November 17, 2007

Wheat Diapers

Inside joke. But anyway, I did want to share my favorite diapers during my favorite things month. I don't do cloth diapers- maybe with the next baby, but do use Seventh Generation diapers & wipes and feel that's at least a step in the right direction. The best place I've found to buy them inexpensively and conveniently is from 1-800-DIAPERS, now You can even save $5 off your first order by using referral code: ABWdiapers . Other brands of diapers and baby care items are available as well, like California Baby (we love!) and so on. This is not another product "review" here or anything- it's just something I wanted to share!

*Added- I forgot to mention that Gray is on his way out of diapers thanks to the Peter Potty... isn't that the greatest!?!


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  1. Yay for environmentally friendly diapering!! Excellent!!

    If you ever do cloth diapers, I'll give you my suggestions. they're great and much easier than I expected!

    7th generation has good products--I'll check out their diapers for our next trip (I don't cloth diaper on trips, no washer around!) Great!

  2. That's what we use too. After several horrible diaper rashes that went on WAY longer than any rash should, we switched in case there was some diaper-allergy going on. I am not sure if that was the fix but no diaper rash since then. We cloth (sometimes) at home but we love the seventh generation diapers and wipes. It is encouraging that there are other mothers who are attachment parenting minded in most other ways but don't consistently cloth diaper. It is easy to get caught up in things like that. I too feel like using seventh generation is a step in the right direction. Thanks Steph!

  3. And you call yourself a hippie?! ;)


    We love California Baby over here too. We are Cloth fans btw, but we do use the sposies on occasion... like at the airport.

    (What's in that large zippered bag? Why it's dirty diapers! Would you like to xray them?)

  4. thanks for the tip. i do cloth diapers during the day, but switch to 7th generation (to hold julian's massive pees) at night. good to know i can get them cheaper online. :)

  5. I love cloth (and encourage anyone who is even slightly interested in using cloth to give it a try!) but when we went on vacation I did use 7th Gen part-time while traveling. It is really nice to have alternative disposable options!

  6. Ok...that is so cool! I have never seen that potty before! I wish I had known about that 6 months ago! Wow! Grayson (mine) is definitely getting one of these in 2 to 3 yrs!

  7. We use gDiapers: flushable, biodegradable diapers.

    I've been using them for over 6 months, I think, and haven't had any problems. Makes me feel good to be doing something that's less harmful for the earth.

  8. YAY -- our boys are learning quickly. :)


  9. we looove 7th Gen, did I tell you my cousin works for them? He just sent me a huge box of products (including tons of diapers) that will threaten my Method addiction. ;)

  10. Wow! I am excited for you on the potty training! What a big boy to use a urinal. My goal is to have a sitter so there is less clean up down the road. I am still so grateful my MIL did that with all her boys.

  11. 7th generation diapers are the best! We've been using them for quite a while for nighttime (when we aren't using cloth) and for travelling. I didn't know they could be ordered online, though.

    Good job with the potty training! :-)

  12. Thanks for the code. I ordered me a pack of the diapers for Burger (we use disposables at night because with cloth he wakes up earlier and always leaks!) so we figure 1 disposable a night is ok ;-) and still saves us money. Caleb still uses a pull-up at night as well.. so I ordered him a set of the 7th generation pullups.
    He just cant seem to NOT pee at night :-(

    ohhh and I ordered a diaper pail HAHA mine busted! it doesnt say for cloth but it looks like it work for cloth.. oh and I ordered california baby lotion! LOL

    Grr u owe me 65 dollars LOL!!!


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