lot this time of year. I hope you are able to slow down in the next few days and maybe even be a little lazy! :)

  11. This post made me laugh! Then reading your incident from last year too.

  12. Thank you for working with your son on school work! I have so many parents that don't or can't and their kids' work shows it!

    Have a great day and wrap those presents!

    What are sugarplums?

  13. Man, I wish I could get away with giving candy to the Teachers here. We get a polite letter from the gradeparent asking parents to give money for a joint gift card for the teacher! Which is a great idea, then they get a huge gift card and not a bunch of trinkets and "Teacher" ornaments, etc... LOL! But last night at Gymnastics I noticed some kids taking the coaches Starbucks Gift Cards and other gifts and I realized that I had completely spaced off getting our coaches anything! DAng it.. Dang it.. I already had 4 other teachers to give to, what's 2 more? he..he..

  14. That is so funny about the sugar plums. Noah is making up for lost time...Bless his heart...And Praise God for his healing. Reading the post about the M&M's brought back memories that we want to erase. Look how far he has come. I know he loves sweets...


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