November 13, 2007

That Was Easy

Last week as part of the Chicago Moms Blog I was invited to attend an elite session for Bloggers on How To Shop for Tech Gifts this Christmas, thanks to Staples. It was great to see my
Silicon Valley Moms friend again- Techmamas blogger Beth Blecherman, the special speaker of the night!

There had been two other sessions earlier in the day, but I could only attend the later one and brought along Arianne.Turns out that everyone else went to the previous sessions and we were the only attendees for the evening!

It really became more like a Moms Night Out and we had no problem with that! The James Hotel in Chicago had the swankiest bathroom and the most delicious little hors d'ouerves. We had it all to ourselves!

We checked out the latest gadgets and cool tech gifts available at Staples- all of which should be on your Christmas shopping list this season. The perfect "group gift" for Grandparents, Aunts, & Uncles is the must-have digital photo frame - look for ones that offer a multi-card reader, slide show, & remote control. Staples is the first retailer to sell Dell computers, and at the top of my Christmas list is a laptop. Shouldn't every blogger have a laptop? I'm missing out! Tips from the Tech meeting were to have a large enough hard drive on your laptop for all your photos, music, & memory to multi-task. A wide screen for watching DVDs is a nice perk, as well as playing it up with a funky color. Give me a green one and I'd be set!

We didn't talk just tech stuff all night- we talked about blogging and Facebook and NaBloPoMo and about marketing to Mommy Bloggers and all that jazz. We even talked about pajamas and how I needed a new pair of boots and my wondering if there was such a thing as cankle surgery. I'd possibly consider it.

One of my favorite things in our swag bag was the Staples Easy Button. It has now become a bit of a legend for my Moms Night Out group- while bowling the other night, the winner got to keep the Easy Button and will decide what to do with it at the future Moms Night Outs. Since then, the Easy Button has taken on an interesting life of its own and even went on a road trip this weekend. Just where will the Easy Button show up next? To be continued...

Pictured at the Tech Event: Arianne, Beth, & Me (David-Spade-hair, cankles, & all.)


  1. It was so great to see you and meet Adrianne (talking tech and a moms night out at the same time!). You inspired me to finally do napoblomo.

  2. Sounds like fun! I think you get out more than any other mom I know! Way to go!

  3. yay for swankiness! did you read about my head wound? i hope it will make my psychic powers magnified and we can win the lottery this week. that'd be cool.

  4. Sounds like fun!

    A laptop is on my wish list for Christmas too!


  5. I'm glad you had such a good time!

  6. Sounds like a ton of fun!!
    I love how you and your husband do date nights! Isn't it SO important.
    We took a little date night to Home Depot and Starbucks on Sunday night. Quick, but so much fun. Holding hands. Taking our time. Ahh... never was Home Depot so wonderful! :)
    - Audrey

  7. Sounds like a really neat time.

    I love the picture in the bathroom that is funny. You girls are silly.


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