November 12, 2007

The Elizabeth

I have been working on my latest knitted handbag (this version now named the Elizabeth for the recipient of the Fall Y'all Bloggy Giveaway) and after a few adjustments and do-overs, finally finished it up today. I was starting to get in a knitting funk and feel like I am ready to go again!

Life of the Day, Day 29


  1. very pretty! and black is hard to knit... especially cables!! it looks great :)

  2. i get to see this bag eventually ;-) since i see elizabeth often. i shall critique it! muahahaha
    it looks so beautiful

  3. looks should go into business with these missy...i'd order a few!!!


  4. Well, it would be better if it were called the Jennifer *ahem* but it looks fantastic! And I agree - you should start a little business and make you some extra $$ doing this!

  5. You are so talented!! So beautiful, you should definitely put your talents to good use! I would put in my talents to help!!

  6. Oh I was looking for some good knitted handbag patterns--love that! I have this beautiful sea green mohair leftover that would work great with this.

  7. Pretty...and so classic in black.


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