October 31, 2007


I had a nice leisurely shopping trip at Target today. All by myself. It was wonderful. (Hubby has the day off.) I literally forgot time existed while I was there- and found this dress to wear for an upcoming event. And now I can dream about the many ways to accessorize it. Red heels? Tall black boots? Gunmetal flats?

It was such a successful shopping trip, or much-needed getaway time for me, because I got two new sets of measuring spoons (one green, one red) that I keep forgetting to get only to remember each time I am in the middle of baking something. Bath bubbles, winter gloves, vanilla flavor coffee syrup, you know, the important necessities. The Halloween aisle was being transformed before my eyes by many red-shirted Target elves- placing ornaments and Santas and snowmen on shelves as bright orange jack-o-lanterns were marked red for clearance.

Today is Halloween, and I've dodged the topic long enough. Do we celebrate it? Notsomuch, but tonight the boys will dress up (two pirates and a frog) and we'll Trunk or Treat at a church. The boys are really looking forward to it, and so am I. No need to buy costumes around here as we have a mecca of fun dress-up outfits for pretending- so it's nice to come up with something we have on hand. I'm hoping for some KitKats, but I can't have chocolate anyway. I'll probably end up with the gum.

Life of the Day, Day 18


  1. Hi! I have been reading you for ages but never commented. I do enjoy your blog. I just admitted today on mine that we aren't doing Halloween either. We are just having normal Wednesday night church here. My family will think I have gone nuts....

  2. Glad you enjoyed the Target trip! I personally don't see anything wrong with celebrating Halloween, it's all about the kids anyway right? I mean, you and I both dressed up and trick or treated and we ended up just fine right? It's all in good fun. Have a great night!

  3. Edited to say one of my most favorite times hanging out with you on Halloween was that kick ass party your mom had where we all dressed up and bobbed for apples and stuff. So much fun!~

  4. I just heard about this trunk or treating! It's such a great idea.

  5. Love the dress. Share your sentiments about the day. Love the family photo. Yes, it should be the Christmas photo. : )

  6. The dress is adorable! I love it when I can go and shop leisurly...all alone!
    We are in the small crowd who doesn't celebrate halloween. Why is it everyone thinks we are weird for that or that I am a "bad mom" because I am "depriving my kids"? I think everyone needs to make their own choice for their own families and be ok that the next family doesn't make the same choices as them. I usually avoid talking about it at all because I get tired of feeling like I have to explain our reasons!

    Anyway - I'm glad you had such a great day!

  7. Love the dress, it will look great on you! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Isaac Mizrahi! he has some great stuff and it just feels good to wear it! :)

    We do Halloween, with our friends from Church and our neighborhood. We do a dinner and devo and then take all of the kids out to houses around our neighborhood, all people we've seen for 5 years running. We DO NOT wear scary things, we do not do "witches" etc...and that is Biblical for us. Then again, if you get down to the nitty gritty, there's nothing about halloween that's Biblical...UGH! This topic really stresses me out...so there you go. I might have convinced myself to rethink this whole thing! :)

  8. What an ADORABLE dress!!! That would look GREAT with those patent burgundy shoes I posted a while back. But also great with gunmetal. I'm so into that gray patent. LOVE. Let us know what you end up with!

  9. Oh, and what's trunk or treating? And what's the difference between that and trick-or-treating? Except that you go to church, I'm assuming, and do some sort of thing there?

  10. I LOVE that dress.
    We do Halloween, but some of my friends don't. I think it's what your family is comfortable with and there's no need to explain, right?

  11. Hi! We did trick-or-treating with our neigbour (her son is 24 now.. so she hasn't gotten to do it for a while), and it was fun, not too long, and not too scary.

    Only thing we bought for costumes this year was paint for Isabella's Pippi Longstocking wig, and everything else was from closets or dress ups - I don't like the idea of buying a costume just for one day either.

    I wish I could have been in Target with you! Haven't been there since July..

  12. Just one question, do you, also, say "Target" as though it is a french word?


  13. I think you were there the same time as Carrington and Jamie today!

    You can't have chocolate? I.Would.Die.

    Oh, definitely the boots.

  14. I'm looking forward to the day when the baby is old enough (not nursing all the time, that is) to leave her with Daddy and get some time away like that. Sounds like you had a heavenly time.

    That's a fun-looking dress! I'm completely ignorant about proper accessorizing (yes, it's a deficiency I need help with, I know) but I'm sure you'll come up with something just right. :)

  15. Oh what a wonderful shopping trip, reminds me we need new measuring spoons to.
    I would much rather ignore halloween just have never liked the holiday

  16. Cute little black dress!

    How was Trunk or Treat?


  17. I can't have chocolate either!!! Whaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    Glad you had such a great shopping trip, it's nice to get out alone!! I haven't done that since the baby was born!

  18. Oh for a day alone shopping!! Sweet BLISS!

  19. Love the dress!! I can't wait until I get down to DC in December to do some serious shopping at Target!!

    Can't eat chocolate? Poor you. And due to the lack of little goblins gracing my doorstep this year, we have an abundance of chocolate left over. I was joking to my hubby that so much for losing those last 8 lbs of pregnancy weight and say hello to those +20 lbs of pre holiday binging.


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