November 23, 2007

Not A Dime

I didn't spend a cent today. It feels good. I am finishing up a knitted gift (photo to come soon) and also have new ideas for handmade gifts that just might complete my Christmas list this year.

One of my favorite things about gift giving and getting is the thought behind it. It might be homemade or inexpensive, but if it comes from the heart, it's priceless.

And P.S. at this very moment all three of my children are napping like sweet angels.


  1. Congratulations on the sleeping Angels! All 3 of mine are in bed but not all napping.

  2. Oh wow, all asleep! Must feel amazing.

    I found some deals today for the kids, and since its a REALLY paired down Christmas, I'm all done!

    Everything else will be handmade. ;)

  3. Lucky you on the naps. We made Gifts in a Jar today...cookies actually we love to give homemade things away....or even $5 gift cards to Starbucks can be nice too....

  4. Yeah! NAP TIME! I did spend a little money today!

  5. No shopping for me either! It felt great!

    I do have to say that you have to be the best gift giver ever. Seriously!

    Can't wait to see the latest creation.

  6. i just heard about today being "buy nothing day." had you heard of it?

    congrats on all 3 napping. that's wonderful! :)

  7. casual friday everydayNovember 23, 2007 9:09 PM

    Didnt spent a dime here either. :)

  8. I wish I could say the same thing about not spending a dime. I sort of went a little crazy in Butterfly Kisses. I am going to start a support group called Mimi's Anonymous. I did get a lot of Christmas shopping done but feel that I overspent a little. They suck you in the stores by offering all these free things but you have to watch and not add to the list cause you spend more than you intended to. I like the idea of handmade things.

  9. Good for you. Last year I got sucked into some ad and the shopping was awful. This year I saw an ad with a price I've been waiting for and got all excited. But then I remembered to just wait. Perhaps in 6 months or a year, the prices on that item will be down to the price point I want. And meanwhile, employees won't be forced to get up at 3am to open stores at 4am so the US public can get more crap. In theory.

  10. Good for you. I'm not against Black Friday, but I know I'll end up getting frustrated with the crowding and the unavailability of the item, etc, so my attempts have never been worth it. I have to remind myself of that each year.

  11. Same here, I didn't go shopping!

    Or I did spend some money, we bought Cinnamon Lattes and hot chocolate after the Parade of Lights we had down town. It was awesome - there were couple hundread kids and parents singing Christmas songs with Santa and carrying light sticks cross the town.

  12. I am going to homemade or at laest meaningful gift giving way as well. I didn't rush out to buy any of the usual "junk" out there. If I do buy a gift. It has meaning and I purchase from a mom owned site. Have a great holiday season.
    If you would like to enter we have a couple of contests going on at


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