November 2, 2007

Let It Snow

I had a vivid dream last night that it started to snow, and the flakes were the size of saucers... it was beautiful and I kept snapping pictures. I think they were really good pictures, too.

I am so grateful that my wonderful Sister-in-law has passed down my nephew's old winter coat and snow pants for Noah to wear this year, Carter can then wear Noah's, and today I just picked up a coat and matching snow pants for Gray, thanks to Freecycle!

Life of the Day, Day 20


  1. dreaming of snow? so early? LOL

    We buy coats big in hopes that they will fit for two winter seasons. :)

  2. God knows our needs...and he never fails us...I love snow!

  3. I like snow when I don't have to work in it. so please not quite yet, my boots aren't in yet

  4. I am sooo not looking forward to being up North again for the winter. Ugh. Southern Illinois was wonderful, I'm not a big snow person.

  5. I managed to get really good deals on snow suits for all three kids last winter and they all still fit them - YAY!
    It's supposed to snow this weekend, although it won't stay.

  6. Love Freecycle! I mostly get rid of stuff that way, but have gotten a few great things for my classroom.
    I'm not quite ready for snow.

  7. thanks for visiting my new blog. my entry today relates to yours, the Lord's provision.
    I love snow, if it's gently falling, not windy.

  8. Freecycle rules. I had to chill out b/c I was addicted.


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