October 17, 2007

Leaf Bouquet

Carter wa
s intent on finding the biggest, most beautiful leaf bouquet, and when we went to leave I noticed that he had neatly placed them all in my bag. Precious.

Life of the Day, Day 04.


  1. I call that, sunshine therapy!
    Besides, who doesn't love bits of leaves in the bottom of their bag forever?

  2. Carter really found some great leaves - ready to make a beautiful autumn arrangement centerpiece. Indiana has such a great variety of trees available to provide those gorgeous leaves.

  3. Do you remember ironing them behind wax paper, or are you too young? cute cute pictures!

  4. I am new to your blog and it is wonderful. So uplifting. Thank you for sharing your faithful account of your son's journey with epilepsy. Amazing how wonderful God's love for us is.

    Beautiful pics. Ya gotta love fall. :)

  5. i remember doing that samething! awe great memories

  6. Very lovely. What's better: those or a vase full of beautiful "yellow flowers"?

    And what a beautiful day!


  7. My guys each grabbed one tiny yellow flower on their way out of the park yesterday, held on to it all the way to the car, then presented it together as one gift. ::swoon::


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