November 20, 2007

Dino Road

Here's Gray wearing his favorite shirt while he plays with his favorite dino.

I found this Milk on the Rocks tee at Izzy & Ash. Save 15% at Izzy & Ash on anything for fall, excluding furniture and drop ship items when you use coupon code: babywearing15 !

You can find me here at NaBloPoMo.


  1. Love his mouth in this picture...He's looking more like a 2 year old...

  2. What is it with little boys and dinos... my son is obsessed!! And I have no clue where it got started. It must be coded on their little boy genes somewhere! :) So cute!

  3. It looks like your son likes dinos like my almost 2 year old son likes cars. He lives, wears, plays and probably dreams about cars. So funny how obsessed they can be at such a young age.

    Nikki Z

  4. Oh so cute, Thomas loves the dinos too, although somewhere he has picked up on the pirate thing, not too sure how I feel about that one, but who can resist a cutie saying "Aargh mommy". you have to check out this site for dino shoes!


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