November 12, 2007

On My Christmas List

I was in Old Navy the other night and the Christmas music they were playing (already!) gave me a headache. And I don't think I'm that old, but the Salt-N-Pepa song (if you'd call it that and who knew they were still around?) was hideous. Don't they know that I'd be inclined to shop more productively if say, Sufjan Stevens' Songs For Christmas or just some good ol' Nat King Cole was playing!?

Anyways. Even though I wish there was no rush on passing up autumn, I'll admit that I am
getting a bit excited about Christmas. I am adding to my wish list everyday. Here are some of my favorites... last night I saw a commercial for Catch Phrase Music Edition. (You can watch the commercial on that link.) HOW FUN IS THAT? 'Cause all our friends act like that when we have a party. Yikes.

I really think I just must have the new Wilton Giant Cupcake pan. Normally giant things are creepy to me, but this would be so cool. And if these boots actually could keep the warm in and the snowy cold out, I'd totally dig them. But instead I think more practical would be these. (Size 9, Santa, but you already knew that.)

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  1. I've been eyeballing that giant cupcake too.. But what I like even better, is the train cake one, it would be great for little boys birthday!

    My kids have been playing Christmas music at home already for a few weeks.. And I can't wait for snow, I want a white Christmas sooooo bad!

  2. That giant cupcake pan is so fun. Oh, and I love Christmas wish lists. Do you have one on

  3. The giant cupcake pan is too fun, but I am worried that i would make it and a chunk would fall off the bottome and it wouldn't work. I have no experience with shaped cake pans.

    Also, those second boots are too cute! If we move to MN, I will be looking those up next year!

  4. I have never seen a cupcake like that but would LOVE to get that pan!! How fun would that be??

    Ahh ... Christmas ... I can hardly wait! Just yesterday we took down our autumn decor and put up winter. I was just itching to pull out the Christmas stuff too but thought that I would wait until next weekend. And the music? I am with you on that, I would much prefer the classics. For me, they get you into a bright and cheery mood for the holiday shopping. Heck - I am taking the kids to the mall today just so we can be a part of the ambience. Sad really .....

  5. gretchen from lifenutNovember 12, 2007 10:27 AM

    I love Sufjan Stevens Christmas songs...I bought it last year from iTunes and can't wait to add it back to the library on the day after Thanksgiving.

    And BIG congrats on the new writing gig!

  6. I agree the Christmas music and stuff is a bit much already. Can we at least get to Thanksgiving.

  7. That cupcake really caught my eye. Usually Wilton will suggest other ways you can decorate the cake too. I've been imagining an abstract Christmas tree, or a stockingcapped clown head?

  8. I heard that hideous carol while I shopped at Old Navy today. Ick.

    And that enormous cupcake -- holy cow!


  9. That is so cool! It's the first I've seen of it, but I want one. I'll add it to my way-too-many collection of Wilton pans and cake decorating supplies.
    My Christmas list is growing as well. I just got done shopping at Costco, and had to resist buying some things I really hope Phil gets me. I want the turn-table that connects to your computer to put all your vinyl (I have a lot) on disc or MP3. How cool is that??

  10. Cool cupcake pan. And boots. ;)
    I agree about Old Navy. Sometimes nice music, but so loud. (Do I sound beyond my age yet?)

  11. I WANT THAT GIANT CUPCAKE PAN! And I also want a cupcake pan so I can bring cupcakes to school without it being a Terrible Burden.

  12. It totally cracks me up that you think giant things are creepy! LOL

    I think those boots are adorable!

  13. you got me wanting those bogs...

  14. I so need that Catchphrase game...what a blast!!


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