November 2, 2007

The Sassy Bag Winner!

I am so very thankful made it easy on me picking the winner for the Fall Y'all Giveaway of my Sassy Knit Handbag- 416 comments!!!! And it picked number 412! How simple was that for me to go through the list! And it's Elizabeth and Pointless Babbling! I wonder what color she'll pick...

If you'd be so kind to stop by and vote for me in An Island Life's costume contest, I'd love to win for Best Kid's Costume (Adventures In Babywearing!) How can you resist Gray as a cute Tadpole?
And also vote for my friend Amy's dogs in the Best Pet Costume category- Oh Me, Oh My, My Wonderful Men. You can vote here! If you have trouble voting she said you can just leave a comment there!

Thanks to everyone who entered! Check out today's Babywearing Tip of the Week to see what else is to be won and as I am participating in NaBloPoMo all month, there will be more giveaways!!


  1. awe im so glad elizabeth won! that'll make her day

  2. What a beautiful bag- looks like I found the giveaway site too late. I 've added it to my favorites. :)

  3. Woohoo, Elizabeth. :)

    Now on to NaBloPoMp lol. :)

  4. Ha! I freaked when I saw the "Elizabeth" part. She's a llucky lady, I believe she's won before on your blog.... Yahoo!

  5. This made my day for sure!! Thanks Steph~I emailed you back!

    Oh and bloggy mom, nope I have won here before. I have only one strappys from Pinks and Blues! :-D

  6. Congrats to the winner, and thank you for participating.
    It was such a pleasure to see al those wonderful sites and give-aways. And ofcourse the waiting for the lucky winner.

    I hope you win something.


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