November 5, 2007

Harold And The Purple Crayon Was Here

Or Alternately titled: Grayson And The Purple Marker Gone Wild

Gray is at that age where a pencil, crayon, or marker in his hand causes him to lose his 2-year-old senses and it pulls him to the walls, books, picture frames, photo albums, and, gulp, his brand new wooden kitchen set. My very favorite toy he has right now. I even keep it in our kitchen, and the day the offending purple marker took control of Gray's sweet little hand and created mayhem throughout the dining roo
m, living room, and kitchen, I was standing right there. Cooking away. And noticed about two minutes too late.

I haven't told Mimi, the giver of the wonderful kitchen set, and didn't want her to know until I tried to remedy the situation. Magic Eraser was not able to work his magic. So Mommy got creative.

(Just imagine it with hideous purple marker drawings all over)


We found this set at here, but that is not the exact same link we used- they have a couple different links that sell the same thing, so look around. And it comes with ALL those extra accessories! So nice!

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  1. I will now call you Mrs. Crafty!!!


  2. I am glad that you could save it:) The kitchen set looks great! The two year old I watched recently colored me a fabulous picture on our wall with a crayon! Luckily Magic Eraser worked on that one.

  3. I love red, so I'm actually partial to the re-invention. ;)

  4. I think the red looks good. Matches Mimi hair and face. lol

  5. I love the remade version...the red paint dresses it up, more than the purple marker did, i am sure. ;)

  6. Reminds me of Rachel Ray's kitchen colors. I am glad you were able to fix it...I have another payment to make on it...LOL...

  7. I like it better with the red!
    The Baby took a permanent marker to the living room wall, and we're going to have to repaint. Oh well.

  8. Oopsie! Good thing mama is so resourceful!! :) Great job!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  9. I think it looks great!

    They have that set at Magic Cabin for $99 with $5 shipping. I've been thinking about getting it for my kids for Christmas.

  10. You did an absolutely fabulous job!!
    I like it better now, than how it was originally.


  11. much cuter now actually... in red

  12. I actually spent several minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with it... uh, yes, I am a very observant person...

    it does look cuter with the red!

    Roo "decorated" my old keyboard with a sharpie. I was glad it wasn't the monitor!

  13. What a great idea! You're my kind of girl, that's what I would have done too (and I have...). It looks great!

  14. I must say it looks better now! Great job! So how are your walls??

    I do love that Hape kitchen though, that was on our Xmas list but I think we have another one coming.

    I printed that soup recipe but now I just need to get the ingredients. I think it might be easy to fly out to Chicago and try yours. xoxo

  15. I like it better now! ;-)

    My daughter once took nail polish to her toes, her feet, her legs, the kitchen floor, and my solid oak kitchen chair. We never refinished it, it still is covered in hot pink nail polish, three years later. GACK.

  16. Hey you did good! I would have never known the difference!

  17. good job!
    i had marker issues today too!
    thankfully crayola makes washables!!! yay!

  18. well done mama! I actually like it better the new way. Has a little more life. perhaps thats all that Grayson was trying to do, add a little more life. Well done Grayson!
    Tatiana colored the entire end of the sofa in pen. Ball point pen. Luckily we have a micro fiber sofa protected with scotch guard.
    Also that Fantastic cleaner with OXY works awesome for removing anything colored on walls, furniture, or floors. : )
    much luv to you and yours~d

  19. You know, I meant to ask earlier exactly WHY you were painting Grayson's NEW kitchen set.

    I'm loving the red.

  20. GOOD save mom!Looks better this way!

    you missed a spot!j/k

  21. wow - mama worked her magic! i think it looks better after for sure. glad you were able to find a solution. :) and what a dang cute kitchen set and priced a lot better than many wooden ones i've seen. nice!

  22. No one will ever be the wiser! I really like the red and green together. Mommy saves the day... again!! :)


  23. oooh good color choice, I like it. Good save! :)

    I was amazed that Mr. Eraser took permanent marker off our brand new wood floors two years ago, those sponges are handy!

  24. LOve love love. I was going to buy the wooden Alex Toys one from Target, until i was informed that boys dont play with kitchen sets they play with tool benches. Yeah, whatev.


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