October 22, 2007

5 Interesting Things Meme

I was feeling so left out that no one tagged me for this meme, and Robin from Life With All Boys took pity on me!

1. I used to work part-time at Bath & Body Works and had to stop when I became pregnant with Gray because I could not stomach the scents (and I still have a very hard time even passing by that store.)

2. Growing up I had many pets- like cats, dogs (dachshunds), gerbils, fish, turtles, a chinchilla, and one of my most favorite of all was my pet rat Hendrix. I used to ride my bike with Hendrix on my shoulder.

3. I've never: been stung by a bee, tried sushi, used a lawn mower, or visited Florida.

4. Nicknames I've had in my lifetime (all from my Dad): "Rooty" for my middle name Ruth, "Chipmunky" for my chipmunk cheeks, & "Grace" for my lack thereof.

5. I haven't shopped at Walmart in almost a year, and don't plan to. I'm definitely a Target kinda girl.

I am tagging the first 5 commenters of my last post that haven't done this meme yet:
1. Jenn
2. Pickel
3. Summer
4. Amanda
5. Tanya

And I'm adding Happi because just like I wanted to be tagged, she wants to, too!


  1. Oooo. Great post. I love the questionaires.
    For a city girl I had some weird pets growing up too, including 2 chickens and a goose. ?? What were my folks thinking?

  2. I agree that the smells from Bath and Body are overwhelming. I do love the "white tea and ginger" lotion though.

    If you ever want to visit FL, my parents live on the beach in Pensacola and love visitors. :)

  3. Fun meme. My nephews once had a chinchilla; I had never heard of the animal before that. It's interesting to know that someone else actually owned one as a pet.

  4. In college my roommate and I had two pet rats for a month. HA!

    Florida isn't a big deal -- too humid!!!


  5. I USED TO WORK at BBW too! How funny. See, I told you we've lived similar lives! And I'm sad...nobody's tagged me yet either. : )

  6. I can't do Walmart either:( I'm a Target gal ALL THE WAY!!

  7. Oh how fun! Thanks for the tag.

  8. HEHEHE another tag! YEAH I am excited! :) I will have to "do" it tomorrow, LOL I am off to bed, going to Philly tomorrow, with my sister and Zachary and Rylan - going on a "Big Train" as Zachary likes to say! He's excited!

    :) THANKS and I just love reading about you - I heard having a rat is a great pet, but ugh, a RAT how?

  9. Oh man! I in the middle of a seven things meme! UGH. Guess I have to tag you tomorrow!I will get to it in the morning. :)

  10. I'm with you on Target! Yucky walmart...

    I too can't walk into a bath and body, way too strong.

    A pet rat?

  11. awwww, thanks Steph. I feel so special!

  12. You forgot one nickname - Stuffy Stephie - whenever your asthma kicked up.

  13. (catching up, sorry...)

    I think its beyond hilarious that you rode with a rat on your shoulder! I love knowing you.


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