December 8, 2007

The Other Side Of Christmas

I still stand by my desire for a simpler, less-materialistic Christmas and, well, life for that matter. But an old friend of mine has a different view, and I have to say his version really spoke to me, too.



  1. She had a great post, and it all boils down to the same thing. Celebrate Jesus! To each family, their own. We are all free to celebrate in the best way we prefer, and that's awesome!

  2. She has an interesting perspective but I still think the whole holiday has gotten out of control. I don't think most people are joyfully celebrating the season to honor Jesus Christ, they are doing it to feed their obsession with material goods. If the whole season were actually fun for most people and not stressful due to incurring debts and being overextended then maybe I would be more inclined to agree with her. She reminds me of my sister, though, just really happy and excited about Christmas for the right reasons and likes to see the world through rose colored glasses. We do need more people like that to keep true joy alive in the season.

    LIke always, JMO! :-)

  3. I enjoyed your friends post. I actually wrote an editorial for my high school newspaper on the same theme. Though, now as a parent I do feel there is too much of clutter.

    Perhaps we need to focus on the fun and parties and movies rather than presents, presents, presents.

  4. I had honestly never really took the time to think about it his way! I do think there is a balance. Somewhere...

  5. gretchen from lifenutDecember 09, 2007 12:32 PM

    Thanks for posting the link. What a great post.

  6. Doh...didn't realize it was a guy! Apologies...

  7. i just read your original posting about your desire for a less-materialistic Christmas & your friend's view, too. i enjoyed them both.

    i think finding the balance at Christmas is the same as the struggle many women & moms deal with in everyday life. And balance will always be an issue because we are imperfect people. All the more reason to be thankful on this wonderful day of Christ's birth!

    We just really focus on it being Jesus' birthday & on other simple, fun traditions that we do as a family every year. These are the things we all will cherish for years!

    Okay--this is long...but I just really enjoyed those thoughts of yours! Blessings to your family!

  8. It's all about balance, and where your heart is at. Thanks for the link! I really enjoyed (his??) writing!

  9. Stephanie, you were right on. I think the best part of Christmas is when you kind of find Christ in a quiet moment. It's like meeting privately with a friend during their ginormous birthday party. I never feel like I've experienced Christmas until I have that moment. After that, all the excess makes a lot more sense, and the need to satiate my greed kind of goes away.

    Not quite there yet this year . . . maybe soon. :)

  10. I read your post about simplifying Christmas and your friend's. I am trying to do what you are doing and focus less on the excesses of Christmas and more on the meaning of Christmas. Your friend definitely offers something to think about from a different perspective. I have to admit, I like getting my kids gifts, and decorating, etc. It was a bit harder than I thought paring down the gifts for my kids, because I love getting people something they really, really want and my kids are the easiest to do that for. However, they have way more than their fair share of stuff.


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