November 25, 2007

Sleep! Glorious Sleep!

I just had EIGHT UNINTERRUPTED HOURS OF SLEEP last night and I don't know what to do with myself. I can't even remember the last time that has happened. Maybe back in 2004? Does this mean I am going to be expected to think clearly and all today? Maybe I should have kept this on the down low...


  1. oooh lucky!!!! that's marvelous!!

  2. my husband took my baby this morning and i slept in! i just got up and it is 11 :)

  3. Ha! No, you still have 3 kids!

  4. Pinks & Blues GirlsNovember 25, 2007 12:09 PM

    Ahhh... lucky lady!!!

    Benjamin has been sick this week and we have been up every other hour while on vacation in Pittsburgh visiting my in-laws.

    I joked with my husband this week that my body has gotten used to the no sleep!

    Can you sleep a bit for me tonight?

    - Audrey

  5. I so know what a blessing that is! :)

  6. You know what happens when I don't get a full night's sleep. It's not pretty!

    Did you end up napping anyway today?


  7. Yay for sleep! How awesome!

    Clark sleeps through the night without nursing about 50% of the time now, and I am loving the days he doesn't wake up. 10 months of not sleeping longer than 3-4 hours at a time was rough, but I can't imagine when I have more kids!

  8. wow, I can't even imagine... hope you get to do it again soon!

  9. I am so waiting for that. It's been - umm - years lol. :)


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