November 9, 2007

Such A Rush

... when shopping for tall black boots and you find the size you need in the color you want, and they are much less expensive than you thought.

My favorite.

Life of the Day, Day 26

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Shoes are Mia Delight in Black (I found mine at DSW.)


  1. Those are some sexy boots right there!

  2. Sassy! Like a cousin of mary janes. So cute.

  3. very sexy, but a bit too shiny for my personal taste. Enjoy them!

  4. Wow! I'd say you must have a hot date with hubby coming up soon!

  5. Where did you get them and what will you wear them with? I've been thinking about getting a pair of knee-length boots, but with a smaller heel and less shine.

  6. If you can wear those boots, you don't have a problem with cankles. How high is that heel? My feet hurt just thinking about them. Have fun wearing them! Be sure to give us pictures in the outfit(s) you wear these with.

  7. WHOO HOO!
    And also, I have their twins, almost. We are two hot mamas.

  8. Everyone who commented on my latest post about shoes said the shoe they wanted most was a hot pair of boots!


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