November 27, 2007

A Project X-Style Christmas...

Today is Community Outreach Topic day at the Chicago Moms Blog and you can read my post about Project Xavier here. If you are able, reach out this Christmas. Whether it be monetarily giving (might I suggest this $8 lamb for the NICU babies?) or just giving of your time. It means more than you can measure. One of my very favorite things.


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for helping to spread the word about our other baby! Love it, love it!

  2. I've been wanting to do something special this year, but I'm having my 5th baby Thursday and didn't know what, if anything, I'd be up to.

    This is a great idea. I'll run it by the fam!

  3. you all amaze me. Such a wonderful project!

  4. What a wonderful and inspirational idea that your friend has come up with!

    The NICU and Special Care Nursery is very near and dear to my heart as well. I will certainly be purchasing one of these bears to help out!!

    For the past two years, on my son's birthday, we go out and purchase a couple of preemie sleepers and I have a friend knit me some baby hats and we go to visit the hospital and staff. The clothes go to the families of the babies and they eventually (depending on whether the baby can wear one in the isolet or not)get to choose an outfit that their loved one(s) can wear and even take home with them if they wish.

    We have also made a scrapbook that is in the family lounge where parents can look through the book to see all of the success stories and to read about the angels that went on to a better place. After our experience, we are dedicated to supporting other parents that go through that initial shell shock of "what the heck has happened."


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