November 6, 2007

Window Shopping

I don't know how I've been blogging all this time and had never read Design Mom. (One of my new favorite blogs.) Well, I'm making up for it now. There is always something pretty to look at. Yesterday's pièce de résistance is just a baby step in my design direction.

I now long to have this owl lightswitch cover for my kitchen (this particular one is currently sold out on Etsy- to hubby's delight, no doubt!) And these birds would be perfect above our large overstuffed chair in the living room, I'm convinced!

I now stare at the blank walls in my home with a whole new perspective, because there is just so much potential!

You can find me here at NaBloPoMo.


  1. I love interior design. I'm in love with Domino magazine and the Design Sponge blog, although I sometimes have to hold myself back and take a break. A new perspective is nice, but it can sometimes turn into a dissatisfaction with the wonderful stuff I have. Anyway, cute stuff! Thanks for sharing the link.

  2. Ow I love decorating! and that light switch is so fun. whos the seller? you should re-do some rooms and show photos, id love to see it! Im still working on our master bedroom. The paintings mostly done but I need to get a few things framed and paint some stuff by hand. Next room to be done is already on my list ;-) but its a surprise hehe

  3. Oh, my walls are so bare...I've had "hang pictures" on my to do list for weeks since we moved.

    I'm terrible at interior decorating which is why I'm loving this link ... it show what everything will look like!

  4. Ok, that owl would give me a crazy, wigged out greeting every day. HA!


  5. I love finding fun new sites bursting with inspiration!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  6. Very unique things...just like you. I do like birds...

  7. I love Design Mom, I won a giveaway from her back in February, both Gabrielle and her blog are absolutely fabulous!

  8. Yeah for finding blogs that you love!!

  9. Oh I looove me some Design Mom! Those birds are exactly what I've been looking for to put over my rocker.

    How have you lived with white walls?! I think you will start a new obsession now...


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