November 29, 2007

Some Things For Your Christmas List

Little luxuries are always fun for Mamas to give (and receive) as gifts at Christmas. Here are some of my favorites...

The Posh by Tori bangle clutch available at SoBeBabies. I carry mine everywhere and love how convenient the bangle hangs on my wrist, on the stroller handles, or wherever else you need to hang. It's roomy enough for the essentials: lipstick, phone, camera, debit card & checkbook, but small enough to feel like a sassy handbag. Yes, a bit pricey but I have to say that after months of use, it still looks new. I can't even say that for my Coach bags that I no longer carry!
And you or your gift-giver can save $5 off your order at Sobebabies by entering code ABW.

Speaking of hanging your bag, one of my favorite items I've reviewed over at Mama Speaks is the Luxe Link. Such a perfect gift for any handbag connoisseur. I use my Luxe Link all the time and it's a great conversation piece, trust me!

And talk about conversation pieces, try browsing for just one minute over at Etsy and you will agree it can't be done. I could hang out on Etsy for hours. One of my favorite finds is Dandelion Blu (thanks to Cara!) where I found my sweet Lil Blue Bird necklace and now have my eye on the Nesting hair pins. Include "adventures" in the comment field at checkout and your shipping will be free (refunded to you after checkout) at Dandelion Blu! If you have a limited budget but want to find a thoughtful and creative gift, Etsy should be the first place you shop!

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  1. I love the Queen Anne's Lace Pendant, thx for this website.

  2. That Lux Link sounds great, but I can't visualize it. Am I daft? LOL.

    Etsy's great. I've just discovered it recently.

  3. Steph, this is a question totally unrelated to your post that I hope you can help me with.

    A good friend of mine is still having issues with the school system regarding her children's immunizations. She is from Spain, her husband is American. Her kids have been immunized in Spain, England and the U.S. but the school system is claiming that the transferred records she has provided (that were acceptable for the immigration department, Chicago's school system, and also by her doctor in our town) are not acceptable for the state of Illinois. They are also stating that her children will not be allowed back into the schools after Friday if she doesn't agree to go to a Public Health department doctor and get her children RE-immunized.

    Do you have any contacts with advocates or ANYone that might know who she needs to talk to? I have provided them with the copies of the religious/medical exemption forms but her husband is leery of the wording and doesn't want to "lie" should he have his law license reinstated at some point (former lawyer). If you have ANY information that you could share with me, I'd really appreciate it. She is absolutely furious, indignant, and is feeling extremely attacked by the IL school system. She is also adamant (as I am) that it is not in the best interest of her children to be RE-immunized with MORE shots, and that the European records should be more than sufficient.

    My email is if you have anything you can pass to me. Sorry to have such a long comment on your blog's posts, but I am at a loss as to what else I can do to help them.
    Thanks - Tracey

  4. Etsy is my favorite!

    Thanks for the info on the bags... I'm in the midst of bag crisis!

  5. I'm so addicted to Etsy, but window shopping will have to do for now...

  6. I have a similar clutch that came w/ my JP Lizzy diaper bag. I LOVE it. Its actually my wallet .. and its big enough to hold my cell if needed and a chapstick. Works great because it wraps around my wrist.


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