October 16, 2007


Tonight our small group (from church) met for the first time. It was such a comfortable and warm feeling to feel like we already know each other. I see good things ahead.

I needed to bring a dessert, and since I am all caked out, we made a special trip to the orchard with the warm cinnamon donuts and caramel apples. And Gray danced around the pumpkin patch and I didn't even care that I didn't have my camera. He even found a little gourd that looked like a duck. I love how he sees beyond what things really are. I want to always see beyond what things really are.

Life of the Day, Day 03.


  1. Jamie is the same way...looks at life through different colored sunglasses.

    Those donuts...mmmmm

  2. Wish that I were there with you in the orchard. It sounds truly peaceful, yet beautifully invigorating.

  3. Those donuts need to be made year round.

    Yes, small group was great. It was awesome to see you guys. I am looking forward to this group.

    Can't wait to get my new Bible. Yay!


  4. So glad you've all found a church home. Not too proud to admit I'm jealous! ;)

    And those donuts are the best! David has had one sitting on the counter for over a week and he won't let me eat it!

  5. In the words of Homer Simpson: "Aahhhh, dooooonuts."


    PS And you know me and forgetting cameras!

  6. Those donuts are the best. Yum!

  7. what a perfect statement. :)

  8. Uhh.. YUM!!!! I need a recipe! ;)


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