December 18, 2007

Christmas & Me

I'm it. Amy tagged me for some holiday hoopla of 12 Random Things About Me & Christmas:

1. I miss watching the Peter, Paul, & Mary special on PBS with my Dad every Christmas.

2. One of my favorite holiday movies was Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas.

3. My favorite Christmas movies that are more recent are Elf and About A Boy.

4. I can remember so very clearly hearing Santa's reindeer on our roof when I was a little girl. I still sometimes think I can hear them on Christmas Eve.

5. If I could have the ultimate Christmas wish it would be to have all my family (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins) together for Christmas. We wouldn't even need presents.

6. I don't make Christmas cookies. Maybe someday. But for the longest time there have always been special diets or food allergies to work around.

7. I love love love love love when it snows on Christmas.

8. I have a nativity set that I used to keep out all year 'round, but Gray likes to play with it too much,
so I don't have it out this year.

9. It's hard for me to think of my favorite Christmas present ever because every year I get something really great. My mom is a really good gift-giver and she Santa stuffs the best stockings at her house.

10. I don't care for candy canes much. But I do like the cherry ones sometimes.

11. We did not decorate our house outside with lights or anything this year. We say it's to be more "green"- using less energy and so forth- but secretly we just didn't feel like it. It's cold out there, yo!

12. In closing, here's Carter singing you his favorite holiday song, even though it's not about Christmas, I think it still counts:


Oh, and I tag Jen at Mommy Instincts!


  1. Awww...your kids are too cute!!!

    I love you nativity set! G.I. Joe, Buzzlight Year, and all

  2. i wow, i've never been tagged great!

    and just when i thought it was time to go to bed!!!lol

  3. Cute Video!

    I have a question for you Steph. I have a 3 month old chunk (he weighs almost 15 lbs) that loves to be held, but is killing my back, I want a stylish, somewhat affordable, comfy sling for him, what do you suggest?

  4. I enjoyed reading your hoopla. Maybe you and your dad can sneak away during our get together to watch Peter Paul & Mary...he would love that.

  5. P.S. Such a cute video...Noah and Gray wanted to be noticed too.

  6. You'd be in Elf heaven at my house. The minute it ends, Cameron says, "Again Nana!" so it plays over and over and over....

    I'm over Will Farrell. LOL

    Hide the fish food. Much easier than trying to hide the fish. Trust me, I know this. :-)

  7. Thanks for playing, I enjoyed reading your 12 things.

  8. That Carter! What a cutie!
    I spent all day yesterday making various gluten-free cookies. The Baby had a GRAND time.

  9. You know how much I love that little man! And did I see those robot PJs fly by? =) the new room set up!!!


  10. The video clip is great with the other two boys dancing/running around in the background!

  11. What a great job Carter did on that song. Those kids running around in the background is hilarious!

    An Island Life

  12. Very nice song! Good job Carter!

  13. I like your blog! I'm going to add it to my list of favorite blogs if that's okay. We also have a nativity set I love, and I think I may keep it out year round. I thought I was the only one who'd do something like that! I used to love playing with ours as a child, but my parents let me because we had a Fontanini set and they're unbreakable and safe too except some of the pieces are small. Playing with that nativity set was how I first learned about Christmas. I'll just love when my daughter (6 months) is old enough to rearrange them at our house. Have a great Christmas!

  14. Love elf! Never heard of the other one.. maybe have to rent it.

    u gave me an idea for a movie post.

    Merry Christmas Steph! hugs to boys.

  15. HEHEHE I love your list! :) Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I often joke that Santa came and threw up all over everything in our house, everything that can stand still is decorated, and outside is no different! :) As for snow on Christmas, never had that - my parents even took us to Indiana, one year for Christmas (we were 5 and 6) and it was the HOTTEST they had ever had EVER, and we had to buy short sleeve shirts and shorts!

  16. In that video is Gray wearing the same robot jammies that you bought Popeye?? those are my favorite!!

    This was a fun meme!!

  17. I know I'm behind with this, I've been off blogging and am catching up.
    We haven't put up outside lights either, unless I have enough time to devote to it on Christmas Eve. When things get too busy I start crossing things off of the list of priorities so I can enjoy the season too.


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