October 26, 2007

What Are You Into This Month?

This Month...

The Book I Am Really Into (or one I want to get into!): I need to finish Eat, Pray, Love and then Ashlee gave me a couple that I can't wait to dig into, like Serve God, Save The Planet.

TV Show Worth Watching: I'm all about America's Next Top Model! And Heather is from where I live (I saw her out & about one day!) and she's still going strong!

Movie I’ve Seen (In or Out of a theater): Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School- seriously, get your tissues!

The Candle I'm Loving: Orange by Way Out Wax

Blog I Am Always Visiting: Lifenut never fails!

What I'm Most Looking Forward To Next Month: Actually, something exciting, as well as the new season of Project Runway!


  1. Oh nice. I think I'll pretend you tagged me and post about this manana.

  2. I've been trying to read Edith Wharton's "Ethan Frome" for about a month now.

    On the few occasions that I actually sit down to it, Braden runs over and freaks out. Wants to grab it, needs a hug.... etc.

    *sigh* ;-)

  3. really you saw heather? how cool. Shes going to win this. unless they cut her due to the catwalk. But she really is the best so far!

    Jennas good 2 but Im not loving her personality.

  4. I gotta check out ANTM and see this Heather. How "local" is she?


  5. gretchen from lifenutOctober 27, 2007 6:37 AM

    Why, thanks! You never fail, either. That's why I swing by daily.

  6. Great book recs!

    I am very into that new detective/crime/mystery show "Life" right now. Wednesday nights on NBC. Great writing and fun to watch!

  7. I love ANTM and Heather is my favorite one!!! I hope she wins!!! I haven't gotten into any books lately. If I have time to do anything, I blog...and that's not much!

  8. OH! I love Way Out Wax!!
    - Audrey
    Pinks & Blues

  9. I'm going to claim a pretend tag too! :-)

  10. I want to read Serve God, Save the Planet, too!

  11. Is this a regular meme you do? Anyway, congrats on becoming a published writer! What a dream come true that must be.

  12. And don't forget, I'm coming into town next month!! ; )

  13. Hi, my name is Dustin and I work with Christians in Conservation: A Rocha USA. I noticed that you mentioned the book "Serve God, Save the Planet" in your post, and I thought that you might like to know that its author, Dr. Matthew Sleeth, has recently become the president of our organization. We would love for you to check us out at our website, en.arocha.org/usa.


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