October 27, 2007

Old Friends

I was gone the entire day to visit with very dear friends Jil, Tiph, & Deliverance.
We ate the most yummy meal at Cerulean and I liked their chairs and decor. So I took a picture.

It was a wonderful day.

Life of the Day, Day 14


  1. glad you had a great day...you guys looked cold in your picture...brrrrrr.


  2. Those plates your food is on are really cool! what a fun way to serve food.
    Meeting up with old friends is s uch a joy.

  3. My old friends from high school want to meet for a spa day. That would be a wonderful day!


  4. That place did look neat. Meeting up with friends for the day is always great!

  5. Looks like you had a great day, glad you enjoyed meeting with friends!

  6. I could dive right into this monitor and help you eat that wonderful looking food, Steph. What a great presentation. Very cool restaurant. And I love the photo of all you girls.

  7. Omg, that food looks amazing! Did it taste as good as it looks?

    Glad you had a fun time, I didn't realize you'd be child-free the whole day. What a treat!

  8. I love days like this....my old friends from school always get together at Christmas....very fun.

  9. I met a girl named Deliverance once. She was doing some youth group stuff at our church growing up and she was going to school at Moody. Is it the same one?! The name obviously stood out for me. :)


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