October 12, 2007

Babywearing Tip Of The Week: Quick Ring Sling Tip

Here’s a quick tip when you wash your ring sling: put a sock over the rings so that it doesn’t bang loudly in your washer & dryer. It will also give the rings and your machines some protection! Hang dry if you’re afraid of shrinkage, or if your sling’s tail is too long, dry in the dryer a bit to shorten it up!

Ring slings currently on my wish list:

Mekko by Nest

Avant Gradation in Viola by Psny

Black Silk Butterfly by Oopa

...a girl can dream!


  1. great tip!! ive washed my ring sling many times. does just fine but it is loud.
    ill do that next time. the psling is so expensive lol.. but beautiful.
    im sure u can get a nest one from your friend :-D the oopa ones nice 2. love the trim.

  2. oh my! that's alotta money for a sling (oopa one). Maybe you get the entire beautiful room decor with it. I think that pic is cute because the sling coordinates with the deco!


  3. I never thought about doing that! It is super loud. And I never had a problemw ith shrinkage, but I'm sure it depends what kind of material your sling is made out of. Great tips!

  4. GIrl you and me both! That oopa! ohhh I just wanna touch it! ;-)ha ha!!

    I typically use a mesh wash bag to wash my mei tai, so the straps don't get all knotted up!! Maybe that will be a good tip for people.

  5. Check this one out:


    So mod!

  6. Steph, just an FYI, you need at least 4 if not 5 yards of stretchy fabric to make your own sling. I thought 3 yards looked like a TON of fabric...no such luck, needed a lot more! I recommend getting more than you think you need and starting from there. Just thought you might like to know ;)


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